Shivaay Verdict: Hit or Flop

Shivaay Verdict: Hit or Flop: Ajay Devgn's Shivaay has not lived up to the high expectations which were associated with it before release. As per the producer figures the lifetime collection will fall little under 100 crore.

Though the film is behind Ranbir Kapoor's Ae Dil Hai Mushkil but it has generated higher footfalls as it did the majority of its business in single screens where ticket rates were low. Shivaay collected well in core Hindi belts like CP, CI, Bihar, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. The film will cause losses to the distributors but will be managed to recover the production costs.

Production Cost
95 Cr
P & A
15 Cr
110 Cr
Satellite Rights
40 Cr
10 Cr
15 Cr
Distributor Share
47 Cr
2 Cr
114 Cr
4 Cr

Shivaay Verdict: Average

After the poor opening day, it was thought to be a flop/disaster. However, it fought back on Monday/Tuesday which were holidays of Diwali. The trend was good in the second week too which saved it from becoming a flop.

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Some regional distributors may face losses. If the producers/distributors were same then they could have compensated the losses as happened in Dilwale case. Ajay Devgn had a deal with Star Network which has paid 40 cr for the satellite rights which has helped in recovering the costs.

Day 110.24
Day 210.06
Day 38.26
Day 417.35
Day 511.05
Day 67.40
Day 76.05
Day 84.61
Day 95.40
Day 107.08
Day 112.50
Day 121.90
Day 13-141.50
Day 15-183.60
Day 19-211.15
Day 22-240.90
Day 25-280.75
Day 29-310.23
Total100.03 Cr

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32 comments on “Shivaay Verdict: Hit or Flop”

  1. @Bollyarena : With your early predictions you said that it needed 110 cr to be an average and now you change your mind ?? Why being so biased when the film couldn't even cross 100 cr ?

    Btw many sites (as Indicine) declared it as a FLOP.

    1. Whole Bollywood is flop. Flop Bollywood, Pakistani movies are international level. But in Bollywood only Shivaay is an good movie.

      1. Only music rights of Indian Films earns more than your Pakistan Movie Lifetime Boxoffice.
        I noticed a Pakistani film in youtube named as " ISHTEHARI GUJJAR "...this is your International level?

  2. In this case Fan movie is also profitable venture. Why tag is losing or flop? And trade figures are far below than shown by the producer.

    1. Wrong you Indian are fool. Shivaay is clear hit movie and you which proud that standard of your bore and cheap industry has up now and only Shivaay is able to compete international level but Bollywood is chutiya.

    1. Movie has cross 100cr on domestic and it is a hit movie. Honestly Shivaay is a blockbuster movie because this the only movie of Bollywood which matches to international level. I am from Pakistan and all Bollywood movies are low standard even bollywood too but only because of Shivaay Bollywood look good.

  3. What you talking about the overesveas only 2 crore he cross 5 crore just in US and about 20 crore all

  4. In this case, Fan movie must also be seen profitable and not a flop or losing film. Also in one of your articles you said that domestic collections to be considered and not satellite rights and overseas collection etc for declaring the verdict.

  5. @Bollyarena : So before the release you said that it needed +110 cr to be an average grosser and now you're so desperate to prove it's not a failure that you don't call it a FLOP despite not even crossing the 100 cr mark ??? Come on, stop being biased. Shivaay is a FLOP, even famous analyst call it so.

  6. For the last 3 months or so you have been stating that the cost is 120 crores.
    Now suddenly it has come down to 110 crore. Is it just to show the movie in profit?
    And is it really at 114 crore?
    What about the inflated producer figures vs trade figures.
    Write it's verdict as flop.
    No harm in it.

  7. This is the result of sunday 103.25 crores
    Shivaay 1st Day Box Office Collection: Rs 10.24 Crores
    Shivaay 2nd Day Box Office Collection: Rs 10.06 Crores
    Shivaay 3rd Day Box Office Collection: Rs 8.26 Crores
    Shivaay 4th Day Box Office Collection: Rs 17.35 Crores
    Shivaay 5th Day Box Office Collection: Rs 11.05 Crores
    Shivaay 6th Day Box Office Collection: Rs 7.40 Crores
    Shivaay 7th Day Box Office Collection: Rs 6.05 Crores
    Shivaay 8th Day Box Office Collection: Rs 4.61 Crores
    Shivaay 9th Day Box Office Collection: Rs 5.40 Crores
    Shivaay 10th Day Box Office Collection: Rs 7.08 Crores
    Shivaay 11th Day Box Office Collection: Rs 3 Crores
    Shivaay 12th Day Box Office Collection: Rs 2.5 Crores
    Shivaay 13th Day Box Office Collection: Rs 2.5 Crores
    Shivaay 14th Day Box Office Collection: Rs 2.00 Crores
    Shivaay 15th Day Box Office Collection: Rs 1.25 Crores
    Shivaay 16th Day Box Office Collectino: Rs 2 Crores
    Shivaay 17th Day Box Office Collectino: Rs 2.5 Crores

  8. Shivaay is a hit rocking still rocking even steadily and is a hit. Better than all Bollywood films even much better than Bahubali. 1st Bollywood's movie which is able to compete international standered. I am from Pakistan i loved the movie but fuck whole bollywood industry who don't know what is good or bad even media is fake as their awarda are fake. And public of india is fool.

  9. The cost has been overrated at most places, the movie had a cost of 105crores including promotion (which Ajay Devgan said by mentioning that the budget is same as any Ajay Devgan starrer), but the media speculated it to be 120 crores. Also the movie from non theatrical revenues had earned (65 crores according to you but no mention of home digital video rights), Also the movie didnot fared that well overseas but it garned around 10crores in the opening week which gives a share of 4-4.5 crores (as 40% is considered at bare minimum), so all these factor needs to be considered I guess from your end before you give out the final tally. I simply know that the movie has been a success at the box office now does "Average" verdict suggest that?? Also you have mentioned about Dilwale that some of the distributors have been compensated for their losses so how can you be sure that if add all those final tallies this movie will also be not compensated??

  10. S shivaAAy is super hit .....simple calculation h bhai ...90 CR ki movie 102 CR kamai....12 CR profit ...music,satellite,worldwide collection,gross collection TV rite's ,

  11. Though I didn't watch this movie in theatre and watching it right now in StarGold, it's an amazing movie. Great work from Ajay Devgan and his team. Loved it.

  12. Shivaaay is best film ever but it's story was not so strong......... if it's will strong then movie will be blockbuster

  13. Shivaay is best movie but it fail to taken his cost price due to some difficult story but overall it's very fadu type of movie

    1. Box Office: Worldwide Collections and Day wise breakup of Shivaay
      By Bollywood Hungama News Network, Oct 29, 2016 - 2:27 pm IST
      Ajay Devgn’s magnum opus Shivaay that has been making waves ever since the release of the film’s first look finally hit the screens yesterday. Despite the mixed review from critics, the film has been well received by the audiences.

      In this box-office analysis, we take a look at the worldwide collections of Shivaay breaking the same into day-wise collections.


      Day 1 (Fri) – 10.24 Cr.

      Day 2 (Sat) – 10.06 Cr.

      Day 3 (Sun) – 8.26 Cr.

      Day 4 (Mon) – 17.35 Cr.

      Day 5 (Tue) – 11.05 Cr.

      Day 6 (Wed) – 7.40 Cr.

      Day 7 (Thu) – 6.05 Cr.

      Day 8 (Fri) – 4.61 Cr.

      Day 9 (Sat) – 5.40 Cr.

      Day 10 (Sun) – 7.08 Cr.

      Day 11 (Mon) – 2.50 Cr.

      Day 12 (Tue) – 1.90 Cr.

      Day 13 (Wed) To Day 14 (Thu) – 1.50 Cr.

      Day 15 (Fri) To Day 18 (Mon) – 3.60 Cr.

      Day 19 (Tue) To Day 21 (Thu) – 1.15 Cr.

      Day 22 (Fri) To Day 24 (Sun) – 0.90 Cr.

      Day 25 (Mon) To Day 28 (Thu) – 0.75 Cr.

      Day 29 (Fri) To Day 32 (Mon) – 0.25 Cr.

      Day 33 (Tue) To Day 35 (Thu) – 0.20 Cr.

      Day 36 (Fri) To Day 42 (Thu) – 0.05 Cr.

      Day 43 (Fri) To Day 49 (Thu) – 0.02 Cr.

      Day 50 (Fri) To Day 56 (Thu) – 0.01 Cr.

      TOTAL (NETT) – 100.33 Cr.



      India – 139.35 Cr. – (As of 22-Dec-16)

      North America (USA and Canada) – 4.74 Cr. – (As of 20-Nov-16)

      United Kingdom – 0.78 Cr. – (As of 27-Nov-16)

      Australia – 0.95 Cr. – (As of 20-Nov-16)

      New Zealand – 0.44 Cr. – (As of 20-Nov-16)

      Malaysia – 0.03 Cr. – (As of 06-Nov-16)

      TOTAL (WORLDWIDE GROSS) – 146.29 Cr.

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