Shivaay 4th Day Box Office Collection: Massive Growth

Shivaay 4th Day Box Office Collection

Shivaay has fought back on Monday big time. There is a massive growth in the business in most parts of the country. As per the early trends, Shivaay 4th day collection would be in the range of 15-16 crore. The number is almost double as compared to Sunday collections.

The occupancy morning shows were higher as compared to all three days. But the real magic happened from noon onwards. There was a huge growth in all of the mass circuits. CI almost tripled its collections from opening day. Not only single screens but even the multiplexes were huge and better than Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Most of the shows went houseful in the evening and it would be the same for the night too.

The film finally managed to tickle the bone of the audience. After a low opening weekend, it got the benefit of Diwali period today. On the other side, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil did not grow much.

Shivaay box office collection in 4 days will be over 43 crores. Some may have dismissed Shivaay as a lost cause but the real test has started now. Shivaay has succeeded to leave a mark on Monday but it needs to surprise in coming days too. In the opening weekend, ADHM remained ahead but from now on neck to neck clash is going to happen. Shivaay has chances to go ahead ADHM tomorrow.

  • Day 1: 10.24
  • Day 2: 10.06
  • Day 3: 8.26
  • Day 4: 15-16
  • Total: 43.56 Cr

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23 comments on “Shivaay 4th Day Box Office Collection: Massive Growth”

  1. Now effect of paid media is over & we will see the real picture, history repeating like dilwale - BM , MD - Rustom !!

    1. Yeah paid media was overseas as well thats the reason adhm...scored highest weekend then all the releases this year....BTW were is shivaay in that overseas list...it will not even earn what ADHM eared overseas in 3 days....thats shows everything...let's wait an watch it's just d beginning.....in a week all will be clear which will earn more...

      1. Bcoz overseas people watch hollywood movies for action. Sometimes for change they watch typical bollywood love story. But as a indian its our duty to give love bahubali robot and shivaay type movi so their producer will take risk to increase the level of bollywood movies.

      2. The overseas collection of ADHM is only because of Middle East and Pakistan and that is because of Pakistani actor Fawad Khan...

  2. Shivay will be ahead now and the gap between these are reduced or both have same first week domestic collection

  3. I was expecting the massive growth because I watched the first day first show of Shivaay and knew Shivaay would turn the tables from Monday onwards as it is a BRILLIANT movie.

  4. Now the real test time started and today shivaay passed with flying colours. My prediction still will be in range of 16.50 to 18.50 CR's by end of the day and tomorrow being partial holiday the same biz expected.

  5. Ajay Devgan future in safe hands... Rohit Shetty adapt him just because of him he is safe... I want to give advice that please don't try to put your hands on directions as that is not your ball game... I watched that movie at noon show and I find it comedy movie then dramatic movie.

  6. only 16cr and fans are start flying ...shame diwali day and only 16cr...fans are saying more than 20cr...from tomorrow onwards film be gone completely...

  7. Bollyarena this is called massive collections...it is shocked collection ..Shivay hope only todays best collection .but it need blockbuster collection to sustain well. why you people are not understanding..m feeling very baad for shivay..and ajay devgan being high budget film atleast it will do business of 22_23cr don't tell competition withADHM..think from tommarow what will happen with shivay..

  8. I'm laughing of reading comment this clash Dilwale v/s BM way, IS shivaay is epic like BM or ADHM is poor like Dilwale. Both are average with different target of audience where shavaay average review are worser than ADHM. Shivaay had wider apple so its common it groth more due to SS still behind ADHM n tomorrow diwali holidays over then shivaay completely crashed after holidays where ADHM hold decently because of Youth

  9. Comment: Who so ever have seen this movie made his review in favour of Shivaay. Now we can easily guess it is a worth seeing movie. After so much time we have got this type of movie. Advice for everyone rush the theatre near you to see the movie Shivaay. fully entertainer

  10. Bollyarena even you said it needed 18-20 cr today to have any chance of success, and you call this massive jump ??? Are you kidding ? Shivaay is till behind ADHM, accept the bitter truth : Karan, Ranbir and Anushka have won this clash, period. Now it's time for Ajay to prepare for tough times after wasting so much money on his senseless film...

  11. As today's trend, all movies do maximum business within 3 or 4 days. The trend followed by both movies will not reach 100 crore mark. It's of doing good earning more than competition between two films.

  12. The estimate had been made on the limited data available with them large pool of data is still awaited from ss where shivaay roars like a singham ao it may go anywhere rill 18 to 19 cr
    Marks my word bu the end of this week or may be friday shivaay will recover the damage made ro it and will lead adhm.
    Its a brilliant movie on every corner wateva it may be action wmotion cinematography acting(ajay) and obvio the visual delight firts ever for abollyqood film.

  13. Shivaay movie is superb but many indian critics r bikau and dont know how2 review

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