Shivaay 1st Week Box Office Collection

Shivaay 1st Week Box Office Collection

Akay Devgn starrer has reached the end of its first week’s run. The collections have shown a normal drop after the end of holidays. According to the official figures, Shivaay 1st collection will be 70.41 crore.

The film has a low opening and the collections fell further over Saturday and Sunday. It had a huge jump on Monday due to the big holiday and did well on the next day but then collections came down to a lower level.  Over the whole week, the single screens and B-centers were driving the film forward. On the other hand, ADHM dominated at in metros and multiplexes. The film performed best in Gujarat, CI, CP-Berar and Bihar.

The performance on 2nd Friday will be very crucial. It needs to have an excellent hold by dropping less than 25% from Thursday.


Day 110.24
Day 210.06
Day 38.26
Day 417.35
Day 511.05
Day 67.40
Day 76.05
Day 84.61
Day 95.40
Day 107.08
Day 112.50
Day 121.90
Day 13-141.50
Day 15-183.60
Day 19-211.15
Day 22-240.90
Day 25-280.75
Day 29-310.23
Total100.03 Cr

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19 comments on “Shivaay 1st Week Box Office Collection”

  1. Not even the biggest experienced directors can dare to what Ajay did as director producer actor. Paid reviews sites keeps on reviewing Shivaay also boi n kjo paid keeps on hiding official figures. Is Ajay such a treath? Wosrst Wom,2500 screens,clash ,paid critics review but still with ease gonna cross Solo partial festive FAN... This is Superstardom. 1st priority is to aim for 120 which is very possible. Go anywhere ask audiences about Shivaay..footfalls of Shivaay almost ×3 of adhm???? Says it all...this man is retaining Diwali as his own. Srk fans now burn and start publishing manipulation but before that agree Prdp collected higher than HNY while SR opening was higher than Chennai express according to same BOI. . If not get a life! At age 17 he trashed Yashji due respect Multi superstars entire crew. After 21 years his Sos (non shetty movie) footfalls and TRP rating trashed Jthj with clash too,now one the most successful director kjo daily collection is moving toe to toe with Shivaay exactly how Sos 2nd week daily collections kept on beating Jthj daily collection. CLASS WITHOUT FEAR = B.TOWN most versatile superstar! All the best for 2nd weekend ,we see it coming let them continue to bark. Highly impressed with Salman Akki and Hrithik fans for standing by The true real Diwali movie.

    1. Aur kitna defend karoge Shivaay ki.. Diwali ne shivaay ko le li.. u r so stupid that you are comparing FAN with SHIVAAY. FAN does make in any aspect of commercial value, where Shivaay is an out and out commercial film... wait 4 Raees, pata chal jayega SRK ki stardom ki...

      1. @Neil.....hahahahaha joker keep barking fan was out and out commercial movie..kitna read krega paid media ke article.. have u even have watched fan...plz go and watch again...if u compare fan and Shivaay than there are more aspects of fan to be more commercial than shivaay but still hakle ko beat kregi with clash and 5000 screens vs 2500 hahahaha lol srk fans se digest nahi ho raha he.....

  2. Ajay devgan fail director third time rajuchacha,U ME aur HUM now shivay......

    he is a good actor but very bad director.
    shivay fail........

  3. Today am sharing my Shivaay experience as I have seen 3 times over this week.

    1. 1st time, the first friday, 30 mins a call from a colleague had to leave the movie theatre.
    2. 2nd half felt asleep so slept.
    3. 3rd time, it was yesterday 9:40 PM show, and went through the whole movie. Second half was awesome. If you see the little nuances of each acting by each actor it was awesome. When ajay places the envelope with ticket to Bulgaria on the table , gaura's acting sequence was awesome. Second, when ajay breaks down after realizing that the dead girl is not gaura and lastly the airport scene nailed it. When they hugged each other it was mind blowing.

    Overall it is a nice father and daughter move. Very nice. But box office says a different story.

  4. Ajay devgan flop hogaya...bechara aur uske fan pagla gae hai....ajay devgan fan trying show shivay is good movie but the truth is good movie always collect good amount on boxoffice.
    70cr for 1st week very bad being a high budget movie only collect 70cr in first week very bad.
    Now the Screen are reduced for shivay only 1500 screen from today think shivay collection from today.maximum 3-4 Cr from trade from ajay devgan the collection is 4.5cr..
    i m not supporting ADHM that film also average.but the reality is this diwali ajay ki leli .ranbir ki bachali izzat...

  5. @Daniella Bonetro cheak #BOI JTHJ footfalls higher than SOS and star challen always get higher TRP example Dhishoom. Shivaay is the biggest film of 2016 not songless art film FAN not forget Dirsham too. Mark my words manipulation can't save shivaay it will crush badly today also lost screens and shows

    1. Overseas collection of shivaay is nominal within 4-5crore.. so no use ..better dnt ask n humilate ur self

    1. @SHARMILA But how do you know that BOI figures are not fake. Can you trust BOI. You have shared BOI link as if BOI is the only genuine site. Remember it is also maintained by a person.

      1. bollyarena figure is what producer has given to media which can be manipulated,but BOI is most trusted because of their sources ..

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