Shahrukh Khan - The undisputed King of Bollywood

Shahrukh Khan - The King of Bollywood & World's Biggest Star

Shahrukh Khan is known as the King of Bollywood and has been termed as the biggest movie star in the world by CNN, Forbes, The Times and many international magazines. There are some solid reasons behind why people say that. SRK has the most number of awards and recognition and has been the face of Bollywood outside for more than 2 decades now, but we will not talk about that later.

Here I will just explain to you why SRK is the king of Bollywood from last 2 decades on the basis of box office numbers in the following points.

  • Most number of HITS

SRK has the most number of hits among all the current Bollywood actors (Kindly notice SRK has done lesser films than many other stars yet has the most number of Hits, that's a striking Hit Ratio).



  • Most Number of 100 crores Grossing Movies Worldwide
  • SRK - 17
  • Akshay Kumar - 15
  • Salman Khan - 12

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  • Number of Blockbusters

SRK has 12 blockbusters or better in just 57 movies. It is best blockbuster ratio among all actors.

  1. Baazigar
  2. Darr
  3. Karan Arjun
  4. DDLJ
  5. DTPH
  6. KKHH
  7. Mohabbatein
  8. K3G
  9. Chak De India
  10. Om Shanti Om
  11. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
  12. Chennai Express


  • Most Number of Record Openers

SRK has 8 films which broke Day1 record in India , highest for any actor till date , You can see the difference between him and other actors clearly.



  • Most Number of Highest Grossing Film of The Year Worldwide

SRK has 9 HGOTYs which is the most number of highest grossing film of the year among all Bollywood actors WW.

  • DDLJ
  • Dil To Pagal Hai
  • KKHH
  • Mohabbatein
  • K3G
  • Devdas
  • Kal Ho Naa Ho
  • Veer Zaara
  • Om Shanti Om


  • Most Number Of All Time Grossers WW

Till now 20 films became highest worldwide grossers of all time. SRK has 4 of them.

  • Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham
  • Om Shanti Om
  • Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
  • Chennai Express

Highest Grossing Khan movie of the year 1992 - 2015

We all know that Khans .. Shahrukh - Aamir - Salman have been ruling Bollywood since long , 21 years out of last 24 years a Khan movie became the Highest grossing film of the year worldwide , with the only exception of years -  1992 , 1993 , 2006

Here's the list of highest grossing khan movie worldwide year by year since 1992

  • 1992 - Deewana
  • 1993 - Darr
  • 1995 - Dilwale Dulhania le jayenge
  • 1996 - Raja Hindustani
  • 1997 - Dil to pagal hai
  • 1998 - Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
  • 1999 - Hum saath saath hain
  • 2000 - Mohabbatein
  • 2001 - kabhi khushi kabhi gham
  • 2002 - Devdas
  • 2003 - Kal Ho Naa Ho
  • 2004 - Veer Zaara
  • 2005 - No Entry
  • 2006 - Kabhie alvida na kehna
  • 2007 - Om Shanti Om
  • 2008 - Ghajni
  • 2009 - 3Idiots
  • 2010 - Dabangg
  • 2011 - Bodyguard
  • 2012 - Ek Tha Tiger
  • 2013 - Dhoom3
  • 2014 - PK
  • 2015 - Bajrangi Bhaijaan


Shahrukh Khan - 12
Salman Khan - 7
Aamir khan - 5
  • King of clashes

SRK has The record of winning most clashes in Bollywood ,From Amitabh to Aamir to Salman To Akshay Kumar To Ajay Devgn , SRK has defeated everyone in a face to face clash , after all, he is king of Bollywood.





Raam Jaane
Akele Hum Akele Tum
Yes Boss
Bade Mian Chote Mian
Amitabh, Govinda
Mission Kashmir
Veer Zara
Salman, Akshay
Om Shanti Om
Jab Tak Hai Jaan
Sons of Sardar


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  • SRK represents India

As we all know a lot of people recognize India as SRK's country , there's nothing more to explain about that but i want to show u tweets of some celebs which will help you in understanding the global superstardom of SRK .


With most number of Hits, Blockbusters, HGOTY and ATG WW, Shahrukh Khan is the undisputed King of Bollywood from last two decades and is still here to rule.

Note: Data and stat is from Box Office India. The article has been written by SRKs Warrior. You can follow him on Twitter SRKswarrior1

You can also send your articles on [email protected]

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  1. Comment: haha most 100cr ww rofl is it achivement??? And celebs tweet... Hgoty ww?? Kikikikiki

        1. bhai mai toh earth mai hi rehta hu

          Aur pluto mai tere mama ne sab network lagaye hai kya

  2. This article totally proves what Srk is......
    He is the king of Bollywood and a person who represent I India all over the world as shown in the tweets by our legend actor amitabh,anupam kher and other actors and common person of India........
    He truly loves India as his own mother country and some mad and nonsense people always protest against Srk because he said actually what is going on the society.....
    If someone is greeting harsh treatment because he is reflecting the true image of the country and says to improve that things then all people should appreciate him instead to protest against him......
    He is no dought the king of Bollywood and person who represent India outside the world......

    He only needs a super duper hit movie which he has not given after 2013(chennai express).....
    So a bad luck for 3 years is going to end for Srk and wish you all the best my king.....

    1. As per BOI data......

      Clean hit:
      Salman- 29
      Srk- 27
      Then how does srk bcm most hit giving actor???

      Salman- 13
      Srk- 10
      Then how does srk bcm most blockbusters giving actor???

      Worldwide HGOTY.
      Salman- 10
      Srk- 9
      Then how does srk bcm most HGOTY giving actor???

      Aur kitne dino tak facts ko manipulate karr karr ke apne 80cr ke liye struggle karnewale gigastar ko no 1 bataoge kabariwalo?…..hahaha….

      1. 10 hgoty salman ka kisne keh dia tere? Hahahaha ye salman fans mtlb kuch bhi apne se bana bana ke bolenge .salman ma bas 4 ya 5 hgoty hai worldwide
        Or clean hit 29 kaise ho gaya hahaha boi me dekh 24 hai salman ka

    2. Give only one answer your useless srk has not given hgty from last long 8 yr and he is big down in ranking when we compare him with Salman and Aamir and u call him global king there he don't have top movie in overseas leave top 3 he don't have in top 3 even

      But you called him undisputed king

      Big joke of this milenium by you and other useless srk fan

      Ohh I forget sorry he is king but in another planet

      Too much fun

    3. Comment: Srk is only Gobar King He dont have any records thats why this Guthka Panwala association need this fake Records Hahaha

      Hamesha Baap ke niche rahna hai tumko yaad rahe

    1. bro tere ranbir ko bolna koi hollywood movie se clash krne 10 cr bhi nhi ho payega tere ranbir se

  3. highest grosser film of the year by salman khan.but I see here they put srk with 9 times..why? salman give hgoty 10 times

  4. The article clearly proves that he is not the king of bollywood..rather was king of bollywood..no blockbuster in last 3 years..

  5. Salman fans ki kyu jaal rahi hai?
    Marigold,janeman sab yaad hai ki nhi ?
    Srk ke sirf bure din chal rahe hai agar srk statement na deta to acha hota .

    Salman ko to acting bhi dhang se nhi aati being human ke naam se saab ko chutiya bana raha hai Criminal hai Criminal hi rahega

    Salman heroines aur eid ke bina kuch nhi
    Pehla madhuri phir aish ,katrina etc

  6. Only media hype. Otherwise he always overact.srk type 3rd class actor only publiccity ke dum pr star h.warna acting me to amir Ajay akshy ke samne 00000 h.fake artical.

  7. Now wait and watch for Aamir fans article. Sabki faad denge hum. Just give us 1 week's time. Wait & watch.

  8. Srk is not the actor with most numbers of hits!
    The BOI screen capture used in this article only includes movies made after 1993, all Srk movies are counted but not Salman's for example who began his carreer in 1989, if you add MPK, Baaghi, Sanam Bewafa, Saajan ... Salman has more hits.
    And if you go even more far, I'm sure Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan or other actors have more hits in their carreers than Salman or Srk.

  9. Hail SRK. There are some 2010 born stars whose fans are blabbering on recent hits and then there is THE SHAH RUKH KHAN who has been ruling since 1992. Awesome eyeopening article. Kudos.

  10. This analysis has been made by srk past films. We should not forget he has lost his craze some last years by doing some irrelevent movies. No dount he enjoyed a great success in his career but that is past now

  11. most no.. of blockbuster,, most no. of HGOTY, most no. of 100 cr, most no. of200cr, most no. of300cr,most no. of 30cr on a single day, most no. of fan following. all this record is have salman khan & one & only salman khan not srk.... please clear this article bollyarena please..

  12. Is this some kind of Joke or What.....I mean seriously right now I am laughing on Srk fans because they themselves trolling Srk with this article....Seriously they are considering Worldwide record......LOL....In India we check the Star Power on Domestic level......Now can any Srk fan tell me where Srk stand at domestic level......We all know that Srk overseas is only because of YRF and Dharma Production.....If Salman and Aamir work in these big production in their earlier stage of career, then right now they both are miles ahead from Srk.....Even now they (Salman and Aamir) are ahead from Srk in Domestic.....And in next 1-2 year they will leave behind Srk in overseas also that too in a short spam of time (Not like Srk who took 2 decade that too with the help of YRF and Dharma Productions).....LOL

    Now this is called Self Trolling.....FUNNY ARTICLE.....LOL

  13. Can you please name those 12 blockbusters of srk??? As we all know srk has 10 blockbusters not 12 (acc to BOI).
    Karan Arjun
    Om Shanti Om
    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
    Chennai Express

    And acc to bollyarena only 8 blockbusters...lol. While Salman has 13 blockbusters.

    Clean hit:
    Salman- 29
    Srk- 27
    Then how does srk bcm most hit giving actor???

    Aur kitne dino tak facts ko manipulate karr karr ke apne gigastar ko no 1 bataoge Bhai?.....hahaha....

  14. This is very funny article.highest blockbuster and all time blockbuster goes to only one person and that's Salman Khan.agar Aamir ne salman jitni films ki hoti to may be Aamir no. 1 position pe hota.i am still wondering how can you publish such a rubbish article With a very wrong information

  15. Each & every Record in this article is false lol

    Hits - Sk 29,SRK 27 (whole career)
    ATBB/Blockbuster - Sk 13, Srk 10
    Opening Day Record - Sk 6, Srk 5
    HGOTY - SK 9, Srk - 5
    BHOTY - Sk 9, Srk 5
    ATG - SK -1 (Duration 7 years) , srk - 1(duration 4 months)

    Poor Srk fans Need Homemade Records to compared Srk with Megastar Salman

  16. Funniest analysis is srk has highest WW 100cr films and it's 17 while salman has 12. Bollyarena you didn't tell us that you have your own kapil sharma who makes some comedy but he is with article.

  17. Bhai ye HGOTY WW, ATHG WW Kya hota hai yaar.....Ye Srk fans ka bas chale to naye-naye records nikal le.....LOL

    Bro wake up and don't make baseless and imaginary records.....Bhai I think that all Srk fans have lost their mind, please someone admit all these mentally retards in Mental Asylum....

    I am more surprise that Bollyarena allow this article......I am not against Guest Articles but at least before publish please check whether data is acceptable or not......I mean what is this HGOTY WW, ATHG WW did we maintain any such type of records, I am asking this to Bollyarena did you make any article base on these records.....If it goes like this then anyone can make any article with any baseless and new records and you will publish it......LOL

  18. We Salman fans dont need fake records & stats to save ass like Srk fans

    Here are some real records

    HGOTD: SK 2 SRK 0
    BHOTD: SK 3 SRK 0
    HGOTY: SK 9 SRK 5
    BHOTY: SK 9 SRK 4
    HITS: SK - 29 SRK 27
    BLOCKBUSTER: SK - 13 SRK - 10


  19. Joke of d day!! His films r now tough to find a suitable release date.. Yeah he is d king of diplomacy!!!

  20. Bhai In reality:
    Salman have 10 HGOTY and
    Srk have only 5 HGOTY

    Please don't come up with any imaginary records like HGOTY WW, ATHG WW, 100cr WW.......LOL

    Srk fans are proving that they live in Mars and they use such records in Mars.......But Bhai log, this is Earth (Prithvi hai Bhai) please don't use Mars logic on Earth.....ROFL

  21. ye sab bakwas hai...nothing is truth..every one knows abt most number of100cr film, hgoty and atg...

  22. Thank u very much... we need jokes like this coz nowadays m getting bore by knowing that Salman Khan is the ultimate and undisputed king of Box Office.

  23. Media made actor...whoz not versatile but overactor...who was and is because of holiday releases else we know the fate of fan

  24. Many thing are false despite of that bollyarena has publish this article - it was not expected from bollyarena

    Example like here is written by foolish srk warrior that he have 9 hgty where whole world knows truth that mohabbette, kkkg , did to pagan was not highest of the year and only Salman have 9 hgty

  25. chalo koi baat nahi yahan bhi red chili ka calculator aa gaya hai .... har 1 record manupulate kiya hua hai .... hahahahaha....

  26. Bollyarena shows the true facts of SRK.but instead accepting the truth salman fans started to abuse bollyarena.

    1. As per BOI data……

      Clean hit:
      Salman- 29
      Srk- 27
      Then how does srk bcm most hit giving actor???

      Salman- 13
      Srk- 10 (only 8 acc to bollyarena)
      Then how does srk bcm most blockbusters giving actor???

      Worldwide HGOTY.
      Salman- 10
      Srk- 9
      Then how does srk bcm most HGOTY giving actor???

      Aur kitne dino tak facts ko manipulate karr karr ke apne 80cr ke liye struggle karnewale gigastar ko no 1 bataoge kabariwalo?…..hahaha….

  27. bollyarena are u biased ....tum in mullo ko star power ko kyo dikha rhe ho...desh me aantanki hamle ho rhe hai aur aatankiyo ko support krne wale ye mulle hai

  28. Is anyone stopping their 2rs star to work with YRF or dharma ?who is telling salman and aamir don't work with YRF ?aamir Khan gave ATHG dhoom 3 with YRF.salman gave a record opener ETT with YRF.both are working with YRF for their next also.banner or production house is nothing to do with success.

  29. @ prasant - don't bark here without knowing reality coz on this article clearly showing wrong report srk does not have 9 hgty in his record correct record for 9 hgty belong to Salman only

    So we except always correct article from Bollyarena but this time they publish wrong article where false record Has updated

    We support and except always right thing

    See was in top early 2000 but now he is big down

    Except truth all useless srk fans

  30. haven't read a funny article in a long time :D
    thank u bollyarena :D
    global star???? king?? who?? :D
    Salmn and aamir khan must b laughn thier throat out :D

  31. ye sallu fan kyu jal rahe hai....aby salo....WW ka matlab maloom hai...jaow bhia jumme ki rat bajoa or baby ko patao...street romeo...ye sab tumhera bas ki bat nahi...

    aaj wo bracelet wale bhai nahi aaya....yar bracelet wala bhai mujhe JAI HU bohat yad aa rahi hai...
    isko all time block buster me dalo ki Marie Gold ko...master piece nam me hi GOLD dal diya...ha chamkti hui chiz sona nahi hota....

    SRK in Bad phase 85cr Fan...Sallu in Bad Phase 3 Cr. Marie gold. now do not say calculator.....

  32. Tru article
    @bollyarena bahuto ki jall gai ye dkh ke. Tehre are more negativity rathar than praising.
    But its tru he is king of bollywood,maybe not in india now but in world.
    Srk=bollywood in world

  33. Excellent article, please at least never compare salman with king khan,because when Shahrukh was superstar n hero,salman was zero.n King khan is still Superstar n salman now became star,thanks once again for the great article.

  34. Sallu FANS logic....when BOI showing
    ETT day one collection > CE....god site....very true...
    in 90's SRK> SALMAN than BOI are morons, out dated .hahahaha

  35. faltu article aur faltu site . yeh article srif srk fan ko dil rakhne ke liye likha gaya hai aur ku6 nahi. sab jante hai bap of bollywood ek hi hai aur o hai bhaijaan

  36. Atbv salman khan which data u have analysed man ih i see the data which is avail on pluto bcoz dharti oe to salman atbb is bajrangi bhaijaan sultan dabang mpk hahk ye to 5 hite shayad pluto ka hisab bc alag hota ho apne ko ky para ye to srgay ke fan jante hoge n hgty tmhre papa ne bataye srk ke itne

  37. Paid article still pushing SRK grow up man the world is moving Bollywood is going for movies like Sultan Shivaay Baby n they r still going for this romantic crap and yes y so manipulated records even BOI said they don't have the data prior to 1994 so they have missed 5-6 hits by Salman n they themselves called Salman as India's biggest star not only Bollywood. Grow up n go for action or cinematic show

  38. Most All Time Blockbusters :
    Salman : 3 (Maine Pyar Kiya, Hum Aapke Hain Koun,Bajrangi Bhaijaan)
    SRK : 2 (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai,DDLJ)

    Most Blockbusters :
    Salman : 9 ( Karan Arjun,Hum Sath Sath Hai,Dabangg,Ready,Bodyguard,ETT,Dabangg2,Kick,Sultan)
    SRK : 8 (Darr,Karan Arjun,DTPH,Mohabattein,K3G,OSO, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Chennai Express)

    Most Superhits :
    Salman : 7 (Sanam Bewafa,Saajan,Jeet,Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya,Biwi No1,No Entry, Partner)
    SRK : 4 (Pardes,Veer Zara,Chak De,HNY)

    ATBB+BB+Superhit count :
    Salman : 3+9+7 = 19
    SRK : 2+8+4 = 14

    Top 5 footfalls/ Top 5 Biggest hits of Salman & SRK
    1.HAHK - 7.40cr
    2. MPK - (5.5cr+ As per Oldest Trade magazine Film Information )
    3. DDLJ - 4.79cr
    4. KKHH - 3.56cr (Salman Khan did supporting role)
    5. Bajrangi Bhaijaan - 3.55cr

    So Salman Khan has 4 movies in top 5. His MPK & HAHK were bigger hits than SRK's biggest hit DDLJ.
    His 3rd biggest hit Bajrangi Bhaijaan is as big as KKHH where he himself did supporting in role also.

    No of Movies in top 5 nett grossers of the year :
    Salman : 25 Movies
    SRK : 21 Movies

    Highest Grossers of The Decade :
    Salman : 2 Movies (Highest Grosser of 80's : Maine Pyar Kiya, 90's : HAHK)
    SRK : 0

    Highest Grossers of The Year : (Domestic)
    Salman : 10 Films As per Trades, 9 Films as per BOI
    SRK : 5 films as per Trades & BOI

    Highest Grossers of the year : (Worldwide)
    Salman : 10 Films as per Trades, 9 Films as per BOI
    SRK : 9 Films as per BOI only, no trade site says Mohabttein,KKHH,K3G,DTPH,KHNH were ww highest grossers.

    Clean Hits :
    90s :
    Salman : 13 Clean Hits (As Per Trades), 12 (As Per BOI)
    SRK : 9 Clean hits (As per Trades), 10 (As per BOI)

    2000's :
    Salman : 7 Clean hits (As per Trades), 6(As per BOI)
    SRK : 11 clean hits as per trades & BOI

    2010's :
    Salman : 9 Clean hits acc to BOI as well as Trades. In fact he has 8 huge blockbusters out of 9 hits
    SRK : 6 Clean hits acc to BOI, No trade person said Ra.One,MNIK,JTHJ,Don2 & HNY were clean hits. Acc to oldest trade site IBOS, RaOne,Don2,MNIK & JTHJ are disasaters.

    Total clean hits :
    Salman : 29 clean hits As Per Trades (Most Genuine source), 27 Clean hits as per BOI (BOI itself formed in 2003-04,How the hell they update pre 2004 data on their own LOL )

    SRK : 27 clean hits As per BOI & 23-25 clean hits acc to trades)

    Footfalls :
    Above 5cr :
    Salman : 2 Movies (Maine Pyar Kiya & HAHK)
    SRK : 0

    Above 4cr :
    Salman : 2 movies (MPK & HAHK)
    SRK : 1 Film (DDLJ, Only claimed that DDLJ's footfall was 4.79cr but acc to oldest trade magazine Film Information, Aamir Khan's Raja Hindustani was bigger hit than DDLJ that means RH footfall was more than DDLJ)

    Above 3cr :
    Salman : 4 Movies (MPK,HAHK,Bajrangi Bhaijaan & Sultan) acc to BOI as well as Trades
    SRK : 3 Movies (DDLJ,KKHH,K3G) acc to BOI only. No trade person or trade site said KKHH & K3G had 3cr footfall.

    Above 2cr :
    Salman : 13 movies as per BOI
    SRK : 9 movies as per BOI

    Till 2005 :
    Clean hits :
    Salman : 18 as per trades
    SRK : 13 as per trades

    Highest grossers :
    Salman : 6 as per trades
    SRK : 4 as per trades.

    So till 2005 salman was ahead of srk. Salman lost his track between 2006-2009 where srk cemented his position & gave continuous successful films. Infact salman gave huge hit Partner in 2007 which was released on non holiday. In terms of real value opening Partner was the biggest opener of 2007. His flop Salam E Ishq also opened big. It was the 3rd biggest opener of 2007 if we take real value.
    So salman always been there even in his bad phase.
    Ranking doesnt show appropriate picture. BO numbers,Records are there to prove who's da undisputed king of bollywood & King never claims to be a King!

    1. Hehe.. we all know this.. just relax.. some SRK enthusiast would have given some undertable cash to flash this news.. :)

  39. I've read all three articles and aamir article is most accurate as darr was super hit and ghajini was highest worldwide grosser of 2008 not rab ne bana di jodi I can go on but there is no point.

  40. Over a 100 years have gone by since Indian Cinema came into existence. We’ve seen an umpteen number of superstars who’ve graced the silver screen with their everlasting charm and magnificence. Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna, Shah Rukh Khan, Kamal Hassan, Rajnikant to name a few. They’ve given numerous hits, timeless classics in their hay days. But, there is one name that just stands out – AAMIR KHAN. The Perfectionist of Hindi Cinema. The pioneer of sensible, hard-hitting and most adored Indian films worldwide.


    This article is not to degrade any other superstar that belongs to the Aamir Khan era, but to showcase why Aamir Khan is not just 2 steps, but 10 steps ahead of his compatriots not just at the ticket windows, but also in terms of filmmaking capabilities.

    Aamir made his mainstream debut in 1988 with Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. The film went on to become a Blockbuster at the Box Office and hence, Aamir became a household name. Next year came Raakh, an art film that didn’t do too well commercially but Aamir’s performance garnered unanimous applause from the National Film Award Jury.

    Then came Dil, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander,  Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke, Rangeela, Sarfarosh, Raja Hindustani, Ghulam, Ishq in the 1990s that were not only huge commercial hits, but also garnered critical appraise from the industry and critics alike. Needless to say, Aamir also made a few mistakes in terms of script selection such as Tum Mere Ho, Jawani Zindabad, Deewana Mujhsa Nahi, Parampara etc. that didn’t give returns at the box office. Being the true virtuoso that he is, he learned from those mistakes and soon everything changed.

    The best was yet to come from Aamir Khan. Under his own name, he started a production house Aamir Khan Productions. The first film under the banner was none other than Lagaan:Once Upon A Time In India. Everyone close to Aamir Khan asked him not to produce it and called it the gravest mistake of his career if he did so. The risk-taker that he is, Aamir went ahead with it, and the rest as they say, is history. The film became a huge hit at the box office, won numerous awards worldwide, none bigger than a nomination in the last 5 of the Academy Awards(Oscars). That same year came Dil Chahta Hai, a cult classic film on friendship and love that changed the dynamics of youth-centric films in India.

    He took a 3 year sabbatical from silver screen post DCH due to personal anomalies.

    In 2005, Aamir came up with a period drama Mangal Pandey.  The film garnered critical acclaim, broke all opening and weekend records in terms of money earned, almost entirely due to his presence, but ultimately flopped due to a higher than normal budget but still went onto be one of the biggest grossers of the year.

    After MP, there’s been no looking back for Aamir. Critical acclaim, national awards, box office records, audience love and trust, worldwide popularity, he gained it all, way more than his current contemporaries namely Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

    In versatility and dedication towards his craft, there is no adversary for Aamir Khan in the Indian film industry, except for maybe Kamal Hassan. From playing a village boy in Lagaan who speaks Awadhi to an urban high class guy in Dil Chahta Hai in the same year; from a teacher in Taare Zameen Par to a college student in 3 Idiots; from an alien in PK who speaks Bhojpuri to an old distressed fat as hell Haryanvi Jatt father of 2 grown up daughters, Aamir Khan has done it all, and he would repeat it all again if the script demands it.

    Other stars were confined to their pram of typical genre. Aamir Khan attempted different stuff each time & came out with flying colours! He takes break when he desires, does offbeat films when he wants to, he goes commercial when his heart says- he’s his own person!

    Also, who can forget the infamous blank cheque offered to him by YRF after 3 Idiots’ success for signing 3 films? At the peak of his career and stardom, Aamir rejected blatantly!

    Aamir Khan is not just a role model, but an afflatus for younger generations to give it their all in whichever field they wish to succeed in. If one delves in, could write a thesis on how hard he worked for Dangal.

    “Call me Mr. Passionate, not Mr. Perfectionist“, he once said.

    To keep it simple, we’ll highlight below some parameters that prove why AAMIR KHAN is the greatest Indian megastar ever ahead of his two major rivals – Salman and Shah Rukh. (Aamir has done only 40 films in a lead role. Extended cameos of all actors have been excluded)

    Total films:

    Aamir – 40

    SRK – 57

    Salman – 74



    Last 5 Films Total Collection & Average:

    Aamir Khan – 1322 crore (264.4cr per film)

    Salman Khan – 1125 crore (225cr per film)

    Shah Rukh Khan – 678 crore (135.6cr per film)


    Lifetime Total Collections & Average: 

    Aamir Khan – 1934 crore (48.34cr per film)

    Salman Khan – 2867 crore (38.74cr per film)

    Shah Rukh Khan – 2012 crore (35.29cr per film)


    Success Ratio & Average Per Film Decade Wise 


    Aamir Khan – ( Average per film 65cr ) (Success ratio  78℅)

    Salman Khan- ( Average per film 18cr) (Succes ratio 31℅)

    Shah Rukh Khan – ( Average per film 32cr)  (Success ratio 67%)


    2010 – 2016 

    Aamir Khan– (Avg/film 280cr) (Success ratio 100%)

    Salman Khan- ( Avg/film 179cr) ( Succes ratio 91℅)

    Shah Rukh Khan – ( Avg/film 137cr) ( Success ratio 89℅)


    Some remarks:

    When SRK& Salman tried their hands to break their lover boy & masala hero images respectively with Ashoka, Paheli, Swades, Fan, Khamoshi,Kyun ki, London Dreams, MAMK, Jai Ho to name a few, their movies tumbled unceremoniously at the ticket window.The Prominent force behind Aamir‘s Success is his uncanny, and immaculate sense of script. His success ratio is higher than not only his contemporaries but also the legends of cinema like DilipKumar, Raj Kapoor, Amitabh Bacchhan & RajeshAamir’sNon-commercial/niche films are huge hits at Box-office for ex Sarfrosh, Rangeela, Ghulam, Lagaan, Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par & now DANGAL ( Biggest of Indian cinema infact). That’s why he is called the game changer of Indian Cinema & Legendary Filmmaker K.Balachandra called him Don Bradman of Indian cinema.



    Dangal (385 cr.) (expected)PK (338 cr.)Bajrangi Bhaijaan (315.2 cr.)Sultan (300cr.)Dhoom3 (274.5cr.)

    AAMIR KHAN TOPS with 3 out of 5.



    Dangal(107.1cr)Sultan(105.35cr)Dhoom3(103.2)Bajrangi Bhaijaan(102.5cr)




    Sultan(208cr.)Dangal(197.6cr)Bajrangi Bhaijaan(184.6cr)Dhoom3(182.45cr)PK(181.45cr)



    Dangal(72.93cr)Bajrangi Bhaijaan(56.25cr)PK(54cr)




    Dangal (114.9cr)PK (96.4cr)Bajrangi Bhaijaan (84 cr)Dhoom3 (75 cr)3 Idiots (56 cr)

    AAMIR KHAN TOPS with 4 out of 5.



    Dangal (31cr)PK (26.85r)Bajrangi Bhaijaan (20cr)3 Idiots (18cr)




    Dangal (47cr)PK (41.8cr)3 Idiots (30cr)Bajrangi Bhaijaan (28cr)



    **Top India 4th, 5th Weekend and Week Records also belong to Aamir Khan with Dangal and PK.



    Aamir Khan- 5 (Mangal Pandey, Fanaa, Ghajini, 3 Idiots, Dhoom:3)

    Salman Khan – 4 (Dabangg, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, PRDP)

    Shah Rukh Khan – 3 (Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Main Hoon Naa, Happy New Year)


    Important points:

    4 out of 5 record openers of Aamir Khan were on complete Non Holiday- MP, Fanaa, Ghajini, Dhoom3Fanaa took an all time record opening despite facing a ban in a huge state like Gujarat.Salman Khan’s all record openers have come post 2010 and all have been National Holidays – EID/Post Diwali.Except for Main Hoon Na, all SRK record openers in this century have been holiday releases.Dhoom3 & DANGAL hold the record for highest non-holiday openers.As per BOI, Dhoom3 is the biggest opener of this decade in terms of real value.



    Aamir Khan- 4 (3 Idiots, Dhoom3, PK, Dangal)

    Salman Khan – 3 (Kick, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan)

    Shah Rukh Khan – 1 (Chennai Expre

  41. whatever haters says srk is pure gentleman n most lovable person of the world ,all r saying according to bo bt in acting n success ration n in stardum srk is far bettr than amir sallu n in real life also all r knows how srk became a superstar of the world from poor family ,whatevr we love shah rukh khan forever

  42. Admin overseas ka to bataaya hi nahi ..overseas me srk ke door door tak koi nahi takkar dene vala

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