SRK and Aamir Khan catch up on Saturday night

Bollywood superstars Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan caught up with each other at SRK's house Mannat for a special event.

Part of a campaign of a leading channel, the two superstars are spotted with the CEO of Netflix, Reed Castings. SRK and Netflix had joined hands last year. Described in a statement from Netflix as "the beginning of a long-term relationship between both companies and the first of its kind with any Indian film production company." This is the first kind of collaboration for Netflix and SRK’s Red Chillies Entertainment.

Reports suggest that both Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan will be coming together for a campaign for the leading internet-based entertainment company Netflix.

The official Facebook page shared the picture and wrote alongside, "Saturday night got pretty Khantastic!"

Shahrukh Khan also shared the picture on Twitter and wrote, "Netflixed & Chilled. Thx @reedhastings Ted Sarandos & team & my friend @aamir_khan for breaking his regimen for me."

While Aamir is gearing up for Thugs of Hindostan, Shahrukh is wrapping up the shoot of Imtiaz Ali's next opposite Anushka Sharma. He recently went through a minor surgery.

61 comments on “SRK and Aamir Khan catch up on Saturday night”

      1. Who isn't gay king? Salman Khan why?!
        Mr.Singh your just a hater!
        Salman Khan is a Great Superstar!

  1. SRK is a Gentleman &
    has Great Presence of Mind &
    Sense of Humour.
    But I have to Admit
    SRK fans r Worst
    And Most Hypocrite Fans I have seen ever .
    They hate Amitabh,Aamir,Akki,Ajay,Hrithik TBH everyone without any Reason
    90% Of this Fanwars will be ended
    When SRK Fans Start behaving Maturely.

    1. Oh really? Read all the comments on SRK article and tell me who the hypocrites.U r also one of them.So don't play the victim card here hypocrite.

      1. @GENNY
        Read My Old Comment on BA
        At the time of Dangal I said
        I dont want any rift between Aamir-SRK Fans
        But that Morons @Jahangir khan & @Vishal Provoke me to Bash SRK.
        Show me 1 comment where I bashed SRK Unnecessarily
        I'll Accept I am a Hypocrite &
        playing Victim here

    2. Bhai i don't hate Akki/ Aamir.
      Let me ask u, who the fuck can hate Amithab ji ? WTF we love good actors like akki aamir and others but, I HATE SALMAN, yes do u have a problem ? I can troll him all the day...:) so if u call this "hypocrites" i don't care

  2. @Challa Especially. He is one irritating guy post I saw on indicine article on Ajay Devgn. So childish of him especially the excuses he was giving. I think many of them have been quite okay now. There's a guy with Shah Rukh photo that comments here I think he is very cool. Respect to both Aamir and Shah rukh very modest men.

  3. Even Aamir fans like Parsha don't like Ajay so don't blame Shah Rukh fans only.

    1. Mein kab bola bey...muze Ajay pasand nahi.muze to Aamir ke bad Ajay,
      Akshay bhi pasand hein.aur mein sallu ko bhi like karta hoon par sallu fans bahot udd rahein the Dangal ke time isliye mein aab Sallu fans ko nahi chodnewala.har ek sallu ke post pe
      Mein sallu fans ko troll karunga.
      Unko lagta tha sultan ko koi hara nahi sakta sirf sallu hi khudko hara sakta hein par wo ye bhul gaye ki wo abhi tk PK chase kar raha hein aur aab Dangal ne aisa band bajaya hein sultan ka ke unko hamesha yaad rahega jyada uddoge to aisa hi hoga.aab bhugto.
      Baas ek bar clash ho jaye iss xmas sallu tu to gaya.friend bolte hein aur Dangal ka prediction sallu fans hamesha 250cr tk hi karte the take sallu ke aage na jaye Aamir.ye hein inki dosti.hamesha negativity failayi.kuch sallu ke fans acche hein.jab inke sallu se record nahi toda jata to ye bahane dhundte hein jaise xmas par ye bhul rahein inka star eid pe jinda hein.
      Abhi TOH ke bad bolenge diwali sabse bada festival hein..hamesha excuses
      Are bhai sallu fans doob maro kahi jake.

    2. Oh come on u want the truth ? Fuck u bcoz u r not SRK fan, Or even Aamir's fan, u r Bhaitard! Go fuck or kill urself there's no place in this article to bhaitards

  4. Srk fans are as humble as srk. Not like batlas fans. And we srk fans love and respect amitabh sir.......

    1. to fir....

      KBC...OR...DON bnakar....Amitabh se khud ko compare kyo kiya...???

      kyo ki vh khud ko.....World ka biggest Star manta tha....

      1. You my friend message all the leading news reporters and channels and ask them why they have named Shah Rukh Khan as the biggest movie star in the world! We believe the news like you do!
        And if the polls and information they have collected is fake then why have they done that when they could've easily said tom cruise or brad Pitt are the biggest movie stars in the world! Or is it that Shah Rukh Khan has paid them to say that! Well looks like Shah Rukh Khan must definitely have a few millions laying about because BBC takes a few millions just to put up a few seconds advert on thier channel! Why does he fill up stadiums here within seconds and why are ambulances kept on site when he performs here! Why are women fainting at his concerts and why are women crying when they see him? Why do people say to him can we touch you and then they scream that he's real! THINK!!!

  5. Two of the living legends of bollywood SRK and AK. Looking great together.Respect to both.

  6. Salman ka career ab lagta hai khatam ho jaayege .kunki is saal tubelight SE umeed nahi hai collection less than 100 crore .aur tiger zinda hai collection less than 50 crore dream run end.sharukh and amir both are King akshay to pehle SE hi maha flop star hai.usse acha to varun ,ranbir hai.aamir is better than dilip kumar and amitabh bachan.world ka sabse bada mega star jiske jaisa star pure world me kabhi Na hua aur Na hoga .dilip Kumar to uske samne baby hai .amitabh ka koi aukat nahi hai .dilip Kumar ki movie aaj tak 10 crore ka business tak kar paayi usse accha to rajkumar rao hai jiska movie hamesa 10+ crore business karti hai.dilip Kumar, salman Khan ,amitabh bacchan ,Raj kapoor,dev anand ,Rajesh khanna flop star ,maha flop star .amir Khan mega star .mega star of our Galaxy.

  7. @Sardar Ali don't be decieved with @Singh the Shah cook photowalle that just commented now. He is the biggest hater of Ajay Devgn. I have seen his posts on Shivaay while many Ajay fans were all praising Fan and wishing him luck this Singh and Ranbir rocks were bashing Ajay. They are many who hate him not knowing Shah Gy and Ajju have made up and are friends. Hypocrite Srks

  8. parshy....

    Aamir ko sirf Boxoffice king khna , bevkufi wali baat nhi h...???

    Aamir ydi box office k liye movie bnata.......to kya vh kbhi....

    Rakh ,lagaan ,DHOBI-GHAT ,talaash ,RDB ,1947earth ,Dangal ,Rangeela.......

    jesi Movie bnata....???...

    fir to vh....Salman ki tarah...Dangal 1,2,3 4 krta...ya...Don 1,2,3....

    oose to sirf...chelenging roll pasand h......

    Rajkumar...tu haklu ka Fan h....es liye jyada mt bol

  9. @Yo Parsha bro I like that. Good to see few Aamirians liking Superstar Khiladi and Singham baba.
    @Ready kick my foot you sallu moron fan what do you mean Akshay fans hate Ajay are you out of your head? The only Akshay fan that hates Ajay is @Jolly Akkiholic who for whatever reason I don't even consider him a true Akki fan. Go to face book and tweeter and see how friends they is. I yesterday even posted a song of Akki and Ajay here so shut up if you think Akkians hate Ajay,Did you the tweet reply Akshay gave Ajay and vice versa both tweets were the most liked tweets over 10,000 likes in barely a day. Is that not enough. Am sorry no Akki Aamir song since they did not act but here I am dedicating to you Aamir and Ajay song one of my favorite it is a solidarity for fans of all superstars I started it as an Akkian and I am proud and thank Bollywood arena for posting the other song. Here you go Parsha. Shame on Salman fans.


  10. kbhi Salman se dosti....to kbhi Aamir se dosti ka Natak....

    wah re mere Haklu....kya din aa gye h ab tere......

    jinki khub buraiya krta tha...media me...filmfare me....aaj oonke Pav pd rha h......

    teri to puri jindgi....FanFollowing bnane me nikal gyi...

  11. I am also akshay fan. We akki fans don't hate ajay sir. Actually, we can not hate ajay sir. He is one of the best actor in bollywood. No one can act like him. Waiting for badshaho more than padman and robot 2.0. Ajay sir should start doing 3 movies in 1 year again. Not 1 movie in year. Love you ajay sir.

  12. karan singh...

    Mithun Da ki...500 movies h.......pr kitni movie ko hm jante h ???...

    par yh baat sach h.....Aamir ,akshay or Ajay....Bollywood k real acter h.......

    Ajay 2 national award jit chuka h......

    Par Fir b...God of Acting....King Khan....to...

    apna Haklu hi h na.....kkkkkkkkiiirrnnn....

  13. Salman Khan maha flop Khan hai only aamir Khan pure Galaxy ka sabse bada maha mega star hai.Bollywood ka true king.dilp Kumar aur amitabh bachan ki koi aukat nahi aamir ke samne .aur salman to bhikhari hai. Salman ko acting bhi nahi aati .agar sultan me aamir Khan hota to avtaar ka record tod deta .thug of Hindustan 30000 crore ka business karegi .aur tubeligh t ko to koi dekhne bhi nahi jayega.tzh to first show ke baad hi band hi jayegi.keval sharukh aur aamir hi rah jayenge pure world me both are maha maha maha mega mega star of the world .salman maha flop star

    1. Thanks bro for accepting sallu is chota star infont of Megastar Aamir.
      Good luck for Tubelight.
      Aabki bar naye excuses dhundne ki taiyari karo.kyunki kuch bhi karlo Dangal ka record tutnewala nahi.
      Sorry pahle PK ke WW collection se niptlo..hum bhi dekhte hein sallu aur sallu fans mein kitna dum hein.

  14. @pk.ak what do you mean? yaar kuj vi. SRK has more fan following than any other star. TU to shukar kar ke aamir to khana khilaya hai. Vo vi mannat main. After that, you will say both welcome and tare zameen par are superhits.

  15. karan singh ...???

    ku6 bhi.....srk k jyada fan following h... to Raees ...Sultan se jyada kyo nhi kma payi....or

    Fan kyo flop ho gyi....???.......

    ab to Akshay ,ritik ,ranveer ,ajay bhi....srk se jyada kma jate h...

    pr ku6 b ho....srk GigaStar h.....

    Or salman ki biggest fanfollowing h....

    yh hmne.....Zeecine Award...me dekh liya h...

    kyoki duniya me...gadho or bakro ki sankhya jyada h....

    1. The why hasn't Aamir Khan film ran for over 17 years?
      Why has Aamir Khan not be able to have men and women jumping around him?
      Where was he before 2009?
      Why do you hate?!
      Aamir Khan is a great actor and is making the greatest movies today but you keep hating on others! If Aamir Khan gave one flop movie today you will vanish from here and change your name to whoever is giving the biggest movies at that time!
      Biggest collections only come to the best movies not the biggest superstars! Aamir Khan is a Great actor but he doesn't have the Aura and stardom that Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have!

  16. @Karan Singh RESPECT BRO!!!! Am from Nigeria a die hard Ajay fan for life but trust me Akshay Kumar is very popular here. He was superb in Mohra that's when I started liking him. Once more thanks bro!!

  17. Agree too, Here In Nigeria we call Srk "Mazza"!!! Few females from probably age 8 and below don't know him if not He is the most popular celeb in Africa that I can guarantee...!! I am more inclined with Salman Sir but truth be told Srk for me i want to believe has more followers but that does not take anything away from Salman nor Aamir who for me I regard them already as Megastars..

  18. Agree salman sir is megastar and I said many times but tum log nhi samajh rahe ho
    pehle keh rhe the ke salman se bheek mang raha hai for fan following in tubelight cameo or ab aamir se. Sab natak kar raha hai bla bla .....SRK has his own fan following. Bheek kon mang raha hai for fan following. Agar bheek mangne se kuch ho jata to ajj aamir or salman sir ke brother superstar hote. Fan flop thi and dilwale was semi hit because of bad scripts. Ek to khana khilaya aya or dusri taraf bheek maang raha hai for gan following. Ki banu duniya da.

  19. @ SANI D. Thanks bro from the bottom of my heart for appreciating me. We all should support every actor.

  20. Oh wow Robot 500 cr , what a Song I missed it for years. Can't believe this song is 20 years old , the beats are too modern. No no no These 90s superstars are just something else. We Indians are proud to know them.
    Lol so Ajay use to dance ? Just kidding Fantastic hero any day. It was a treat to watch both Aamir and Ajay lovely song.

  21. Robot 500 cr I presume that should be domestic and not worldwide collection for the movie. Great gesture ...one love bro!

  22. Why is everyone hating on salman bhai he is a good guy helps people in trouble look at saawan no one wanted to touch that film bhai did a extended cameo because saawan kumar gave his first chance with sanam bewafaa MNPK may have released first but he signed that film first as a sign of respect he didn't take any remuneration and Eros bought the distribution rights of the film due to bhai's presence. There are many stories about bhai like that aamir fans you may hate bhai fans but I don't hate aamir or his fans I think he is currently no.1 no matter what trade says holidays or no holidays btw I love ajay the actor but hate ajay the person after the jab tak hai jaan incident yash chopra passed away 90% of industry begged him to hold his film back for 2weeks but he didn't and after krk kjo incident he played the victim card.

  23. @Sufisaab don't even try and bring Kjo name here. Yashji case if you don't know was a case of professionalism test at its peak which Ajay admitted. He called for his date, money was at stake not only from Ajay side but the entire crew. The screens could accommodate both movies to an extent and mind you truth be told Yashji banner have been monopolizing the screens for years...Which date was there for Son of Sardar all the other dates were booked! And stop this 90% of the industry begged him.To cut the story short If Aditya Chopra who is the blood son of Yash can now later up come with a statement that yes he understood Ajay's ground as a professional and even make up with Ajay and even lend him his studio to do Golmaal 4 then who are you to keep mallice? Stop this grow up and move on.

  24. A times I don't blame people commenting here. Many of his Fans here MUSt always be right be it Raees clash with Kaabil or anything to support him.
    The ultimate shame is as we are Chatting Aditya Chopra is probably dining dinner with Ajay Devgn or Shah Rukh Khan is probably preparing himself to appear on an award show and do An Ajay Devgn song like how he did some years back. These are big time professionals who ought to be angry with Ajay but no they don't think like you. Shah Rukh visited Ajay twice in public which we know and hugged him. He had dinner with Ajay in Bulgaria,so are you a die hard fan of Yashji more than Aditya or Shah Rukh ?

  25. Well said Sani D. You remind of Aisha Iqbal another well learrned foreigner girl who coincidentally is an Ajay fan. They won't change, only very few genuine Shah Rukh fans. What did they not say about Kaabil clash extent of Abusing Hrithik.Ra one came out they gave excuses it was not meant for Indian audience while an International Shivaay came out they started again. Sorry to say Shah Rukh fans are suppose to have an asset like Shah Rukh but bitter truth they are jealous and I mean big time jealous of Ajay. Am not an Ajay fan but its obvious for the genuine fans I respect them and have no problem with them so won't say a word bad to them.

  26. bhai log yehan sabse jada mujhe karan singh pasand fan hota too vesa hona chaiye kisi se hate nhi karta hai wo ,aur fans ko gnde kehne ko kisi ko haq nahin h sab pyar se hi fan hote h bt fans star jaise sochta too bettr h jaisr karn singh h ,aur example karan singh akki fan h bt kisi ko hate nhi karta h bt akki k fan hi ek jo srk hater likha hota h hmesa wo in dono me hi diffrence dekhiye sab gande log sabi pr rehte vese acche log v rehte h sath vese fans me v h too kisi ek k fans jada gnde nhi h jo kaha h srk k pure fans ko bure keh diya unhe,bt sach bolta too salmn k fans jada stupid log h hate krne me aage h wo log otherwise all r other actors fanz r nicr

  27. @neeraj ajay sabse hate krne se srk fans ko kya fayda jab 1992 se 2009 tk no.1 tha srk too dusre se jalna kya tha tb aur ab bhi ajay se jada kamati h srk ka too jalna kya h use sab too srk se jalte h ,srk k stardum se jalte h ,yehi truth bt i agree stars me ye nahi bas fanz me h bt srk fans ajay k bare me jelious hone k bawt hi nhi aai h abhi k vese pehle ajay fanz jalte h srk se beacause of kajol srk is best jodi ever lol bina logic me baat mat kro we respect ajay sir also akki aamir also only nt salman beacuase his fanz are so hate srk thats it ,aur srk k true fanz k bare me baat karta too sab srk k life ko inspiration liya h har baat me wo inspiration h hame ,as a poor famiy unhone kitna struggel kiya ,fir unka love marriage ,unka women respect sab ham fallow karte h salmn fanz jaise bas hate krna nahi

    1. struggal to Akshay ne bhi kiya...pr vo to eska dhindora nhi pit ta...??

      srk women ki respect sirf dikhane k liye krta h....movie chalane k liye......keval khubsurat women ki respect krta h.....

      vh bhi 6i6ore andaj me...

      apni love marrige ko bhi...vh business me invest krta h....

      aamir ki yarah kbhi....betiyo ka baap bna h..??

  28. @chadra prasadh veere thank you so much. I already told to mr. roric, he should change his username. but he use his brain too much. he don't know
    Srk ko smjhne ke liye dimag nhi dil chayiye. srk respect everyone specially girls. All actress love srk. he has brilliant sense of humour. No one can like him.

    1. karan singh...

      tu kya girl h...??

      love story pr movie bnane se girl...srk ko chahne lgegi..??

      romance to better...Rishi kapur...Rajesh khanna ne bhi kiya tha...

      aamir ne...Man ,dil ,QSQT ,fanna,dil chahta h ,Akele hm akele tum ,
      Ishq , Raja hindustani..dil h ki manta nhi...hm h rahi pyar k......Pk...3idiots....Rangila...

      me bhi kiya tha...

      ..kkkkkiiiran ko ho Romance mante ho kya...ya fir DDlJ k good song ko....ya fir media ki baato ko...??

      ........Akshay ka pic hta...or apni asli okaat dikha....

    2. jo raat din no. 1 bn ne me lga ho....400crore bnane me lga ho.....oose samajne k liye Dil chahiye...

      mr srk fan......

  29. Salman Khan ko Bollywood SE nikal Dena chahiye .salmaaan Khan biggest flop actor of Bollywood .salman Khan ki tubelight flop ho jayegi .tzh disaster ho jayega.salman ki movie koi nahi dekho.akshay Kumar flop star ki film me mat dekho use to Bollywood ke bahar katora le kar khada hons chahiye

  30. Amir Khan pure world ka sabse bada God hai.aamir ke samne dilip kumar baby hai .dilip Kumar flop star hai jiska movie 8 crore SE jyada ka business nahi karti.par amir Khan ki dangal jaisa movie pure world me nahi Bani .dangal= sholay +mugle aazam+ mother India+ hahk+ddlj+gaddar.aamir nahi hoto to world cinema nahi hota.aamir ke karan hi log movie ja kar dekhte hai.aaj kal aamir ki puja bhi hoti hai .Friday ka vart rakha jata hai 14 March ko international holiday hai .aamir jayanti hai.aamir ke samne sab log fhutne tek kar prey karenge.Trump,modi haath jod kar prey karenge.aamir jayanti ki shubhkaamnaye

  31. Rajkuma....tera dimag kharaab ho gya h kya...

    Srk ki flop ko dekhkar...??

    or gochu....aamir or aamir k fan ne kbhi...Aamir k no 1 hone ka dava kiya h...???

    tu bs yh dekh.....ki kyo tu aamir se jal rha h...??
    pagal ho rha h...bina reason k..??

    kyoki tera haklu better perform nhi kr rha esliye...???

    karan singh....

    world ki biggest fan following holder srk....jiski movie Raees world wide sirf....300crore kma ski...

    swadesh xmas release kyo flop ho gyi....eski script to best thi na...

  32. yaar yeh @pk.ak to piche hi pad gya. Tu pehle comment to dhyan se read kr le. Maine kab kaha romantic movie karne se girls pyar main pad jati hai. Apne kolo.
    or rahi bat romance ki to yeh truth hai no one can romance like srk. Jab wo ladki ki ankho main ankhain dalke dekhta hai to andhi ladki v pat jaye.
    And you were asking Am I girl?
    Yaar public main aisa kuch na push.

  33. karan singh....imago me jina 6od de bhai...

    hahaha....Srk ka bnaya hua....Sultan ka dialog bol rha h.....

    or koi bhi...kkkkkkiiiirrraaaannnn....jesa romance nhi kr skta....

    koi bhi Parrot nose k sath.....bar bar...muh pas lake.......

    Jalima jalima nhi gaa skta..........

    ese moorkh log.....Romance samajte h.....

    or Srk to shakal se dull lagta h....aankhe b 6oti ho gyi h.....

  34. Phyiro phyiro phyiroooooooo............holiiiio......hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh??????trrrrrrriiiiiiiiiccccchhhhhh

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