Shivaay collects well on Tuesday

Shivaay has done well again on Tuesday as the collections are around 11.05 crore. This is even higher than the opening day.

The partial holiday should have benefited Shivaay more. It was expected that it will cross ADHM. Still, the collections are lower than Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. High ticket prices may have played a role.

Day 110.24
Day 210.06
Day 38.26
Day 417.35
Day 511.05
Day 67.40
Day 76.05
Day 84.61
Day 95.40
Day 107.08
Day 112.50
Day 121.90
Day 13-141.50
Day 15-183.60
Day 19-211.15
Day 22-240.90
Day 25-280.75
Day 29-310.23
Total100.03 Cr

14 comments on “Shivaay collects well on Tuesday”

    1. Highly doubt that! The gap between the two is increasing day by day (instead of decreasing) and the festive days are over... so, the verdict's out, dr.

  1. Despite a similar Monday for both movies, ADHM is ahead by 2cr on Tuesday.

    I think this is because mass centers that did not watch Shivaay Fri-Sun watched it on Monday and inflated Monday. But that effect is over now as Tuesday drop was bigger than ADHM.

    The gap between two movies is 9.4cr in 5 days. Now the numbers will get smaller but over next 2-3 weeks the gap could increase to 25cr.

    The final tally could be 110cr for ADHM (hit) and 85cr for Shivaay (flop).

  2. according to boxoffice India
    Friday - 9,15,00,000
    Saturday - 8,25,00,000
    Sunday - 6,50,00,000
    Monday - 15,75,00,000
    Tuesday - 11,00,00,000

    TOTAL - 50,95,00,000


    Friday - 13,04,00,000
    Saturday - 12,50,00,000
    Sunday - 8,75,00,000
    Monday - 17,75,00,000
    Tuesday 12,50,00,000

    TOTAL - 64,54,00,000

    this is asli trade figure, now understand, who is manipulating figures!
    anyway, b4 release everybody thought, Shivaay will take a lead.. but its come to a shock, when ADMH took the lead.. all were saying, ADHM will b disaster, but that become hit, this is the biggest achievement by ADHM team..

  3. As I told Ajay fans yesterday, they were all expecting Shivaay to take the lead on opening day, then on Monday, then on Tuesday...but even if you wait for 2050 this is not gonna happen !! And 11,05 cr is not a good hold @Bollyarena, the fall is gigantic between Monday and Tuesday. Shivaay need 120-125 cr just to break-even. With that kind of numbers, even 100 cr will be a very tough task. #ShivaayDestruction #AeDilKiDiwali #Himmatwala2

  4. Paid critics 3-4 shows extra on multiplex blocking the screen with rocket multiplex ticket prices and than u say ADHM is ahead
    Shivaay is still doing fine game not over

  5. What happened to ajay devgan fan ....from today it's not more than 5cr...max6cr

  6. Ajay devgan fan please start counting of shivay box-office collection from today...6cr 5cr..4cr,5cr,7cr,2cr rest 5cr.....enjoy success of shivay...maximum 95cr thats end of shivay run.....bolo.......
    Now start disliking of my comment from ajay devgan fans.truth is truth like or dislik e...105cr for aedil hai mushkil....above average....now ranbir fan also join to dislikes my comment

  7. So many biased ppl r here, can post any bullsh*t to prove their point
    I am gonna post reality with proved figures

    Shivaay Movie which is getting 75% votes in Bookmyshow from audience are far better than ADHM which is getting only 62% vote from audience
    Biased people gonna hate my comment but u believe r not Shivaay is a complete winner and ppl will remembe this movie for long,
    Apart from paid media and critics, BMS is not biased and one can rate only when he/ she watch movie...
    50000 ppl in shivaay rated it as 75%
    48000 ppl in ADHM rated it as 62%

    ANy doubts, check yourself in Bookmyshow, most accurate data as per movie booking

    1. So for you, the whole internet is biased (except for that one utterly unknown website)? The collections which are agreed upon by many websites, box office sites, twitter are completely wrong? Dude, get real!

      (And yes, people will remember Shivaay - for a failed clash)

      1. you get real, if you dont knw about BMS, then you are living in a village. 88% of movies are booked via BMS in metro's and its you guys who are saying ADHM is running good in metro's, get your facts clear.

  8. Karan Johar doing exact things which did gurmeet ram for messenger lion heart.he booked most of shows and gave higher number so people thought ADHM collect more than shivaay it means ADHM is good movie while getting negative review of friends they thought if movie is that bad then why it's earning good amount continusoly.while footfall wise shivaay is ahead of ADHM but collection wise down if you don't trust them you can refer it from indicine and book my show for footfall

  9. So what but reality is that shivay collection reducing day by day only Monday did average business.how many people watching film through book my show booking...today max5cr...bolo.......

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