Shahrukh Khan's Raees banned in Pakistan

Pakistan's censor board has not cleared Shahrukh Khan and Mahira Khan starrer Raees for release in the country after finding the film's content and theme objectionable.

"The portrayal of Muslims is negative and the film's content undermines Islam, and a specific religious sect, (while also) portraying Muslims as criminals, wanted persons and terrorists," an official source in the censor board said.

A official with Hum Films declined to comment and said so far they had not got any official word from the censor board about banning "Raees."

The release of Raees was eagerly awaited in Pakistan as it marks the Bollywood debut of Pakistan's top actress, Mahira Khan.

Exhibitors are now hoping that the Censor Board will allow the release of Aamir Khan's "Dangal" which has become the highest grossing film in India. "We are hoping to get clearance from the Censor Board once we submit prints of the film to them," a official with Geo Films which has rights to release the film in Pakistan said.

18 comments on “Shahrukh Khan's Raees banned in Pakistan”

  1. lol laughable this proves pakistanis are most backward and living in a stone age mentality.

  2. Pakistan ko Raees movie ko ban nahi krna chahiye tha kiun ke Raees movie ka wait hum ne one and half year se kia wrong decision

  3. in reality im very happy
    srk rahul and excel production house tumhari jai ho
    now support pakistani actor
    and pakistani lol
    matlab kya hai mahira khan ka raees me ab
    yadi koi Indian actress hoti toh jo aaj kuch indian jo raees ko pakistani actress k wajah se boycott kiye hai wo nhi karte
    buzz jayada hota
    big slap to srk and excel production

    1. The real reason behind the hardworking of SRK is collecting some dumbasses like u ...because when he feels lonely he reads their comments and he laugh...he also feels happy...because they are jealous...bcoz they can't arrives even to the half of him

  4. Another blow for Srk...
    The only reason why he casted Mahira Khan as heroine was to get good collection from Pakistan...
    Everything going against Srk...

  5. Agr tum logo ko box office India website pr believe hai tou wo tou Dangal ka 373 crore business show kr rahi hai other sites 386 crore show kr rahi Dangal 386 crore
    Kare tou theik agr Raees 12 days mein 146 crore Karen tou fake figure yeh kaisi science hai fake figure ka issue Dangal or Sultan ki dafa point out kiun nahi hua

    1. Box office india only shows Hindi versions collection...
      Dangal tamil and telugu version collected around 13 crore... Adding that to 373 makes it 386 crore...
      If you are a regular followers of BOI you will get to know about that... In their articles also they mentioned the same...

  6. oh no yaar kash release ho jati wahan par. taklu ko ek aur joota padhta.....woh bhi karara.....

  7. I'm Muslim Pakistani raees dosen't offend me I can't comment about anything else but raees would have broken records in Pakistan only reason they've banned movie is because he plays a shia Muslim in the film simple as that no other reason.

  8. Frankly speaking, I was not expecting too much from Pakistan. This film is not totally against Islam, but, must say, few facts are there in the 3 hrs picture, against the culture, tradition and practice of this religion.
    And we should accept it, according to me it's okey and one should not stand opposite of the decision of not releasing this movie in Pakistan.
    #respact all religion.

  9. Kafi Dino baad ek acchi news aayi kaabil ke support mai
    Like Pakistan isko aur as dil hai muskil ko release hi nahi karna chahiye tha

  10. Pakistani Kehte he k Raees me Musalmano ko galat dikhaya or Musalmano par Isla galat asar hoga... Hahaha.. Arey Kitna accha dikhaya he Raees Me koi b Dhandha chota nhi hota, dhandhe se bada koi dharam nhi jata. Agar us dhandhe se kisiko Nuksan ho ya Jaan jaaye to wo galat he. So Raees Ne b Waisa hi Kia galat Hua to Marr gya but Paki to Marna Maarna krte he so Raees Unke lye Kaise hogi... Get Lost Pakis

  11. Is this not intolerance in Pakistan ? some intellectual said India is intolerance country neither any Pakistani & Indian ?

  12. why Pakistan board giving wrong reason ...

    it was shown in film - rdx coming from Pakistan so there have banned .. if Muslims r shown in bad light or not --- is not question if film is made on arun gavli or dawood or sandal king ...people surrounding to them will be in bad light ..similarly this movie was on Abdul latif life and his era so obivios smuggling was part of it.....

    pak should accept fact...

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