Shatrughan Sinha lashes out at Sanjay Leela Bhansali

BJP's MP Shatrughan Sinha has slammed director Sanjay Leela Bhansali for organising a special screening of his upcoming film Padmavati for media before getting it approved by CBFC.

Speaking at an event organised by Karni Sena, which has been protesting against the film Padmavati, Sinha said that Bhansali should have organised a special screening of ‘Padmavati’ for Rajput community people. He said Bhansali promised that he will screen the film first to the members of Karni Sena but didn’t keep his promise. The actor-turned-politician also asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and I&B Minister Smriti Irani to break silence on the entire controversy.

Shatrughan Sinha was felicitated by presenting a photograph of queen Padmini by the Karni Sena for his firm stand against Bhansali's Padmavati.

Earlier, the members of Karni Sena has threatened that whoever will behead Deepika and Bhansali will be rewarded with a bounty amount of Rs 10 crores.

Padmavati which was scheduled to release on 1 December has been postponed. The makers are now targeting for a February release.

15 comments on “Shatrughan Sinha lashes out at Sanjay Leela Bhansali”

    1. I want Padmavati to relase as soon as possible. Cannot bear any more delay. Sanjay Leela Bhansli sir will deliver another historical masterpiece

      1. SLB should clarify that there is no such scene which degrades the revered Historical figure Padmavati.....
        Its not about Karni sena or SLB
        Its all about Legendary figure Padmavati.......
        Its about Indian sentiments attached with padmavati....

  1. Someone please lashes on Akshay for taking Canada Nationality and then starts doing deshbhakti drama so that no one can question about his nationality ...once Akshay said that when he retires he shift to Canada wow
    Someone please kicked on Akshay black ass and throw him out of India ...or someone please put petrol on his ass and then burn his black ass

    1. Same sud be done so called our bhaijaan who helps Pakistani and kills man who are sleeping on footpath and then also he is doing films like race 3 in which he will kill many people .
      Aur sun mental insaan ,chalo uske paas Canada ki citizenship hai tabh bhi WO India ke liye itna kar raha ,aur tera 2 ruppee actor toh being human ke naam par khoob donations leta hai aur uska Kuch percentage donate karke baaki sab andar kar leta
      And tell me one thing more
      Has he donated a single ruppee to army
      Remember it:- farmers aur soldiers hai toh ,to hi him zinda hai

    2. @ tiger

      Why so mad at his ass? ?

      More than Akshay himself u seem to be angry with his ass. Or may be ass for you is a code term for any of his fan.

      1. Michael & Tiger, there isnt any need to use code words. I am sure many Akkians will be proud to be called as Akshay’s ass. Only true fans I am speaking about. The fake fans will feel embarrassed.

        Ask any true Akkian here. He will confirm it that he will fee proud to be called Akki’s ass.

  2. India should be a bit more flexible in these matters..ok lets suppose that padmavati has degraded rani padmavati..will tht really do anything??that will have little effect on ppl..ppl will go to watch the film nt rani padmavati..and i am sure it will not disrespect anyone..how can one know that without seeing it??even pk had some controversial scenes.. Bt still garners high trps..so if its a good film audience will see it..its our decision..and no director is that stupid that they will degrade a historical figure or a legend..

  3. Bola to army no paisa de rha taki Canada Nationality le sawaal na kare ..or agar koi dusre fan base social media me Canada Nationality ke bare me kahe to uska fans ye bol ke chup Kara de ki Canada Nationality ke Baad bhi India ke liye kar rha .waaah

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