Shahrukh Khan visits Dilip Kumar

Superstar Shahrukh Khan paid a visit to Bollywood veteran Dilip Kumar at his home yesterday. They both share a close relationship as SRK is often seen visiting the legend.

Faisal Farooqui, a family friend of Kumar took to the actor's official Twitter account, where he shared a photograph of Shahrukh and Dilip Kumar. The picture was captioned as, "[email protected] came to visit Saab at home today. - FF."

Dilip Kumar recently received treatment for mild pneumonia in December 2017. The actor is doing fine now as per the family.

27 comments on “Shahrukh Khan visits Dilip Kumar”

  1. Close relation? LOL
    Dilip Kumar saab has 8-9 HGOTYs whereas oldy Khan dadaji has only 5(Half of salman). Old Khan dadaji is nothing without deepika

    1. Are you a MORON? Close relationship is between those two people, not their records!! And yeah, we all know who the real dadaji is, among the khans.

  2. This guy(@iamsrk) just needs some footage from Dilip saab

    Close relation? LOL
    Dilip Kumar saab has 8-9 HGOTYs whereas oldy Khan dadaji has only 5(Half of salman). Old Khan dadaji is nothing without deepika

  3. Most number of Blockbusters by a Bollywood actor:
    Salman Khan-13
    Amitabh Bachan-13
    Dilip Kumar-12
    SRK-10(Might be 11 with Bazigar)

    Most no. of HGOTYs
    Salman Khan-10
    Dilip Kumar-9
    Aamir-7(Might be 6 as Ghayal had earned more in re-run than Dil)

    Salman Rules everywhere

  4. You made my day @bollyarena by posting this pic. Thanks

    At this age and health even, Dilip Kumar saheb commands HUGE respect and still graceful. Nothing but respect for this evergreen Superstar.

    Dilip Kumar - Amitabh Bahchan - Shahrukh Khan

    The above ? trio completes the Bollywood for me with no dis-respect to any other star. Obviously it is based on personal liking so the trio may vary from person to person.

  5. This article shows how much arena is biased towards srk
    Whats the need to post this article here
    Dono ek hi industry ke hai toh milna julna hoga hi
    But arena ne usko bhi post bana diya
    Tepk ke time akki pm se mila tha tab ek bhi post nahi daala tha

  6. Some people are really idiots.They are calling bollyarena is biased towards SRK
    .after many days they posted an article related to SRK .SRK already have no film before Christmas .so we don't see many articles related to SRK before December.

    1. Abe Prashant tu abhi Naya hai arena mai
      Purana hota tab pata padta
      Ao idiot tu hai mai nahi

  7. Aamir Khan tweeted today:

    “Hey guys, listening to my song Pehla Nasha on Valentine’s Day! Ideal song for this day :-). And, I must say it's one of my own favourites. Wishing all of you a happy Valentine’s Day!
    Love. a.”

    Can’t agree more with Aamir. If I have to choose only one song, it has to be “Pehla Nasha” from QSQT. Easily at first position for me in list of romantic songs.

    On second for me would be probably “Ae Kash Ke Hum” from KHKN. And then a long list ...

  8. Its very unfortunate that Other actors like Salman, Aamir, Akshay etc have no time to visit a veteran actor and legend .
    But their stupid fans call SRK does this for publicity.
    God bless them !!

    1. Aamir visits him regularly you can check sayara bano interview when last time srk when to meet him. Watch it

    2. Aamir visited when Dilip Kumar was admitted in hospital. Before Dangal released.

      In the words of Saira Banu:

      When asked about Aamir, Saira said, “He goes out of his way to comply with requests in case of an emergency and is constantly in touch.” About Salman and his family, the veteran actor said, “So is family friend Salim Khan and his son Salman. They often drop by, on festivals and occasions like Saab’s birthday.”

  9. Talking about the few Dilip Kumar shb movies that I have watched:

    1. Dilip Kumar vs Amitabh scenes in “Shakti” is something which will always remain etched in my mind. Father vs Son. Iconic is too small a word for their confrontation scenes.

    2. Dilip Kumar vs Raj Kumar in Saudagar.

    3. Dilip Kumar vs Naseeruddin Shah in Karma. Plus Dilip sirs thappar to Dr Dang is a legend.

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