SRK and Anand L Rai’s film was originally titled Katrina Meri Jaan: Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif has three big films lined up starring the superstar Khans. Tiger Zinda Hai, Thugs of Hindostan and Dwarf are scheduled to release in a span of one year.  In the recent interview with DNA, the actress talked about her film with SRK.

Katrina said, “It wasn’t about the space or the VFX. Honestly, Anand sir has been discussing this film with me for the last two years. It was originally titled Katrina Meri Jaan, which is probably why people keep asking me if I’m playing myself in the film.”

“But it’s a very different film now since there have been a lot of changes in it. Aanand sir is one of the finest directors we have and I believe in him. He really pushed me and fought for it. So I felt that if someone’s fighting so much for it and has that much belief, then let’s see where we go together.”

When asked about her upcoming film with Aamir Khan, the actress refused to reveal much about it. “I cannot talk about anything related to 'Thugs of Hindostan' right now,” she said.

She will be next seen in Salman Khan's Tiger Zinda Hai.

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  2. If Dabangg 3 and Temper remake also released on Christmas 2018 then screen count will be as follow :
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