SHOCKING: Aamir Khan did not win because he does not attend awards: Priyadarshan

The winners for National Film Awards were declared yesterday. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has won the Best Actor award for his performance in Rustom. However this decision has come as a surprise for many.

Aamir Khan's performance in Dangal was considered as the best of 2016 and was expected to win this award. Filmmaker Priyadarshan, who is the head of the jury has now responded to the questions. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, he said, “Aamir recently said that he wouldn’t personally accept the award if he is given one. If I remember, Aamir didn’t attend the ceremony when he won the award for Taare Zameen Par. So, why spoil it for some other actor who stood as good a chance of winning the award.”

He also said that Dangal was not a social film and Bollywood films were mainly about homosexuality. "Even 'Dangal' doesn't talk about social issues. It was a life story." One wonders on which Airlift, Neerja and Rustom were based on.

“Akshay Kumar deserved the award and so we gave it to him. There were a total of 38 jury members with me on this. How can you question the decision of so many people? Ramesh Sippy headed the jury last year. When he gave Best Actor to Amitabh Bachchan for Piku why didn’t anyone question him?,” he added further.

23 comments on “SHOCKING: Aamir Khan did not win because he does not attend awards: Priyadarshan”

  1. Priyadarshan said correctly
    If ammir didn't want to be awarded
    Then why to gv him....
    Only Akki deserves ITT
    Pet badane aur kam karne se koi accha actor nahi ban jaata

    1. Priyadarshan said it correctly Akki deserved it. Akki gave many National Award performances namely Sangharsh, Jaanwar, Gabbar is back, Baby, Airlift, etc.. To be Frank Aamir's was not a lead role in Dangal so why give it to him

    2. i salute to Priyadarshan.....may be media dont understands his words...he want to say if someone dont respect you why would other respect you. Tit for tat....good decission.good lesson for Amir kHAN...who say he doesnt lke to be awarded than why this double face guy went to Oscars in 2000 for Lagaan and lost than lost for the Rising...again he tried hard with TZP but everytime failed...waht he want to prove..means Hindi films and indians are fools? respect others other respect you...same way if he doesnt repsect any ward than do not expect respect from them....

      agar aapko koi bar bar thapad mare tu app kya khayega? ek bar 2 bar ok...everytime since 1995 se iska natak hai...he lost with DDLJ V.s Rangeela 2 rs film....hahhaa..good decission Priya sir....he surrender to SRK stardom since 1995...that it..

      if few students are cheating and leaking exam paper so brilliant student should boycott entire exams...LOL...thing is that he dont want to face failure...

    3. Aamir Khan's acting was superior but one has to be be close to the ruling party to get an award.

  2. Acha hua khans ne nahi jeeta hai awards.. Aise faaltu awards ko

    Agar woh nahi aata toh kya nahi doge.. Yeh toh bollywood award shows se bhi badtar hai waha jo jaate hai unhe bhi dete hai aur jo nahi aate hai unhe bhi..
    Aur yeh kya logic hai dangal social issues movie nahi thi arrey woh ek athletes ki kahani hai jisne desh ko gold medal dilaya..

    I am salman fan still i think aamir should win award for these films

    Rang De Basani
    Taare Zameen Par
    3 Idiots
    And Dangal

    Inhe jury members banata koun hai.. Dosti nibhani hai toh iska kya matlab deserving people ko nahi doge..

    Pichle saal bhi Ranveer aur salman dono mein se kisi ko milna chahiye tha but they gave best actor award to supporting actor Amitabh.

  3. in my opinion manoj bajpai desrve best actor for aligarh
    than aamir for dangal than akshay for airlift
    kuch bhi ho akshay desrve karta hai kam se kam apne desh cannada jayega toh
    bta toh sake ga ki india me kya jeeta

  4. I think Priyadarshan got frusted thats why he gave non sense interview different different type ...
    Salute Priyadarshan afterall He #National_Award to #International_Award ...

    Don't worry Akshay Kumar also got bharat ratan , padam shree award bcoz he is only patriotic of bollywood...

  5. Bilkul sahi kaha priyadarshan ne
    Agar aamir ne lena hi nahi to use award kyu diya jaae. Aamir to bewakoof hai jo awards ki respect nahi krta . Aamir jaisa award deserve hi nahi krta. Only and Only Akshay deserved national award.

  6. Priyadarshan talking some serious nonsense. ' ' He said that Dangal was not a social film and Bollywood films were mainly about homosexuality.'

    What the .... the man is simply a bigot who talks as convenient. Dangal NOT a social film? A film which shows a father going against the patriarchal traditions of rural India, leading his daughters to international sports glory, making sure they achieve something rather than marry at 14? And how many Bollywood films are about homosexuality -- and so what if a handful do touch on the topic?

    In fact one award that Dangal did not receive but deserved was the award for best wholesome entertainment film. Never mind that Aamir did not get an award; he does not seem to give importance to such things,in any case. But the film deserved the award, the entire team deserved to be honoured.

  7. 1.This is the most ridiculous thing i ve ever heard ..
    2.If u will come to award shows , u wil get award otherwise no other thing matter i.e talent, hard work.
    3.Dangal and aligarah was not social films,
    What the f...k . Women empowerment and the rights for homosexual is not social issues
    Mithun da Grand salute to priyadarshan for enlighten us.

  8. I agree if a person doesn't attend awards dosen't believe in awards then he shouldn't be nominated let alone win no offence to aamir or his fans for me it seems aamir is not bothered but akshay should have won for airlift not rustom that's my only bone of contention

  9. Sab awards faltu hein..
    Ye gadha priyadarshan kuch bhi bak raha hein...kyunki uske pass bachav karne ke liye kuch bhi nahi...
    Sabko pata hein Aamir ko Dangal ke liye hi milna chahiye tha..par in jaise gadho ke karn nahi milta...Are yaar kitne performance acche diye Aamir ne
    Lagaan,rang de basanti,3 iditos, Pk, Dangal.. Ek ko bhi award nahi diya..
    Inhone piku,rustum,hum tum jaisi filmon ke liye award diya..ye ho kya raha hein?jo fuction ko ata hein usse award milta hein..juri ki gaaa....me dal do award.btw happy for Akshay.

  10. Now akshay can show some respect to talent like before he did. Returning the award of comparing with aamir khan for role in gajini.now he will not. Because all knows this time whome he will be taking on.

  11. Haha! Then what's the difference between filmfare, IIFA, stardust etc & national award...

  12. Well although akki has won it but this is not correct aamir gave best performance equal to akki in dangAl what a role in dangAl if akki would have not won it it should have gone to aamir with due respect he is an award himself to the country

  13. Dekha ab prove ho gaya ki desh k sabse ache actors me se ek aamir awards kyu attend nahi karta bas aise ghado ko bitha do jury

  14. he support for akshay coz he is sign in next film which hope very free RIP indian awards this is worst than screen awards

  15. Aamir has greatest personality. Award is roaming behind him. He doesn't care about awards

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