Shahrukh Khan's Sardar look for Imtiaz Ali film

Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma have been shooting for their next film with Imtiaz Ali. After shooting for the film in the lovely locales of Prague, Amsterdam, Budapest and various locations of Europe, they have been shooting back home in Mumbai for some time now. However, the team recently headed to Punjab for the final schedule.

Shahrukh Khan sported the Sardar look for the film which is rocking. Anushka Sharma was also seen in Punjabi look. Check out the pictures below.

Apparently, SRK in the movie will play a tourist guide that meets a vacationing woman, played by Anushka. The untitled film will release on 11 August 2017 and will clash with Akshay Kumar's Toilet Ek Prem Katha.

28 comments on “Shahrukh Khan's Sardar look for Imtiaz Ali film”

    1. This is hardly exciting and one more senseless movie from srk
      It will performly at box office and struggle to 100 CR club and end up just above fan

  1. Ok 3 crore from East punjab already done!
    Toilet will work only in mumbai.. (remember aksay strong area is East punjab But here srk - anushka movie will dominate)
    Toilet cant collect more than 8 cr in 1st day.

    1. ya Akshay want to effect Rehnuma bo collections in India -
      but north side now will watch rehnuma due to sardar look of Srk--
      Akshay is effecting himself more rather than Srk --
      Akshay will show his movie bughet only 35 crores ---low bughet just that it will declare hit if film under perform on bo .
      SRK JUST DISTROY AKSHAY THIS TIME - So that jitni hits hoye hai iske film due to low bughet shown --
      Zero ho jaye value .

  2. This movie diffintly will open strong after the success of raees (SRK)an phillauri(ANUSHKA).

  3. I don't give a damn about anything else or what people say but we gotta give it to him that he's atleast trying something different!

  4. This man once slept on footpath with his friend without any food and nothing to eat, his friend said that I was laying down and Shah Rukh got up and stared in to the sky and pointed at the city saying "I will own this city one day"! Wow! This is what makes me his fan more than how he acts or his super stardom I don't care who's bigger or who's smaller but this man is an inspiration for all strugglers I think a Biopic on him would make sense!
    The way he lost his parents at a young age
    Dad had cancer
    Sister had health problems and mental issues
    Trying to get his girl
    Convincing his family in law for marriage
    Sleeping on footpath
    Working on drama serials
    And then making it to the top
    Because no one can deny that he was the biggest movie star in the 90's and 2000's and what he has achieved Overseas no actor till date has achieved that kind of fame!

    1. haters can't understand this feelings frnd ,haters once watch inner world of srk in youtube

    2. But still he is most popular. You can't say that he is no more a bigger star. Firstly, festivals matter...ur film ought to do good buisness on festivals ....every actor has given his highest grossing movies with a sensible and good movie....like Aamir has given three idiots, pk , dangal and dhoom 3 (exception brand & fesival release).........salman has given bajrangi, sultan and how the hell is shahrukh suppose to give highest grossrr....with the movies like happy nee year , fan ( acting can't only save ur film ).....dilwale(though it had done more than 200 cr without clash), raees ...but still he gave his highest grosser with the movie like chennai express(it was also avg). So he is not finished. ..he just needs a good script...then u wilk get to know who is the biggest star.

  5. This man can do no wrong.when he potrays a character.he lives the character..very few
    such actors are left in bollywood.

  6. Did you know Akshay kumar won Salman 4 times in a clash
    1. Sangdil sanam vs Hum hai bemishaal in 1994
    2. Andaaz apna apna vs suhaag
    3. Kyun ki vs garam masala
    4. MAMK vs Blue
    In 2006 Salmans Shaadi karke phas gaya yaar opened 3 times LESS than Arshad warshis anthony kaun hai

    Today we will try to prove how Salman is a 2010 born star
    First of all to those who follow fan made Lallucine!!! That site include KKHH in Salmans film but nischay, Jaagruti, Sangdil sanam, Chandramukhi type disasters are absent
    Now moving on
    Box office Comparison between SRK and Salman (1992-1999)
    No. Of Atbbs in 90s
    Salman-1(Hum Madhurike bina hai kaun)
    Note: Hahk opening was 9 lakhs and DDlj opened to 55 lakhs

    No. Of superhits/blockbusters
    SRK-Darr, DTPH, Pardesh, Karan Arjun=5
    Salman=KA, Sanam Bewafa,BN1 =3(Only after 1992)

    No. Of record openers(multi/solo)
    SRK-3(KA, Trimurti, Koyla)
    Salman-2(KA, Biwi no. 1)

    No. of clashes won /lost
    SRK=3 Raam jaane vs AHAT(against aamir), Baazigar vs Bedardi(against Ajay devgn) DDLj vs Yaarana (Against Rishi kapoor) DTPH vs Bhai(Sunil shetty) Yes boss vs Daava(akki)
    Had lost KKHH vs BMCM on Day 1
    Salman Khan-Won HAHK vs Vijaypath but Vijaypath opened 5 times more than HAHK
    Lost Andaaz apna apna vs Suhaag

    SRK-In romantic and -ve roles
    Salman-Action roles

    Famous dialogues(FROM 90s only)
    SRK-har ke jitne waloko……….., Senorita bade bade desho mein……., naam to suna hoga
    Salman-Baye haat jeb me rakhlo saahib.

    Net Collection
    Acc to Indicine Salman has 375 cr but that is by including KKHH> And thing to note is that KKHH collected over 45 crore, plus Salman had free run in 1990 and 1991(Srk made debut only in 1992)

    So SRK ruled the 90s be it BO or hearts
    1992, 1993, 1995, 1997,1998=SRK ahead of Salman(in movies that year)
    In overseas SRK ruled each and every time. KING!!!
    ATBBs in OS-SRK had ddlj, kkhh, dtph etc

    In opening(i.e. Day 1) Salman vs srk
    1994, 1995,, 1997 1998=All srk
    I am sure even 1992 and 1993. Let boi update!!

    Salman Veergati did 55lakhs opening solo!!
    Same year SRK’s RJ did 60lakhs opening pitted against AHAT.

    SRK gave solo opening in 1997. Salman gave in 2010(As per sb’s logic if Trimurti is Anil Kapoor;s film, So is Biwi no.1)

    Note: Only comparing 1992-199
    To see how HAHK is a MAdhuri film
    How bg Madhuri was in 90s?
    See her BBs.

    In 90s fact is SRK>Madhuri>Sunny>Salman

    Poor Salman didnt get even 40 screens then

    His best opening till 1999 was Judwaa-70 lakhs LOL SRK gave three 1cr+ opener till then. 4th one with baadshah

    Madhuri paid more tha Salman in HAHK.

    SRK had won chamatkar-jaagruti clash

    I respect u arena!!!! U are not biased like chindicine

  7. superb look
    he always looks good
    and please stop comparison between both salman sir and SRK. They both are most loved and popular indian superstars.

  8. many srk fans here are saying that srk films are failing because of content and his films still take huge openings . so let's have a comparison between salman and srk in terms of opening this decade and see if srk is anywhere close to him in terms of opening in this decade( source- boi.com)
    1. record breaking opening day
    salman-4( dabangg, boduguard, ett and prdp)
    srk-1( hny)
    2. record breaking opening weekend
    salman-6( dabangg, bg, ett, dabangg2, bb and sultan)
    srk-1( chennai express)
    3. record breaking single day
    salman-7( dabangg day1, dabangg day2, dabangg day3, ett day1, bg day1, bb day3 and prdp day1)
    srk-2( ra one day2 and hny day 1)

    so it's 4-1, 6-1 and 7-2 in salman's favour

    now look at few facts
    1. srk is the only khan this decade who missed opening day record on national holiday with ce. ce came 1 year after ett with more screens and hiked ticket prices and despite of having deepika, lungi dance , rajnikanth it remained recordless due to salman's megastardom. even hr did not missed opening day record this decade with agneepath, so even hr is ahead of srk in terms of opening.
    2. srk had missed opening weekend record 2 times this decade despite of having holiday festivals in the weekend . the films are happy new year and ra one. while salman created opening weekend record despite of having no holidays in the weekend. his film dabangg 2 which had an all time weekend record had no holidays in the weekend.
    3. the only 1 time srk created opening day record this decade with hny was also because he was chasing the opening day record of a non holiday release dhoom 3 and so it became easy. while salman's all four films which created opening day record was chasing holiday releases and then even he smahed opening day record by a margin of 50%. if dhoom 3 was a holiday release then hny would have also missed opening record.

    so my message to all srk fans is that don't be upset thinking that his films are failing because his script choices are wrong. actually his films are failing because he can't give great initials like salman and his films always take underwhelming opening compared to salman.

  9. we love you sharukh...

    for rehnuma humne suna hai - songs r too good...

    eagarlt waiting srk...

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