Shivaay Trailer Review

Shivaay Trailer Review: After releasing many posters and stills, the makers have finally unveiled Shivaay trailer. The action-adventure film stars Ajay Devgn Sayyeshaa, Erika Kaar, Abigail Eames and Vir Das in the lead roles.

Shivaay Trailer Review


There is not much of a clue of the story in the trailer. It revolves around Shiva, an ordinary mountaineer who turns evil in the process of saving his family. The trailer is packed with high-voltage action sequences and some heart thumping music.

The trailer is in total 3 minutes and 40 seconds long but still it is very racy and fast paced. The action quotient is at par with Hollywood level and has never been seen before in India. The cinematography and visuals (especially at Balkan Mountains) are breathtaking. The thriller element has made it a roller-coaster ride.

The VFX of the film is looking good and is much better as compared to other Bollywood films. There will be people who will always compare it to Hollywood but these both industries are for different sections. And there are also many Hollywood huge grosser who had average VFX. So thumbs up to the VXF team of Shivaay.

The trailer could have been shorter in length as there was no need of revealing important action sequences. In fact, the most talked about car chase sequence have almost been revealed completely. A shorter trailer would have made a more impact. The lead actresses are also missing and it is all about Ajay and high daughter.

Even after watching the trailer you will not be able to guess the film’s plot. It seems Ajay has consciously avoided giving the film’s plotline. The background music will also stick around in your mind.

Shivaay Trailer Review: Verdict

Shivaay trailer has set a new benchmark for Bollywood. Finally, someone has dared to take the action quotient to Hollywood level. We hope that story will be as good as the action looks like.



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22 comments on “Shivaay Trailer Review”

  1. thanks to bollywoodarena for your review so fast. you guys are also par with international entertainment sites

  2. The best trailer of the year so far! I think they will realease aonther trailer 1 month before the release which will give us the idea of the story. Now, Shivaay jas the upper hand in the clash with ADHM. Action and VFX looks really good and can be compared with Baahubali! Ajay Devgn looks superb! My rating 4.5/5! My prediction:
    Extra-ordinary WOM-
    Day1: 25-30cr
    1st Weekend: 100-110cr
    Lifetime: 305-320cr
    With Postive WOM- 240-260cr
    With Mixed WOM- 130-150cr
    With Negative WOM- 80-100cr!

  3. Fantastic trailer
    250cr confirmed.. If ADHM postpone then definitely 300cr...
    ADHM to gaya

  4. Comment:Nic one my predection be practical 180-190 lif tim collection all the best ajay sir ossum work nd thts show how bollywood movie is also preseent high quality vfx

  5. High voltage tralr.dafinatly set a new banchmark.never seen before in Indian cinema. Hat of Ajay sir.

  6. Awesome trailer I m excited to wath this movie.thank u ajay sir fo this adventures moviemy rating-4.9/5

  7. I m agree with 4.5/5 ....it deserve these stars....
    Fantastic trailer....crossed 300 crs

  8. 12 अगस्त 2016 को दो फिल्म रुस्तम और मोहनजोदड़ो बड़े पर्दे पे आ रही है..!अब दोनों फिल्म मे कौन ज्यादा हिट होगा ये तो देख कर ही पता चलेगा..!!

  9. Hmmm ' In front of khans ajay is zero.No one can compete with them
    .agr issy apni film kamyab krni thi toh kisi khan ko hero leta. 1st day business will 3-5.7 cr .it can't cross 40 cr on day one. Because it is AJ film. Like action jackson hahahahahahahahaahaahahahahahahahahaahahahaha............. Joking.. ...........may the movie get 400 cr.first movie to do so ever. BL

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