SRK-Aanand's film will not clash with Aamir Khan's Thug

Shahrukh Khan has just announced his next film with Aanand L Rai. The untitled project is going to release on 21 December 2018.

The dwarf film was earlier announced to release in December 2017. However, the pre-production work is taking a lot of time. The sources say that it will have plenty of VFX and SRK's look will be the major highlight in the film.

SRK and Aamir

Interestingly another biggie Aamir Khan's Thug was expected to arrive on the same date and that would set up a big clash. But there is a twist in the story. The sources close to YRF has revealed that Thug can release in December 2017.

"Aamir Khan has liked the script and will move on to the film as soon as Dangal hits the screens. The pre-production work is going on in full swing with the foreign crew and locations are being finalized. Aamir does not want another two years gap between his films as age is not on his side. YRF will only announce the project in January and most probably it will release during Christmas 2017."

A report suggests that Shahrukh Khan met Aditya Chopra a few weeks back. He not only discussed his upcoming project with Adi but also talked about Aanand L Rai's film. So it will be a win-win situation for both the parties.

20 comments on “SRK-Aanand's film will not clash with Aamir Khan's Thug”

    1. Hlo brother.....don't tell bakwass things.....I am also a Srk fan...
      Talk about the movie release dates....
      Both the movies are releasing in a year gap so I think both will get a solo release and till 2018 Christmas is booked....
      2017 diwali is booked.....
      2018 eid is booked.....
      Only diwali 2018 is left and till 2018 edx is booked.....

    2. wow............Aamir will create 400cr club............... if not this christmas with Danagl then definitely next christmas with THUG

        1. Abbe bakwas band Kar...
          rajahindustani,sarfarosh,jjws,kskt,rangila,ishq,gulam... Ye kya hein
          Aur tu bhutkal se bahar nikal vartman kal mein jee

  1. I tihnk Shahrukh has got it all wrong, from Sultan to Thug and delaying his movies for a promise from Aditya Chopra won't bring any good. Shivaay just shook the balls off VFX from Red Chillie. SRK needs to bounce back, this comes from a fan of the star. Today what Ranvir is doing is the same SRK was in 90's... Why isn't it evident to SRK. Karan moved on, Aditya did the same, Shahrukh your energy and acting can bring it all back, FAN failed, but you have it in you..
    From a very disappointed fan.

  2. Good, SRK learned from Sultan-Raees problem and he wanted to make sure that he had a major solo release this time. I'm 100% sure that this one will be an ATBB !

  3. I am not worried at all, I am just hungry to see the same SRK back in his glow and take us all on a new journey of stardom that he first instilled in us born in 80's and early 90's, I have nothing against any star or movies coz they drove us, made us romantic and what better than the Indian Cinema, so I may sound as a fan that stood next in Madame Tussade in London to know How tall they were...From Amitabh Bahchan to Aamir, Salman and Shahrukh coz I am a fan this decline is just something I am unable to digest. I request you all to please send me how to convey this.

  4. @Antonio
    Shahrukh sir has told us never to lose hope....he has conveyed the message in all his films

    Old SRK will be back with his never ending charm. just wait a little more. His next films are

    Dear Zindagi
    The Ring
    Dhoom 4
    Don 3

  5. @SRK Warriors

    ha ha ha you are an idiot of highest order.even in worst case scenario dangal will do business of 200 cr for sure because of X mas holidays and free 3 weeks run and content is said to be strong add brand aamir to it.
    if the films turn out to be great then 300cr is a cakewalk.

    on what basis u ar saying dangal business to fold 140cr? aamir is not like srk who in the year 2016 with incresed ticket rate fail to cross 100cr .a big shame on srk .shame.
    put your hatred aside and try to praise others actors hard work also then only it can bring respect srk from other fanbase.

  6. hahaha... i can't stop laughing..
    SRK? and clash with Aamir?? :D
    that will ensure SRK ends his career :D
    if he wants to bow out of the industry with dignity .. he better not..

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