Shahrukh Khan hints at Om Shanti Om sequel

Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer Om Shanti Om has been recreated in Japnese. The director Farah Khan is currently in Japan and is posting updates on social media.

She tweeted, "Opening tomorrow nite.. dont miss the Japanese version of @iamsrk n @deepikapadukone .. #oso  in osaka! So looking forward to this!"
Farah further added, "V should hav made this awesome jacket 4 @iamsrk .. OSO musical dress rehearsal was awesome..japan truly celebrating the film."
On reading Farah's tweet, Shah Rukh Khan replied, "Arre yaar. Let’s do it in part 2 now. Last nite kids telling me how much they love OSO."


Then Farah replied, “Wish you were here to see how much love our film gets even in its 10 th year.. @iamsrk ❤️❤️❤️arrigato.”

Om Shani Om was released in 2007 and was a huge box office success. Check out some of the pictures from the premiere of the Japnese film.


39 comments on “Shahrukh Khan hints at Om Shanti Om sequel”

    1. Mjhe kya disaster movie ka sequel banao aur flop karao
      Waisw bhi Srk line se flop de raha hai ,oso2 ek aur add ho jaauegi line mai

      1. @roric

        bhai TZP 500 se b km screen me , 65 crore..........with clash.....

        or Om shanti om....diwali release , hit song , beautiful heroine , love story , 10-20 star ka performance , big promotion.....

        or 1300 screen k bavjud....sirf 78 crore?????

        ek bat or....

        TZP or welcome ka b clash tha....


        oso or sawariya....clash hi kyo mudda bn gya ??

        promotion ka tarika tha sirf??

        1. Abey bhojpuri, why do you always bark about promotion? Nobody cares about your bhikhari aamir offscreen, who will care about him during promotion..?? Only SRK could act in style in a film like OSO and make it so entertaining and HIt. OSO was an All TIme HIghest Grosser whose collection was later reduced by BOI. You don't have any education, any information, any logic, but always bark against SRK in every post. Why are you so attention seeking that you have to comment under the first comment of every article..?? Go to school and fix your bhikhari soul.l

    2. gd decision,welcome srk to add another classic diaster which is drasticly needed for him,farah too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cutiappaaaaa

  1. srk should stay away from farah khan.............crap director.....joker,tmk,hny jaise wahiyat film banai..........srk should choose only best directors

  2. Srk want highest grosser of the year which he got last in the form of om shanti om..
    And he think only oso 2 will give him hgoty..

  3. Seeing his tweet it apparently looks a joke. Nothing to take serious. But reading the headline, for a moment, I did shiver with fear considering that he may do another movie with Farah Khan.

  4. OSO mainly work due to SRK heavy promotion,music & star appeal (including cameos) & not because of content.Recent years we are seeing if no content film may open but collection are not even half of the biggest hits.So SRK should do chak de type content but not OSO.If OSO release today it would be among worst films of the year.

  5. Om Shanti Om was an all time highest grosser but BOI(Bhaitards of India) reduced its collection after 4yrs just like how they reduced DDLJ sollection from 61cr. Salman has managed to pay both BOI and Indicine. He has a strong PR

    1. @sayar bhai

      kya gochu jesi baat krta h , oso or ATBB ?

      ye movie kisi ko b pasand nhi aayi , log bevkuf bne the ,

      ATBB to GAZNI thi....jise BOI ne BB bna diya .

      esi movie k baad , mera sara intrest SRK se chala gya .

        1. What about Chak De India?
          U mentioned Welcome but not mentioning CDI? Are u serious dude?

      1. @Mahaveer
        ATBB nahi ATG, highest grosser. Dhoom-2 se jyada. Difference samjho

        Aamir ki Raja hindustani ka bhi collectns ghatay

      2. @bhojpuri Mahaveer-Nobody cares what a bhojpuri like you is interested in. It's natural that bhojpuris won't find interest in SRK. And OSO was great as an entertaining film

  6. Koi batayega rishi Kapoor ke karz me aur om Shanti om me kya difference tha.

    Are copy past band Karo..
    Faltu picture banate hai..

    Om Shanti om faltu movie hai..
    Maine to beech me hi chod di. ??

    1. Rishi kapoor ke karz me .....karz ka se likha tha or om shanti om me ....O....hahahaha tere jaiso ke liye aise baatein acchi raheti hai....

    1. @Prashant
      If you see release date wise, then yes!!
      But Ghajini surpassed Dhoom-2/OSO first.
      RNBDJ is the weakest blockbuster among Khan-bbs followed by Rangila and Ready. It was released few days after 26/11 attacks

  7. @Prashant Abhisekh
    According to BhaitardsOfIndia(BOI) Mohabbatein sold more tickets than Ghajini. 3 idiots and K3G had same ffs.
    But I dont believe in any Indian trade site because all of them(Indicine and BOI) are bribed by a criminal in Galaxy Apartment-Gangu teli Salman
    What do u follow?

  8. @ utsav , in 2007 classic Chak de india also released which is 1000 times better than all the craps u mentioned above.

    1. @NN uurff @prashant abhishek

      TZP se FD-india best h?????

      kuch b????

      bhai , tera Srk 7 janam me b TZP jesi movie nhi bna skta , direct krna to bhut dur ki bat h , .................

      Or OSO to kachra movie thi....

      phle to Deepika ka punar-janm dikhaya.....fir use bhoot bna diya , or sabhi hero ki insult ki vo alag............

      srk ki , Darrr ,DDLj , Bazigar ,Rnbdj , (yrf) oso....sabki sab musical hit h......

      or sabme Overacting h?????.............

      Chak de india (yrf) to , irfaan khan ko b le lete , to b koi fark nhi pdta....

      1. @Mahaveer
        TZP mai Tushar kapoor ko lle te, koi farak na padhta
        Dangal mai Lallu ko lelete koi farak na padhta

        Aamir ki overacting to andaaz apna apna mai saaaf nazar aati hai

        aur musical bb to raja hindustani vi thi

        1. @sayer

          bina aamir k TZP koi khas movie nhi bnti ,

          es movie me Aamir ki soul dikhti h ,

          or Tushar kapur , srk se better acter h , eska ye mtlb nhi ki vo aamir ko replace kr de?????????

          Dangal me lallu??...dekha hmne lultan me...

          or Dangal me lallu hi kyo ? hklu kyo nhi ???

          pta h , Hklu dangal me hota , to ye Comedy movie bn jati?????????

          1. abey ghochu pehle full pledged role kon sa ,cameo kya h samjho ,tzp me irfan hota bhi wo super hit hota ,tzp me jada wo bacche ka role tha aamir ki nhi ,aur cdi me aamir ko lete too bhi bht comedy movie banta ,samjho sabko apna apna image hoti h tere star ko kv romance aata hi nahi ,ab list mat bol movies sab me waste romanxe kiya h aamir ne

          2. i am visualizing halku in dangal,,,,it is so funny,,,,he definetly would have some romantic songs with sakshi ,,,,,,just imagine,,tare zamen par jaisa movie srk,pagla aygao ke!!!!!!!!!!!great movie ke liye cyee passion mind bussiness mind nahi, u guys also know that fact between srk ,aamir still compare to live in news,to oxygenied srk carrier.srk is dead,he is not going to bounce again .

        2. @layer

          jo srk ki over acting movie ko pasand krta h , use AAA ko over acting movie khne ka koi hak nhi .

          actuly .....srk overacting kiye bager rah hi nhi skta....esliye ☝☝☝ twitter pr over react kr rha h ????

          1. abey acting tu janta h? agar logo ko pasand nhi aata too 25 saal se industry ms nahi hota ,ab bol mat yrf made star bina yrf me bhi uska hits h aur bazigar aur darr bas songs se hit hua? kisi ko bhi samjh aata h ki us movies me srk ki jabardasti acting thi usi se movie hit hua ,aur kon bas songs dekhne ko movie jata h wo bhi weekend k baad bas content se movie chalta h ,tere nepotism logo se aisa mehnt logo se compare mat kr agr tushar jitendra k beta nhi hotaa too aaj begger hota

          2. Abey bhojpuri Mahaveer,-- Even Ranbir Kapoor is a better actor than your bhikhari aamir with 3 expressions, no need to compare him with SRK who is miles ahead. And SRK can pull crowd in any type of films in any season of the year. And if music makes any film hit, then Baar Baar Dekho and Befikre will be the biggest hits. It's your bhikhari aamir's bhikhari fate that he doesn't get as great songs as SRK gets. No need to bark about it.

  9. pata nahin tum log bas content content kyu bolte ho aam aadmi ko jada entertainment chaiye thats y sallu n srk's films worked n jada aam logo k dimag me yaad h abhi bhi ,bas critics aur acchi acting k sath kuch maza nahi aata h entertainment k liye log movies aur art ko use karte h entertainment first then acting content thats my point of view as a audience

  10. @ mahaveer, abe I told u before i am not NN.he is another user.i not use multiple names.did u get that ?

  11. worst movie of SRK - OSM..

    kutch thoo sharam srk -- farha to even discuss about this film ...

  12. Direct krna to door ki baat hai
    @idiot gawar mahaveer, srk is an actor not a director
    U idiot bastard know nothing, but always try to troll srk with your lame excuses

  13. Abey @Mahaveer
    Andaaz apna apna flop hogai, 31 lakh ki opening ki. Karan Arjun BB hogai. Kyun??

    AAA ko aamir ne overacting karke destroy kardiya tha. lallu to acting karna janta hi nahi.
    lekin karan arjun ko srk ne bachaya

  14. @layer

    bhai , logo ko ek taraf ,

    biggest over acting movie , Karan arjun or dusri taraf AAA dekhne ko khenge

    to log....AAA dekhenge....?????
    K-A to mja k kabil h...

    Mele karan-arjun aayenge , aayenge???????

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