Sridevi died of accidental drowning

Bollywood actress Sridevi died yesterday in Dubai. It was reported that she suffered from cardiac arrest around 11 pm in hotel’s bathroom.

However the forensic report issues in Dubai says that she died of accidental drowning. Dubai Police said initial investigation shows that Sridevi drowned following loss of consciousness in the bathtub of her hotel room.

They found traces of alcohol in her body and this may have led to the accident. “The investigation is still going on to determine the circumstances surrounding the accident as the forensic report only says that she drowned,” an official told Gulf News.

Dubai Police has transferred the case to Dubai Public Prosecution, which will carry out regular legal procedures followed in such cases, according to the Dubai Media Office.

As of now, Indian officials are doing the paperwork related to the repatriation of the body from Dubai to India. Her body is likely to reach Mumbai in a few hours following which the last rites will be held.

16 comments on “Sridevi died of accidental drowning”

  1. Are you freaking kidding me dude? Was she a child who would drown? And she was found 48 hours later by hotel staffs? What was Boney Kapoor doing for 48 hours forgoing her? And on what basis had that Sanjay Kapoor said that she got cardiac arrest? What's this forensic all about?

    Sunanda part 2 or Divya Bharti part 3?

    1. What 48 hrs u talking about? She when to take a bathe and when Boney knock on the door she didn't respond so he broke it open ans he found her from what i have read.

    2. Everyone was to become a lawyer and a detective in these situations, you must just think about the fact that such a huge legend has gone!

      Don’t judge anyone! We’ll see what this is about when the media has finished their level of disgrace of the actress!

  2. this is not true certificate....there is no hospital name mention or ministry of health UAE letter head.

    ab 100% gadbad hai...

    1. Dr Sami Wadie jis nai certificate sign kia tumhara hi koi assistant director lag raha hai. BTW dr saheb, padmaavat kai blockbuster hotai hi kahan gayab hogaye thai.

      1. kai ki hit..wo tu controversy ne bachayi warna hit tu chodo avg bhi mushkil se hoti thi...
        waise bhi kya ukhad liya....super hit/Block buster tu na ban payi....jo sab dawa kr rahe the....

  3. Jeetje! Big dip secret bad bollywood.. my only advise to actresses stop all these surgeries. Lip filling. Breast implant and botox or else the next sudden death is just around the corner. Then they would report it as Cardiac attack

  4. Time for sridevi biopic produced by boney,directed by dirty picture director starring deepika

  5. A man was spotted outside sridevi's room his behaviour was abnormal he sounds like a goat he was spreading his arms and running here and there he looks vijay raaz's brother

    1. Sounds like Salman when he ran over all them innocents, and came to his dad shivering!

      King of remakes!

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