Shivaay 4th Week Box Office Collection

Shivaay 4th Week Box Office Collection

Shivaay has collected 1.65 crore in its fourth week.

The action drama is inching closer to 100 crore. Shivaay box office collection in 28 days stands at 99.80 crore. It is expected to enter into this club in the 5th week.

Note: These figures are given by producers.

Day 110.24
Day 210.06
Day 38.26
Day 417.35
Day 511.05
Day 67.40
Day 76.05
Day 84.61
Day 95.40
Day 107.08
Day 112.50
Day 121.90
Day 13-141.50
Day 15-183.60
Day 19-211.15
Day 22-240.90
Day 25-280.75
Day 29-310.23
Total100.03 Cr

5 comments on “Shivaay 4th Week Box Office Collection”

    1. Look at taran adarsh tweet in 2nd friday nd saturday movie collecte 80.14 crore in india biz and sunday 5.60 crore
      End of the 4th week week wht u think movie are not near 100 crore
      Till movie is 99.80 crore wait 2 days
      Then they enter 100 crore club
      U know it exactly movie is still running

      Bollywood arena is do a good work on collections

  1. This @CLEMK is the most insecured Srk fan I have ever seen. So much jealousy and envy. Truth is this boy can't bare to see Ajay on his making this movie still run in theaters. Saying collection is over when even in New Delhi I watched it with a close packed audience. Beechara this fool is so obsessed with Ajay that the way he talks is a complete opposite. How disgusting commenting and sounding as a loser!! If really AD was not important the boy will not be always one of the first to open Ajay article and comment. Pity Ajay is enjoying his cool self,chilling, and does not even know that @CLEMK exists by keep on crying and crying but destiny has it Ajay will always shame these Gaykhan fans with superflop Fan not matching Ajay 10 days collection that too with way lesser screen counts,way lower ticket but huge footfalls which measures the popularity of a superstar. CRY Clem CRY mama is home waiting to wipe your tears MORON!!??

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