Shahrukh Khan gets angry and hits a fan: Watch Video

Shahrukh Khan is currently in Europe shooting for Imtiaz Ali's next. Reportedly the actor got into a scuffle with a fan.

The fan got too close to Shahrukh for clicking a picture. It did not go well with SRK as he got angered and hit him and pushed him away. Later on, the actor happily posed with his other fans and clicked selfies.

15 comments on “Shahrukh Khan gets angry and hits a fan: Watch Video”

  1. superstars hain yr ye sab chalta rehta hai, last tym Akshay ke sath bhi hua tha.Fans ko bhi apni limit me rehna chahiye

    1. and Akshay ne sorry bhi bola tha apne bodyguard ki galti ke liye. isey kehte hai akshay ki humbleness... galti karke arrogance dikhana sirf SRK ka kaam hai...

  2. That's a common occurrence when people try and get too close.
    The recent developments about the release dates. My opinion is that Raees should release a week after Dangal, The weekend and Newyear would a suitable date, plus no clash. Dangal would have made the huge chunk already and could easily be accommodated after a week, by reducing screen count and given an open week to gather as much as possible and If the content clicked to click further. Raees can easily cash in on that week and collect above 100 Crores. Given this scenario both films have a chance to go over 200 Crores. If the makers intelligently strategize this, Dangal can well hit 250, and Raees can hit 200, If a good movie.

  3. something would have really gone wrong.. SRK is normally an amicable guy when it comes to his fans
    hope this does not hinder his already sinking career.

  4. Medias trying to create a scandal out of nothing... Same happened to Akshay a few month ago. Fans need to learn how to behave. We all know that SRK is a very nice and respectful guy.

    1. arey yaar, tumhe toh SRK ka paad bhi khusbhudar lagega... aur kisiko badabudaar laga toh bologe uske sooghane mein hi khot hai...
      kamaal karte ho SRK fans... ek fan hoke bhi dusre fan ki tarafdaari nahi kar sakte...
      phir toh SRK sahi kar raha hai apne fans ki pitaai karke...

    1. ha bhai, roz SRK fans ki virtual thukai ho rahi hai har jagah... box office pe aur social media pe... aaj real waali kardi khud SRK ne... normal to lagega hi tum logo ko... thukwane ki aadat jo gayi h SRK fans...

  5. SRK aur uske fans ab dusre ko peetne mein lage hai... pehle SRK fans ne SRK ki FAN ko peet diya... ab SRK khud apne fans ko peet raha hai...

    1. ye bracelet wahi hai na jo Salman khan ne Jai hu me pehna tha....kya movie thi yaar...maza aa gaya..huge 105cr...

    2. You are so dumb af . Why do you get enthustiastic in other actor's news bitch ? Mind your own buisness scumbag .

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