Shivaay vs ADHM: The better film will take away all benefits, Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn and Karan Johar are gearing up for a clash as their upcoming movies Shivaay and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil are set to be released on the same day this Diwali.

When asked about the clash, he replied that the audience would know which is a better film is and "that will take away all the benefits."

"The audience gets divided. Eventually, what will happen is, we are not talking about the first day. It is a pre-Diwali day and we don't expect a very big number because people are busy," Ajay said.

"By the time you come to Monday, which is like the first day, audience will know which is a better film and that will take away all the benefits."

In earlier clashes like Rustom vs Mohenjo Daro, it has been "winner takes all" situation. There is a perception that two films cannot succeed in a clash and only one of them will emerge as a winner.

9 comments on “Shivaay vs ADHM: The better film will take away all benefits, Ajay Devgn”

  1. Anaylaysis is both movies....
    As dil hai mushkil

    •Trailer is average
    •marvelous album(songs)
    • Benefit of few big names are there
    • protest from so called patriotic people
    • marketing will be superb by dharma
    •known production house so there will be good overseas collection...

    •Trailer is awesome
    •Average album
    •only ajay name is there
    •huge production cost..difficulty in recovery...
    •simple marketing as of huge production cost..
    •Due to awesome vfx overseas collection will be great...

    If we consider all these points shivaay is having huge edge on adhm due to protest only and if adhm will not face protest then adhm will have edge on shivaay...
    Let's see 2 weeks are still left...

    1. genre of ADHM type movie is not liked by majority of indian people. such movies are not accepted by our indian society. so it is a failed movie itself among indian audience.
      i was waiting for the excuses of protests. and yes, SRK fans have started giving excuses. even PK had to face protests but it became the highest grosser ever.
      100 baat ki ek baat ye hai ki ek-do cinema mein protest hone se kuch khas fark nahi padta balki movie ki publicity hoti hai. aur agar upar se story bhi achi ho (just like PK) to film expectations se better kamai kar leti hai. lekin agar movie hai hi tatti to uska kuch nahi ho sakta aur tum log aise hi excuse dete reh jaaoge khud ko satisfy karne ke liye.
      ADHM tabhi hit hogi jab tum log social media pe randi-rona band karke theater mein movie dekhke aaoge.

  2. i think shivaay will be more emotional drama movie and there will be some action in it (as said by ajay in an interview). So it will be like u me aur hum with some action . that means flop all over it. It may have good story but ajay dont hv entertaining sense like amir. so he cant project a good story in an entertaining way. So iI think Shivay will be flop for sure

  3. Shivaay better be a masterpiece, otherwise Ajay's arrogant attitude will make it an all time disaster. With such over confidence, the expectations are growing and the audiance won't be fooled easily...

    1. arrogance tabh nahi dikhti jab global star khudko khudke muh se amitabh sir aur dilip kumar se bada star bolta hai...
      arrogance tabh nahi dikhto jab SRK bolta hai "I am the king."

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