2015 Forbes India Celebrity 100 List


After making it at No. 3 last year, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan acquired the No. 1 position in the 2015 Forbes India Celebrity 100 list, making the most amount of money – a whopping Rs. 257.5 crore.

Reportedly, 2015 has been the best year for Shah Rukh Khan in terms of financial success as this is the highest any celebrity has ever made in the four years since the Forbes India Celebrity 100 list was instituted.

Coming in close at No. 2 is none other than Bollywood’s bad-boy, Salman Khan who’s making headlines these days with Rs. 202.75 crore. He was followed by megastar Amitabh Bachchan who earned Rs.112.00 crore this 2015.

Indian cricket ODI captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni maintained his position at No. 4 from last year. Aamir Khan made it to the top five for the first time with Rs. 104.25, thanks to the revenue he generated with mega hit, ‘PK’.

Akshay Kumar is at No. 6, while actors Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan came in at 9 and 10.

Here’s the complete list:


1. Shah Rukh Khan – Rs.257.50
2. Salman Khan – Rs.202.75
3. Amitabh Bachchan – Rs.112.00
4. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – Rs.119.33
5. Aamir Khan – Rs.104.25
6. Akshay Kumar – Rs.127.83
7. Virat Kohli – Rs.104.78
8. Sachin Tendulkar – Rs.40.00
9. Deepika Padukone – Rs.59.00
10. Hrithik Roshan – Rs.74.50


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4 comments on “2015 Forbes India Celebrity 100 List”

  1. Actual standings me Akki is no. 3
    Here they have added other stuff like brand endorsements and shizz
    Real top 3 -

  2. Koi baat nhi pichli baar salman 1st par tha or hakla 3rd pe tha es baar hakla 1st pe to kya hua salman jb Bhi us se aage hai q ki salman es baar 2nd pe hai or hakla 3rd pe tha pichli baar agli baar Fir salman hi 1st pe Aana hai or hakla 3rd pe baap baap hota hai hakle ###

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