Shahrukh Khan has the charisma and power over entire nation: Manoj Bajpayee

People often ask why brilliant actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Irrfan Khan and Manoj Bajpayee do not enjoy the stardom which Khans or other superstars enjoy. Well, Manoj has answered the question in the simplest manner.

At a promotional event, he said, “Stars like Shah Rukh Khan have a power over the entire nation. One glimpse of him and people go berserk. It always amazed me how it can happen. It can’t be created. Either you are born with it or not.

“If I stand at the airport people won’t go crazy but if Shah Rukh stands, people will because he has a star charisma but I don’t have it. What I have is the ability to deliver and perform. That is what people expect from me and I try to stick to it,” added Manoj.

The actor thinks that the audience today is showing a lot of interest in realistic films. “For today’s writer, director or producer, women are a colleague and equally important part of the society. Earlier it was different. Women weren’t that much empowered. Today a director wants to work with a unique story."

“Common people always love to watch good stories but very few filmmakers used to make films like those. Now there is no shortage of good filmmaker in the industry. That is why these films are getting made and females are in the central character,” he added.

Speaking about his upcoming film Naam Shabana, Manoj says that the film is not a prequel of Baby. Also starring Tapsee Panu, it is releasing this Friday.


24 comments on “Shahrukh Khan has the charisma and power over entire nation: Manoj Bajpayee”

  1. yahi tu mai keh rah hu....but kuch log pagal ke jaise figures figures kar rahe hai...

    figures are diffrent than stardom....ab sab khajoro ko bat samaj me aayegi...

    Bajpai sahab kya bat boli hai...

  2. What a brilliant answer to the haters, he gave very gud example of stardom and talent. Jiyo manoj bhai.......

  3. tale of a big banner and a small star( weak hearted srk fans should not read it)

    we have discussed many times how yrf has helped srk in his career by giving him big grossers at crucial times. but let's today discuss how srk has helped yrf. do you know srk has never given record breaking opening day to yrf. yes you have heard it right. srk did his first film with yrf in 1993 and till then it has been a 25 years long journey of srk and yrf but you can also say it's a recordless journey. now adding more insult to injury let me tell yrf got their first record opening day with the help of abhishek bachchan. yrf's first film to take record opening was ab starrer bunty aur bubly. now talking about other superstars aamir's first film with yrf fanaa took a record breaking start. his next film with yrf dhoom 3 also had a record breaking opening day. salman's first film with yrf ett not only took a record breaking start but also smashed previous biggest opener by a margin of 50%.
    if we talk about record breaking weekend then srk's record is little better with yrf he has only 1 record breaking weekend with yrf despite of doing countless films with them and that was veer zaara. but if we talk about other superstars both aamir and salman has 100% track record with yrf in terms of record weekend. both aamir's film fanaa and dhoom3 had record breaking weekend . salman's both film with yrf ett and sultan also had record breaking weekend.
    so the point is yrf has given many huge grossers and successes to srk. they picked srk from the road and made him a star. but what has srk done for yrf , nothing. they have got all the records from other people. if they had invested on the other stars they could have reached today a far better position. so the deal between yrf and srk was one sided when all the good things have only come from yrf.

    now let me end my comment quoting a famous song from a yrf film in my style. enjoy it:

    kabhi kabhi mere dil me khayal ata hain
    ke jaise srk ko banaya gaya hain yrf ka khoon choosne ke liye

    1. itna time waste kar ke na SRK ka stardom kam hua na tujhe kuch important mila....one line Amir starred in yash chopra directed big budget film Prampara...not only open avg disaster in life time...hu gya ab moo dho ke aa....

  4. Tale of Rajshree and Lallupur Head(Weak hearted auto drivers please dont read this)
    HAHK had that word of mouth which could make it ross 100 cr in 1994 itself!!! But they cast panauti Lalluinstead. Exhibitors didnt give even 40 proper screens, they beleived more in Ajay Devgn and gave Vijaypath 200 screens. Sad tale for Lallupur. He gave them 9lakhs opening!!!! Thanks to WOM and MAdhuri's performance HAHK picked up.
    In 1999, HSSH took a huge opening but was behind SRK's 1997 releases. LOL

    He gave one record with Rajshree- PRDP. That too with enhanced ticketprice, Bajrangi fame only 2 cr more than HNY. Put SRK or Aamir in that it wold have gone to do 45cr.

  5. There's no denial Ajay was a much bigger star than Salman Khan back in the 1st quarter of 90s. Forget Ajay even Akshay was a more bankable hero especially in tier B and Tier C centers.
    Competition was with Sunny Deol Shah Rukh Ajay and Aamir.

  6. Parshya yahan bhi AA gaya.Bhai yehan aamir sir ki baat nahi ho rahi hai.sharukh Khan great actor hain.universal actor Bollywood ki pehchaan srk NE hi delai hai .maha mega stardom

  7. Hahk ko koi kaise Kuch bol sakta hai.ye to ajib hi hai.Bhai pyar aur nafrat logo ko andha bana deti hai ye Kuch logo ko dekh kar lagta hai.Bhai ye star apne hain humare India ke .ye log hamare desh ka naam roshan kar rahe in hai.phir kya problem.hume to sirf movie SE MATLAB hai.movie enjoy karo.aamir ,salman ,srk ,akki,etc enjoy karo movie ko khush raho. Sab ka accha socho.

  8. Aambani garib tha ,humare PM chay bechte the.likin aab kya hai wo dekho present me raho bill gates 12th pass out tha China 30 saal pehle garib tha likin aab kya hai .tum log 23 saal pehle kya tha wo sochte ho abhi ke baate me socho

  9. Jiska film koi dikhta Nahi, o kayse star ho sakte hai? Logo Ki payr pakar ke. Himmat hai to pk, dangal Ki record tor ke dikhao. Phir nachna stardom ko saar pe leke

  10. Tale of a Nepotism kid and Non-Actor Lallu (weak hearted Auto-drivers please don't read it).

    Did you know Lallu had 8 back to back flops/Disasters in the 90's??? Eight flops in a row (Love, Suryavanshi, Ek Ladka Ek Ladki, Nishchay, Jaagruti, Dil Tera Aashiq, Chandra Mukhi and Sangdil Sanam). I didn't even know about it since I first saw Lallu's filmography in Sallucine where they removed Nishchaiy, Chandra Mukhi and Sangdil Sanam from his filmography. Even BOI didn't count all of Lallu's lead roles as they showed only 60 films in Lallu's Hit Count whereas he has at least 75 films in lead role. BOI did this to purposely show Lallu's success ratio and Hit ratio are somewhere close to SRK's( Not to mention they reduced HNY and CE's opening). Not to mention Lallu lost 99% of clashes of his career which includes losing to Rakhi Sawant's Budhdha Mar Gaya in 2007 in spite of starring in a Hollywood project with 20 Crore budget(with costly promotion, trailer, heroine, songs etc), both in opening and lifetime. ( Now Dishonest Coward will compare that with Bandit Queen which released in 1994 and won one Filmfare and 3 National Awards in 1995. Dishonest Coward compared that film with Fire, but Fire didn't win any Filmfare or National Award after release). THen Lallu had unbreakable record of back to back Flops/Disasters which none of the stars can break (1995-1996-4 back to back flops(barring KA which had SRK)
    2000-2004—-9 back to back flops
    2004-2007—-8 back to back flops
    2007-2009—-4 back to back flops
    2009-2010—-3 back to back flops)
    Coming to YRF, YRF cast actors like Abhishek Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham in their films but never cast Lallu in a YRF film before 2012, clear proof that Lallu wasn't a star before 2010, and Abhishek Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham were bigger stars than him. Yash Chopra and Aditya Chopra only cast the Biggest Superstar in their Non-Masala films and their was no Superstar comparable to or bigger than SRK then. In spite of being a Nepotism kid, Lallu is still behind SRK in Success Raito, Hit Ratio, Blockbuster ratio according to BOI although Lallu debuted 4 years before SRK. That's proof enough how small a star Lallu is.

  11. Shaadi me nachna, award functions mey bandariya dikhana koi stardom hai to usse achchha animal planet channel Ki animals hai

  12. ye aamir ko kisne laaya bich me itni jalan h too burnol lga lo bhai tujhe ye lgta h too ki aamir srk se jada h srk kuch nhi h too yehan kyu aakr jal rha h chup rehta v sach mitta nhi h na ,aise logo se kisi dusre stars ko ijjt dena v bhulna pdta h ht jao yr yehan mai isiliye chup hu yehan srk k article h too bas pyare pyare rhe yehan sab comments lekin tere jaise log aakr gnda kr rhe h ,srk k stardum tujhe nhi smjh aaya too ht ja yehan se ,aur jo bhi srk ko stardum kehte too unhe xhutiya smjho aur tu hi smjh le manoj bhajpay bhi vese hi smjho lekin logo ko kon kya h ye bhi pata h ,bs pk dangl k bo records lekr aaajate h aamir k blins fans unhe kych bhi pata nhi h k av v srk k stardum k aadha bhi nhi h aamir stardum aur bo alg alg h bhai 8 years back aamir top 4 me v nhi tha ,srk har khone khone me jante h duniya tere tingu ko jante h kya bas wo turkey log jante h ,acting k bare me bol rha h kabhi tere tingu ko bol srk jaise anti hero role karke dikhao jaise darr ,bazigar me h ,aur sbko ye bhhi para h ki acting me sabse best srk h amitabh g k sath ye aamir baad me aata h ,logo ko entertainment krnai inke kaam h too award function me v kiya h tere tingu jaise dance karnw ko bhi ldkiya jaise srmkr ghr pe nhi baittha h

  13. Kya stardom stardom laaga rakha hai bachcho se mushkil se fight karta hai oh vi star. We have to say cockroach is a bird

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