Shivaay Movie Review

Shivaay Movie Review: Most of the readers have been requesting us to update the review rather than early reports. Thus we have decided to update a short review of Shivaay. Take a look and give your feedback.

Shivaay Review

This Friday we are going to see the much anticipated Shivaay. The adventure-action film starring Ajay Devgn is directed by the actor himself. It is produced by Ajay Devgn Productions along with Pen.

Shivaay has some breathtaking visuals, especially of the mountains. A lot of credit should be given for camera work done at such high altitudes. But unfortunately, it promises nothing else other than visuals. The plotline set in Bulgaria is extremely ridiculous. The film could have been shot in any other location other than mountains and it would not make any difference. You never get connected to the story as the emotional scenes are unintentionally funny. The action scenes are larger than life and flying cars for no reason remind you of Rohit Shetty.

The logic has been refined at many places. Ajay Devgn's journey of finding the mother of his child is neither emotional nor logical. Backgrould score was okay but it pops out every few minutes which makes it irritating.

Shivaay Movie Review: Star Performances:

Ajay Devgn gave a decent performance in his almost super hero avatar but could not live up to the high expectations. Erika Kaar is one of the weakest links in Shivaay. Abigail also fails to impress as a child actor as you never feel for her. Sayesha Saigal was honest but did not have much potential in her character.

What's Good:

  • Stunning Visuals
  • Camera Work

What's Bad

  • Ridiculous Plot
  • Poor Screenplay
  • Lead Performances
  • Erika Kaar
  • Action Sequences do not look authentic

Shivaay Movie Review: Verdict

Overall, Shivaay is a colossal disappointment. Despite some breathtaking visuals, it is too much messy. Especially, Indian audience will find it tough to digest 3 hrs long drama about human trafficking set in Bulgaria.

Rating: 2/5

Considering the costs, it would be very tough for Shivaay for emerging a success at the box office.

Are you excited to watch the film in the theaters? Do let us know about Shivaay movie review below.

38 comments on “Shivaay Movie Review”

  1. Haha FLOP CONFIRMED !!! Now where are Ajay fans who insulted those who predicted this failure from the first day it was announced ? Over confident Devgan is a flop director, and now he will face a brutal end for his acting career.
    #ThisDiwaliOnlyADHM #AeDilKiDiwali

  2. Aedil hai muskil also bakwaas inside news there's nothing in movie I'm not worried bcz it is better than shivay....

  3. as per ur review, i think shivaay will recover its budget...
    u had given 3.5 stars to Mohenjodharo but what happened....
    so lets wait for upcoming tuesday ...everything will be clear.....

  4. don't stop bollyarena ..we like your unbiased review .So now its almost confirm that Shivaay has a weakest plot ..gonna be disaster for sure

    1. Most of UAE reports are positive, even MD early reports were very positive !

  5. Both film are bakwaas its declare.....all over...ajay..and ranbir both flop dis time....
    100% bollyarena review for ADHM is 2 to 2.5*....very disappointed.

  6. I have been saying this since the trailer was released. High on action and low on content.

  7. Shivaay is a fine movie.. Shivaay is very good family entertainer film, Which would be watched by Every Section of Audience,

    It has potential to go past 150+cr. Shivaay 's action sequence are very stylish, It has great emotional story that revolves around the relations of father, mother & daughter.

    Shivaay is a Paisa vasool film & I would say you to watch this film with your whole family

    My Ratings is 4* & Business Prediction is 150-Cr. Shiyaay 's action sequence is one of the best action ever shown by hindi audience. it's #VFX is Outstanding.

  8. Kjo paid bollyarena also that y they gave shivaay review b4 adhm....tomo will watch shivaay then will confirm whether bollyarena review is correct or biased...

  9. Look at this , if u would have reviwed adhm also. ,it would be fair , onky review shivaay and give negative feedback so that ppl wiyld go to film tomo or wrekend , very worst ,plz do not like this , i thought atleast ur website is good , hurts sorry to say

  10. In bollymoviereviewz, Shivay has 100% positive reviews, while ADHM has 50% neutral review, let's see what happens next dear !!

  11. I thik tomorrow is the last day of #Bollyarena kya fankte hai wah ye article ready kr ke to hansi aa gay ???
    Shivaay is on of the best movie ever made in bollywood. This Diwali Only Shivaay

  12. In bollymoviereviewz site, Shivay has one 100% positive review while ADHM has two neutral 50% review, let's see what happens next dear !!

  13. Not only here in other site like koimoi.com, there also shivaay got 2 star out of 5. But we will definitely watch shivaay in thetre, as ajay devgan is 1000 times better than ranbir kapoor and half ladies karan johar.

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