Simran and Lucknow Central Monday Box Office Collection

Simran has dropped around 50% on its first Monday which has sealed the fate of the film at the box office. There were not much of expectations but the film had a low weekend and there was a cricket match on Sunday, so one would hope for a better hold on Monday.

Simran is now likely to finish it's run under 20 crores which will make it another failure of 2017.

  • Day 1: 2.77
  • Day 2: 3.76
  • Day 3: 4.12
  • Day 4: 1.41
  • Total: 12.06 cr

Lucknow Central has also dropped which is slightly lower than Simran. But it hardly matters now as the damage has been done. The film has fared better in North India but it was not enough.

  • Day 1: 2.04
  • Day 2: 2.82
  • Day 3: 3.56
  • Day 4: 1.20
  • Total: 9.62 cr

14 comments on “Simran and Lucknow Central Monday Box Office Collection”

  1. When you start thinking your bigger than the super stars that have been ruling for over 25 years!

    Deserves her best!

    Not matter what or who she is, she should've at least have respect for these 5 superstars who have been ruling since the

    1. who care superstar now....movie achi nahi to superstar nothing... srk superstar apne dam pa 60cr nahi kama paya....salman tubelight bhujh gayee....simran is more urban movie...kangnaa acting is better than crap srk...but movie only for high end multiplex

      1. You idiot, no one is talking about collections here, it's about respect a newcomer today has to give respect to all the ladies of the 90's and 2000's! From madhuri dixit to priety zinta! They show respect to them no matter how big or small they are!

        But Kangana thinks with one or two movies she's too big for make superstars, don't make superstars rely on female superstars, audience comes to watch both!

        Do not compare kanganas acting to SRK, he has proved to audience ww! I don't need to say anything about that!

        Get well soon! SRK hater!

        I don't like aamir Khan but I still admit that he's ruling the box office charts and is taking Indian cinema on another level!

        If you dislike srk that's alright, but don't compare him with an actress who only started yesterday!

  2. This is the lady who claims she became star after Queen and super star after Tanu weds Manu. The self proclaimed 'super star' weekend collection is hardly 10C. This year flop films of Salman Khan makes 100C and Shah Rukh khan's 60C.. atleast now she must know what is the meaning of 'super star'.Still media is trying very hard to project this film as a great film and audience are stupid for not watching this film ???????? If they like the film so great.. they should sponsor the film to their media house employees so that atleast 3-4 shows will become housefull.

  3. Bahubali 2 release hue ya nahi China me.?

    Dangal ne 3 idiots ka record toda Hong Kong ka?

  4. and also the life time collection of barielly ki barfi and verdict according to you. coz some are saying that the 33.58 are producers figures and not trade figures.

    1. a smal change lucknow central life time would be 15cr.. simran ka life time collection sahi hai

  5. in this ad era of flop movies something that can bring a big smile to our faces would be Golmaal 4

  6. This is result of arrogance and overconfidence she thought she became immortal and now biting the dust Karma you beauty

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