SRK Fans celebrate Dilwale release in Egypt

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan enjoys a great fan base in Middle East and his popularity in the region became topic of discussion at the seminar hosted by Egypt-India Friendship Association (EIFA).

A collaboration between EIFA and Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture (MACIC), the cultural wing of the Embassy of India in Cairo, the seminar was held following the release of 50-year-old actor's film 'Dilwale' in Egypt. Moderated by Nadia Jardini, the head of EIFA the discussion focused on SRK's latest movie and how it attracted audiences in the country from different background and ages. Well-known Egyptian film critic Magda Khirallah, who was the speaker at the seminar, spoke about the status of cinema in Egypt in comparison to India.

"As a critic I follow Indian movies as well as other movies of different countries. My relation with the Indian cinema started with one of the early movies which is 'Sangam.' This movie achieved great success in Egypt when it was screened," Khirallah said. "Amitabh Bachchan's movies also had great audiences. I remember when Bachchan came to his first visit to Egypt there were many fans went crazy for him. Now, I can see the great popularity of the mega star Shah Rukh Khan," he added. The critic said, Egyptian filmmakers fear that the popularity of Indian movies could affect the business of local films, and sighted it as the main reason for small representation of Indian cinema here.

'Dilwale' is a well made movie as it gather all the elements that can create a successful film from action to music to artistic scenes and beautiful landscapes," she said. 'Dilwale,' a 2015 Indian romantic-action comedy film directed by Rohit Shetty, was released in Egypt last year in December. The film also stars Kajol, Varun Dhawan, and Kriti Sanon in lead roles, with Johnny Lever and Varun Sharma in supporting roles. A clip for the master-scenes of the film, edited by Shah Rukh Khan Egypt Fan Club, was also screened during the seminar. A large number of fans of the superstar attended the event and participated in the competition held at the end of the event by EIFA.

Via Times of India

10 comments on “SRK Fans celebrate Dilwale release in Egypt”

    1. So prdp 405 crore? Really trade figures 350-360 they di 50 crore of manipulation..

  1. Dear Bolly...i dont understands wat was wrong with dilwale...in overseas its record breaking in India badly underperformed...what was the exact reason????...may be negetivity from haters, ban, self ban.show cancellation is the reason?

    lets suppose it does not affect any of these odds, would it go pass 250/300cr???

    pls pls explain not bcz am srk fan but i want to know reason as neutral cine lover ...pls answer. or write small article.
    may be it will affect same way to Dangal? it has potential to do 300cr!!!!!

    1. People outside love to watch brainless masala entertainers of Bollywood.
      But here in India their trend has staled. People reject them if WOM is not good. Dilwale was a poor film. Same was the case with Ra. One. It was a much bigger critical as well as commercial success in the international markets. It all depends on taste. Does not change the fact that Dilwale was a shitty film.

      1. Yes bro u are right. It was a brainless movie. I am salman fan but i really don't liked his movies like dabang2 and kick bcuz they were brainless too.happy new year,dhoom3 and bang bang were also not good but baby,gabbar is back and airlift were very good film.

  2. Dear Gajendra/Dean Brother

    i know it is not critical acclaim movie even am fan of srk i never expect from Rohit CHAK DE or PK or BB but what i expect is more than there in Dilwale to get the good numbers...but DHOOM3 ,Kick, even CE are masala movie but if we follow numbers they all are record breaking...but why not Dilwale???...still Dilwale more enjoyable than rest all so why not it reach at-least 180/200 cr. is it bcz SRK haters are more than SRK fan? show cancellation would be the reason? why why? this is my question....if you speak WOM, CE had mixed WOM, Dhoom3 almost negetive or Kick avg...but they reach their goal to achieve the numbers...not critical acclaim..than why not Dilwale...may be wo kahawat suni hogi "agar kismat kharab hu tu oont pe baithe Boune aadmi ko bhi kutta katta hai" SRk is unlucky to get numbers in domestic. i hope with FAN he will bounce back...

    1. Dear FAN there were lots if reason first it was not a solo release and others reasons u know very well bcuz u have mention that if the movie had released without clash it would easily collected 250cr+ for sure. I thik FAN will collect around 220cr+

  3. I also want to tell u that bro i am not SRK haters bcuz i have loved to watch his movies too for example:Darr,chahat,yes bos,anjaam etc.if film is good then we should appreciate it

    1. Dear Dean bro...

      at least you say this movie is go pass somewhere 250cr. but thing is that haters didnt see the fact the real hurdle is clash, bann,... movie was not that bad at-least you made my day.
      i also like Sallu but i dont like Amir...he is fake person...i have reason to say that he has so much of attitude...once he called SRK sir some animal name since than i start hating him...he disgrace himself by saying that....The LAASH actor...

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