Shahrukh Khan promotes Jab Harry Met Sejal in Rajasthan: PICS

Shah Rukh Khan has kick-started the promotions of his upcoming film Jab Harry Met Sejal also starring Anushka Sharma. Recently the actor was in Rajasthan, where he received an Honorary membership of the Jodhpur Tourist Guide Association. It looks like the actor took his membership quite

SRK was seen taking a tour of the Mehrangarh Fort in Rajasthan. Later he was hosted by a renowned Rajasthani restaurant where he was seen happily enjoying a Rajasthani thali.

“I had just heard of dal baati. It’s fantastic and really nice. I wonder how people finish this food it’s really filling and very tasty. For me it’s a first time experience, now I will come here once in three months at least,” said Shah Rukh Khan after receiving a sumptuous luncheon.

Shahrukh Khan is playing a tour guide, Harvinder Singh or Harry in Jab Harry Met Sejal which is directed by Imtiaz Ali. Produced by Red Chillies Entertainment, the film is all set to release on August 4th, 2017.

Check out some of the pics from the promotions.

31 comments on “Shahrukh Khan promotes Jab Harry Met Sejal in Rajasthan: PICS”

    1. He is flop as an actor so he sud quit acting and become a guide after retirement
      Kya sochta hai Srk

    2. Srk 100 crore se jyada Extra promotion krta h ,

      Ab hklu fan bolenge , promotion fees aad hoti h?

      abe lalluo , benner ,or poster ka kharcha.....jo har movie me hota h , use promotion cost bolte h...

      me extra promotion ki bat kr rha hu....

      Extra promotion...

      1) Media ko kharidna

      2) sare reality show me jana

      3) Rat din Tv par apni movie k song dena

      4) Tv interview or News me aana

      5) Newspepar me artical dena

      6) Tv match me 30 sec ka Add dena?

      7) 7000 sejal ko bulana

      8) paid fan bnana @NN

      end less promotion......

      sala , JAB WE MET ...ka sequal bnata h....

      Gujratiyo ko bevkuf bnane....sejal ko gujrat ka dikhaya

      panjabiyo ko khush krne....Panjabi bna....

      oe OS k liye shuting....OS....me ki.....

      esa Ensecure aadmi kya , Toilet or Dangal krega????

      sala kabadi....jod tod wala acter....

      Ap har movie me , jod tod dekh skte h?

        1. @bhojpuri mahaveer, Kings have immense wealth, they don't act like bhikharis like Aamir. By the way, even if bhikhari Aamir spends 1000 crore for promotion, no one will come to meet him. He doesn't stay at home for no reason, even if he goes out, not a mosquito will come to meet him. SRK doesn't need to spend one extra penny for promotion, the world does it free for him cause people love him madly. Bhikhari bhojpuris like you won't understand that.....!!!

          1. @NN

            abey slum NRI

            Aamir ko milne china pagal ho gya ,

            3idiot k bad , aamir k gar k bahar 1 lakh se jyada log aaye...

            or Srk se milne koi nhi aa rha h???

            Jabki srk khud , logo k pass bhikh mangne ja rha h....

            or hal hi me aamir , World k most Respectable logo ki list me Aamir ka naam tha....

            etni bhikh mangke b , 20 crore ki oppning nhi kar payegi JHMS??

            free promotion..???...?????...

            1. @Bhojpuri Mahaveer--LOL, we all know your stupid made-up stories, LOL, 1 lac people outside Bhikhari aamir's house..?? People don't even know where bhikhari's house is. His few fans don't even come to meet him on his birthday. Everyone knows that SRK draws the biggest crowd whether it is in Mannat(the most famous house of any celebrity) or whether it's any place he goes. No one comes to meet Bhikhari aamir, what promotion will he do without people..?? SRK was listed among the most powerful people in the world and not among the biggest but precisely the "biggest moviestar in the world" by BBC, CNN, FOrbes, LA Times, TIme Magazine, THe Guardian etc. Let's see whether JHMS does 20 crore opening. Don't type your bhojpuri comments here if it does. SRK fans are crazy for him and want to meet him, that's why he does promotion for them. Nobody cares to meet with Bhikhari Aamir, what promotion will he do.??? Why don't you go to school and learn some proper language in stead of writing bhojpuri comments on Bollyarena..?? 10th failed star's 10t failed fan.

              1. bhai @NN

                tere srk ko jindgi me jitne compliment BBC , CNN ne nhi diye honge....

                utne Aamir ko , ek movie me mil jate h???

                vo b free me?

                or "self made stories"...??

                bhai aamir ko TOH k liye...70% profit share milega.....jo aaj nhi kl confirm ho jayega.....

                nhi to @bollyarena se puch le....

                or bhai 3idiot k bad , lakho ki croud mene news pepar me dekhi thi?...

                china craze to dekh hi chuka h???

                Ab ye mt khna 7000 sejal ne mil k , sara kharcha krke Srk ko bulaya tha????????

                Upar pic ☝☝☝Me to bhot bhid dikh rhi h??

                  1. Sorry I didn't understand the meaning. If you want to see crowd then see on youtube, what a huge crowd came to meet SRK in Rajasthan. Girls and guys are equally crazy for him.

          2. @NN..... Aamir bhai does not require promotion and marketing his name is enough...... SRK the skunk, the chichora, the dog of Aamir bhai does everything besides acting ......Buddha ( old) SRK still thinks he is 30 years old and he is not accepting the fact he is old now..... He cannot think of doing matured roles as he does not have that brain to do so..... SRK is the perfect examples for those `tharki' old people who are on viagra dosage

  1. New Day New Honorary!! King Khan u are so much Talented!! Always Inspiring people.

  2. @Roric
    SRK is flop as an actor?
    Well his 6th or 7th biggest hit(Mohabbatein) has more footfalls than the highest footfalls of a lot of actors/superstars.
    He has 6 record openers to his credit from 1995. Out of which 5 were released on "Working Day" not "Holiday" on day 1-KA/Trimurti/Koyla/k3G/Main Hoona and HNY. If u follow old BOI even OSO
    He has 10 blockbusters which may be 11 after Baazigar update out of which 2 are ATBBs. That is second highest after Salman(Who has 12)
    He has 5 HGOTY domestically and 9 hgoty worldwide.
    He has defeated every other superstar in clash. Even Sunny Deol(CDI vs Kaafila)

    He has 23+ overseas Blockbusters and 14 HGOTY there. and some 5 ATHGs in overseas.
    He has further 3 more record weekends which may be 4 after Baazigar. He commands highest success ratio (40 success out of 59 films done)

    Is that the definition of flop star?

    Whose fan are you by the way?

  3. Copy pasting Sayar's comment: SRK has been honoured with garlands and respect in Jodhpur. Gangu Teli sallu has been offered with prison, 3rd degree beating in Jodhpur.

  4. another song of jhms bites the dust in you tube

    yes this has been the story so far. whatever jhms has released has been thrashed in you tube . the best response has gone to radha with approx 25 million views , but is that good no not at all. tiger shroff's munna micheal's ding dang has got over 36 million views in you tube. the latest song beparwah is close to 6 million views while jhms's safar is struggling for even 5 million views released earlier. the last song butterfly started well with 4 million views in one day but even that has now slowed down and struggling to beat beparwa's views. beech beech mein is at 7 million views released way earlier. so it;s clear till now that none of the songs of jhms will beat ding dang of munna micheal.

    and the funny part is munna micheal is a massy film for which you tube views does not matter . so it's very strange to see that a multiplex star with multiplex film is getting beaten by a mass star with a massy film in you tube. is tiger shroff emerging a bigger star than srk in the internet world? if that happens then writting would be on the wall for srk.

    1. @senssless honestman ,aamir aur sallu k songs ss v jada views h mm ka too unse v bda hogaya tiger?gawar jaise mar bolo ,youtube means video oriented so only attractive videos hi jada views ho sakti h jaise ding dang danxs itom h too ise too sb dekhna pasand hi karte h lekin radha song me dekhne ko kya except un dono k expressions aur safar too bht hi acchi song h ye sab jabte h bt wo visually abhi nhi aaya h fir bhi getting views thats d power of king khsna ,zalima 125 veies ye record todne ko bol togerko pehle

  5. @NN
    A small correction in those clash stats
    It was Aadmi vs Chandramukhi(Mithun thrashed Salman) not EHR
    Ek hi raasta had thrashed Dil Tera Aahisq

  6. Never expected it when I heard it the first time but now I am highly addicted to #Safar. Have to hear it 3-4 times at least daily. And even when I am not listening to it the tune/music just keeps playing in mind. It is even more enjoyable when u r driving on a long route. Guess will take another 2-3 weeks to get over the song. In terms of my preference of the songs the sequence will be:

    1. Safar (would place it in "Excellent" category
    2. Safar
    3. Safar
    4. Radha/Butterfly (both in "Good" category
    5. Butterfly/Radha

    Would not rate Beech Beech Mein as I would want to forget this song. Rarely I have disliked a SRK song this much so I will consider it doesn't exist.

  7. @ honest man, why are u repeatedly giving number of YouTube views ? These views doesn't matter in box office.and if Tiger become bigger than SRK then let him beat Raees lifetime collection.and what do u mean by multiplex star ? Raees also did well in single screens too.kis duniya me rahta hai tu

  8. @Dishonest joker--SRK has 6 100 million videos and one 50+ million trailer and Ja bra Fan which has only him has 200+ million views in arabic+ hindi whereas Gangu Teli sallu has error 404 not found. Even Ranveer and Sid Malhotra has highest viewed video whereas Deepika aunty has -- error 404 not found. I wonder why in stead of comparing with ran veer and sid, why you picked Tiger, then I realized oh, you are an autowala who is Deepika's pet. Still Tiger can do some acting which Gangu Teli sallu can't, so big sympathy. SRK' s career's songs view is multiple times greater than Gangu Teli sallu's whole life's video...!!!

  9. Whatever ! Fact remains Aamir is the ACE of Bollywood...JHMS will do a max of 150 crores in India..and if you add overseas it won't cross 500 crores ..My question is "Is this enough "..The bar has been raised higher by Aamir 2000crs worldwide

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