SRK might lose his stardom to Salman Khan: Ram Gopal Varma

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has said that superstar Shah Rukh Khan  might lose his stardom to Salman Khan just like Kamal Haasan did to Rajinikanth.

He also questioned SRK’s movie selection process saying that he “should learn from Kamal’s mistakes and just be Salman”. In a series of tweets, the filmmaker took digs at Shah Rukh Khan’s recent decision to turn into an obsessed fan in ‘Fan’ and also upcoming Aanand L. Rai’s project in which he will be seen as a dwarf.

He shared: “Megastar SRK becoming ordinary fan, dwarf etc is as big a same blunder as what Kamal Haasan did to lose his stardom to Rajinikanth (Salman Khan). Kamal was as big a superstar as Rajinikanth till he started doing dwarf, fat, tall etc and as a fan I hope SRK doesn’t listen to wrong advisers.”

Shahrukh Khan was recently seen in Fan which has underperformed at the Indian box office.

12 comments on “SRK might lose his stardom to Salman Khan: Ram Gopal Varma”

  1. Spot on judgement by RGV...The way SRK is dishing out one flopbusters after another,that day is not far when he will actually relinquish the throne to his best friend Salman Khan...As a Salman Khan fan n movie lover,I want the SRK of DDLJ,Kabhi Haa Kabhi naa,My Name is Khan,Chak De India n Swadesh to name a few...Dnt need the boring n crap movies of SRK such as Raone,Dilwale n Fan...All is not lost with SRK...He can still stun us n make a comeback in his upcoming project called Raess...SRK definitely needs to Ressurection his carrier by choosing projects which took him to the top of tree when he was ruling Bollywood for 20 years...He needs to go back to his strengths which is romantic movies...He doesn't need to experiment any further in his carrier...SRK is a God gifted actor n his acting reflects in his movies...That is why I simply respect n admire SRK...Wishing SRK all the best as he carefully chooses his upcoming projects which should give enough competition to the reigning king of Bollywood n box office I,e Salman Khan ?

  2. My god why r people so overreacting. Wtf ur meaning by flop busters. This was his only one flop after paheli. 12 films lagatar dilwale was not a flop just below expectations Becoz its expectations were high . Amir's talash flopped but he came back with dhoom3 salman's veer flopped he came back with dabang. So again Srk is Cuming with a blockbuster raees. Miyan Bhai aa raha hai

    1. Ishan : Bhai Miya bhai aa rahe aagle saal ko...Iss saal nahi...Raess vs Sultan clash nahi hoga...Raha Diwali ka season ,woh bhi jam packed...Raess jis 2 movies se clash kadega Diwali mein,ussme se 1movie ko back out kadna padega...Iss me baad Christmas k time mein Mr perfectionist book kad chuke hain apna Dangal...Agle saal ko 26 th January mein Raess k release hone k chances behtaar last rahe hai mere bhai...Tumhara din accha gujre bhai ?

  3. I don't understand people at all sometimes.When SRK does romantic films they say they r bored of that they want something when he tries something different like fan people instead of appreciating that condemn him n say he should retire n he should go back to romance.
    At least all of u should appreciate that he has the courage to experiment with his roles n he can try n go beyond his comfort zone n perform that exceedingly well.Never mind a failure will come when u try something different but that never stops him from experimenting.That's why he is SRK. He cannot be Salman n Salman cannot be SRK. Both are big superstars n Salman cannot do what SRK can n vice versa is also true.
    I have lot of love n respect for both Salman n SRK,it's high time people stop comparing them n realize both are very different from each other.
    I guess both have been in the industry long enough to know what they are doing n why they are doing it.So, its high time people stop giving them advises because they are wise enough to make their own decisions.

  4. Hi bollyarena, news late aati hai aapki site per. yeh news main 2 din se dekh raha hun.....

  5. Lol @RGV... srk lost his stardom way back in 2010 Salman performing better than SRK from 2010-2016 ..... Salman has more fan following than SRK so now SRK has nothing to lose.

  6. Kamal Hassan is an excellent actor.And he will be remembered for the roles he experimented with.Salman or SRK are not going to regin the industry for ever.There will be new gen.No one will remember boxoffice collection after a while ,but a good movie will be remembered forever.U go SRK.DO EXPERIMENTS MAKE GOOD MOVIES WHICH IS GOING TO BE REMEMBERED FOREVER.Ab nahi to kab!

  7. 2013 tak congress thi tab tak srk ki sari films hit thi jisme last thi chennai express
    Aur 2014 se bjp aayi aur srk ki 2 movies dilwale aur fan flop ho gayi
    Ye sab is liye hua kyuki bjp rss aur salman ne milke srk ke against negativity aur hatered failaya
    Aur ab salman jaise criminal ko bjp ne olympics ka good will ambesdor banaya
    What a shame.....
    Ab jab bjp jayegi tabhi srk hit hoga...

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