Shivaay 6th Day Box Office Collection

Shivaay 6th Day Box Office Collection

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Shivaay has a decent hold on its first Wednesday. The film's collection did fall due to the end of holidays. As per the official figures Shivaay 6th day collection is 7.40 crore.

Considering the big jump on holidays, the collections are reasonable on Wednesday. But the problem will remain the dull initial which means that now it is falling to lower levels. The picture could have been different if it took the lead in the opening weekend.

Despite the shortening of gap, ADHM is still leading by a good margin. The second Friday will determine its lifetime collection. The mass circuits where it was strong in the first week, will have a big fall on Thursday and second Friday due to the end of holidays.

Day 110.24
Day 210.06
Day 38.26
Day 417.35
Day 511.05
Day 67.40
Day 76.05
Day 84.61
Day 95.40
Day 107.08
Day 112.50
Day 121.90
Day 13-141.50
Day 15-183.60
Day 19-211.15
Day 22-240.90
Day 25-280.75
Day 29-310.23
Total100.03 Cr

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7 comments on “Shivaay 6th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. @Bollyarena, just wanted to know why there is difference is box office figures few are quoting same as you and few are on low levels. One may say producers are quoting higher figures but I believe they will have to pay taxes on the same. pls help us in understanding that.

  2. If ajay devgan calculator true means red chilli calculator also true for happy new year.
    Trade and producer figar for shivay is lot of different .

    1. Kabhi first day
      Kabhi monday
      Kabhi tuesday
      Ab second weekend

      Shivaay wont take any lead

  3. Shivay First Wednesday Business
    Thursday 03 November 2016 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network
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    Shivaay was fair on Wednesday and the hold was decent coming off Bhai Dooj but the problem for the film is the collections are coming down to low levels. The Wednesday number is under 6 crore nett and there is a further drop to come on Thursday as other parts come off holidays. This will probbaly leave the film needing a very strong hold between Thursday and Friday to get a good second week number up. The near 57 crore nett business is decent till now but the film has to go on from here. The business is good in UP, Rajasthan, CP Berar, Ci and Bihar and very good in Gujarat / Saurashtra but some of these places are being held up by holidays. The first six day business of Shivaay is as follows.

    Friday - 9,15,00,000
    Saturday - 8,25,00,000
    Sunday - 6,50,00,000
    Monday - 15,75,00,000
    Tuesday - 11,00,00,000
    Wednesday - 5,75,00,000

    TOTAL - 56,40,00,000

    box office india

    rest r manipulative figures..

  4. Neil ..box office India is created by khans ...just stop following that idiot ...Hindu actors always suffer at that site ...box office india takes right in ass...

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