Shahrukh Khan bags the remake rights of Kamal Haasan’s Hey Ram

Kamal Haasan and Shahrukh Khan’s Hey Ram, which released in 2000, was a historical political thriller simultaneously made in Tamil and Hindi languages. The film was the official Indian nominee for the Oscars though it didn’t make it to the final nominees. Now, Kamal Haasan has confirmed that Shah Rukh Khan has bagged the Hindi remake rights for the film.

“Shah Rukh only got a wristwatch for acting in my film at the time because, by the end of it, I had nothing left in hand. Now, he is the brand ambassador for a watch brand. I am glad that he got the Hindi rights of Hey Ram from Bharat bhai (co-producer Bharat Shah). He should have some memory of the film as he gave his friendship and service for it,” Haasan was quoted as saying in the Mumbai Mirror.

Hey Ram was written, directed and co-produced by Kamal Haasan. It had a stellar star cast including Rani Mukherjee, Vasundara, Hema Malini, Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Atul Kulkarni, Vikram Gokhale and Nasser.

18 comments on “Shahrukh Khan bags the remake rights of Kamal Haasan’s Hey Ram”

    1. Abe 10 Rupaya bhi kamale toh bahut badi baat hai
      Original mai bhi srk tha aur tab bhi movie disaster thi aur yeh nayi waali bhi disaster
      Srk career now
      Fan flop
      Raees avg
      Dilwale avg
      Jhms maha disaster
      Zero huge disaster due to 180 budget
      Hey ram disaster
      So gist is srk career is finished in upcoming 2-3 years

  1. 1. Salman chased Darr opening till 1995 and Anjaam opening till 1995 again
    2. Salman chased Trimurti/Koyla opening till 1999(4 years)
    3. Chased K3G opening till 2005/6(5 years)
    4. Chased Mai Hoo Na opening till 2007(3 years)
    5. Chased OSO opening till 2010(3 yrs)

    I am sure Deewana opened more than Saajan. Let’s wait for BOI update
    This is the aukaat of gangu tell Salman.for 21 years he was chasing SRK in opening.

    1. ya man.. SRK is only great.. so what his last few movies didnt even cross 70crs? ..forget 100 fr now.. he is still a mega star.. so what he has totally forgotten how to act? ... he is the best ever.. so what his face looks like a punctured mango? He is the star of the Millennium.. so what he now overacts? :D

  2. LOL This film was a super flop...Why on earth is SRK spending his money? Itne hi jyada paise hai to thodi humari madad kardo sir
    Internship karne australia jana hai hahahaha

  3. 3 of Aamir Khan films have gone for the oscars out of which Laagan has been nominated.
    2 of SRK films have gone to Oscars...

  4. Salman has the best lineup among all-Bharat, Kick 2, Dabbang-3 all potential blockbusters. Aamir never disappoints. Akki has big lineup and Ajay/HR too.
    I so want SRK to do CE sequel or any other masala film...and of course a Raju Hirani film...
    Salman is lucky to have bagged Ali Abbas Zafar though

    1. @Srkian;
      so now Salman is lucky to have Ali Abbas Zafar, but if I am not wrong than before Sultan every Salman Haters (specially Srkians) were saying that he is a Gunday fame director and he can never give a Hit movie.....Bro its Salman who make Directors.....Kabir, Ali Abbas, Sajid and now Remo's turn.....you just wait and watch, after Race 3 everyone will say that Remo is a Big Director......

  5. Buffallow khan continues to be in jail sallu tera shikar akhirkar chinkara hi kar raha hai because wo abhi zinda hai

  6. now the time has come srk will hunt and take control of xmas festival
    xmas prepare yourself for a lower grosser than a non holiday release

  7. Heyy Raam is really a great movie of Tamil cinema.... and that is too back in 2000 when the cinema was not so advanced in terms of cinematography and locations... the movie is a gem with the great acting by Kamal Hassan as a fanatic hindu, Shahrukh Khan as a pathan and Nasiruddin Shah as 'Mahatma Gandhi;. The plot of movie is excellent.
    I really want 'Heyy Raam' to be remade with today's cinema technology and excellent star cast. If all goes well, I am sure that this movie can bag a lot accolades on international level.

  8. Sharookan must pack his bag n leave bollywood his over-acting days are over

  9. What a crap film to have rights for it was nothing but a ode of 3 hours of what a “great” actor kamal Hassan is only watched it for srk if you want to get remake rights get it for kamal hassan’s Hindustani

  10. Buffallow khan ke fans kis kone khopche me ghus gaye bahut tez chalte the ab bhago bhago kyoki chinkara zinda hai

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