Shahrukh Khan to make Ra.One Sequel


Shah Rukh Khan introduced Indian audiences to the first desi superhero in Ra.One. Even though that film saw some good numbers at the box office, looking back, SRK now says that he felt there was a lot of negativity around it at that time. Four years on after its release, the actor has confirmed to a publication that he has plans of making a sequel.

Shah Rukh says, “Business wise the film wasn’t bad. We did huge numbers — I think we had the biggest weekend then. The release was also fantastic. But I was a little taken aback by the negativity. It was strange, like how when KKR wasn’t doing well and people had become very negative. The same happened during Ra.One. And I don’t think it was the audience that was negative, it was the people from the industry who were pulling the film down.” But King Khan knows how to take it all in his stride. “When you try new things, you have to be prepared for failure. I believe it is better to fail trying something new than succeed doing run-of-the-mill. But in business, you need to ensure that you have a bankable commercial film, which we did in the case of Ra.One.”

And now he is determined to take the story forward. “I will 100 per cent make the sequel. There are no two ways about it. By nature I am not someone to give up on a dream — be it KKR or Ra.One. Of course we will make it better now, because we have five more years of amazing experience in technology. I think we are the only ones who have it in this country. Inshaallah, we will figure a story and I will speak to Anubhav Sinha again. The film will be called G.One. It requires planning and today we have a good set up.” He feels proud of the VFX work his company has done for Fan. “What we have done in Fan, it is going to take us 20 notches higher. We are on a wholly different level and I know that and I am proud of it.”

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