Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan shoot together for Aanand L Rai’s film

Recently Shahrukh Khan played a magician in Salman Khan's Tubelight. Now it is time for Salman to return the favour as he is all set to do a cameo in Aanand L Rai's next.

SRK had said few days ago that he wants to approach Salman for a cameo in the film. “There is a guest appearance in Ana’s film that I’d like Salman to consider. We are still working on it. But, I would like him to play the role. Whether he is playing himself or not, just like Gogo Pasha’s role, we will keep it a secret till the end.”

SRK and Salman were snapped along with Aanand L Rai at Mehboob Studios in Mumbai on Tuesday, most likely for the reported cameo in the film.

Check out the pic.

50 comments on “Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan shoot together for Aanand L Rai’s film”

  1. No one can stop this storm from coming next year in Christmas, unless there is a clash!

    The predictions for this movie all depend on what JHMS would do, if JHMS turns out to be a super hit or blockbuster then sky is the limit for Anand L Rai next with SRK!

    Hope it's a song they shooting together for, I'd rather see them together do a song then a scene!

    1. Srk panauti ne tubelight flop karwai now its time for salman to flop dwarf srk
      Sallu crap fans sud be happy that their local star is taking revenge

    2. Mtlb content mien dum nhi hai...
      Isliye Sallu ka cameo rakha hai
      Just like tubelight
      Then result also gonna be same like fusselight
      And one more thing
      Dangal collection in China is way huge compared to gogv2,poc5,mummy,allien convenant....

    3. ye bollywood vale clash k naam se rote kyo h ??

      china me 10-10 movie every week clash hoti h....?

      vese Shahrukh cunning business man h......

      ....Salman ko gira kr , salman ka saharaa le rha h....????

      Ab koi srkian ye mt khna , ki Salman ko stardom vale phase me b , Srk ki jrurat pdi...???

      sabko pta h....kise kiski jrurat h.......

      ...dubte ko salmaan ka sahaara.....

    4. har koshish hai distributors ko highly price mein bachne ki jaise tubelight mein hui thi........but audiance are more intelligent. content nahi to na sallu na lallu......

      1. tu 20 saal pahle ki baat kar raha hai abhi ka example Tubelight hai...dono na tubelight mein mil kyar bhi kya ukhad liya?

      2. Karan arjun me 2 hero the cameo nhi tha. Cameo tha om shanti om me jo ek Bakwas thi ye bhi Bakwas ab kuch kuch hota mat bolna wo sabse Badi Bakwas . Kuch bhi bna k sallu or srk gadho ko bewkuf bna dete h

  2. Stay away from SRK article you moron! I know your a Akshay Kumar fan and are just trying to spread negative stuff about the movie, every directors dream is to direct them together and only 4-5 directors have had that luck!

  3. jab bhi koi film release hoti hai to comment hoty hai ke strom any wala hai andhi any wali hai toofan any wala hai per result kuch aur hee hota hai aby itna strom andhi aur toofan latey kahan se hoo

  4. @suijit you were saying Indian actors are not global star
    Few days ago, I met with one Canadian family in Canada.
    I was singing Punjabi song of jassi gill.
    One Canadian lady asked me, are you singing Indian song?
    Then I asked her, How do you know and Do you know any Indian actor?
    She answered yeah I know shahrukh khan And I loved dil to pagal hai movie and I am his biggest fan.
    It was very proundful moment.
    DTPH released way back in 1997. There were no subtitle. People can not understand anything but still they watch movies of Indian superstars. This makes them global superstars.
    @suijit can you watch movies of Hollywood actors in French or Chinese language without English subtitle. Tell me yes or no?
    When rajnikanth sir film releases that day become holiday.
    @suijitHave you ever seen this kind of stardom anywhere?
    Recently, aamir khan ne to Hollywood ki 10 movies ki band bja di without vfx or big budget. What do you want to say about aamir dangal. He kicked out all Hollywood movies from Chinese cinema. This is the global stardom of Indian superstars
    I daily watch one Hollywood movie but madness of Hollywood movies is nothing in front of watching Indian superstars.
    Apko smjhta hain to thik hai
    Nahi smjhta hai to bholenath ki jai

    1. @karan singh

      jb scientist ne alian se contect kiya.....

      to ALIAN bole....

      " Hamare pluto pr sirf srk ki movie chalti h , pluto pr Hny , CE , Ashoka ka bhot craze h "


      1. @mahaveer idiot
        I and pk.ak used to doncomment against each other. But today, I came to know you are same.
        @idiot what I said it was true. I was fighting against @suijit. It was against those people were saying Indians actors are not global star but you are biggest dumb than @suijit. Instead of giving excuses, you should support Indian superstars against those people who are saying bad about Indian superstars. But doesn't matter what asshole like you think?
        What I like most what srk sir,
        Vo yeh hai vo haters ki pichle 25 years se maar rhe hai

    2. @karan singh ye suijit C*****A hai isko easy lo, being akki fan I respect SRK , because of him the whole world knows us........our bollywood films are doing excellent business in overseas its maximum credit goes to only Sharhrukh khan aur kuch C*****A log shahrukh ko galiya dete hai.................mai to chahta hu ki hum indian log har ek indian ki respect kare to films ko enjoy kare na ki ek dusre ko galiya de

      Jai Hind Jay Bharat

      1. Thanks @ jab harry meets
        Sala next kya likha hai after meets
        Bro please change your name
        Bro fan war and trolling is fine
        But @suijit was against Indian superstars. At least there At once @mahaveer should not say troll srk when the question is about Bollywood superstars

  5. mannn... look at the aura both of these mega stars carry... phooofff... they are bloody normal humans only.. but whn they two appear together.. they look nothing short of some mighty deity...

  6. Directer to Acters...?????????

    Directer :- salman haath uper kro .

    salman :- sir ji abhi krta hu .

    Directer :- srk apne hath felaao .

    Srk :- kese felau , ese ??

    Directer :- Akshay , apne Daat dikhao....

    Akshay :- ye lo sir...hi hi...

    Aamir to Directer...

    Aamir :- abey , camera thik tariya pakad....or thoda uper guma

    Directer :- ok sir .....


    Aamir to other acter....

    Aamir :- Directer k dar se to Tv acter b acting kr leta h , pr hm use local acter khte h ,

    Global star nhi???.....

    (sorry akkian...dislike krke bachche ki jaan mt lena ??)

    1. #Real Mahaveer#

      Bhai tu kon haihai....@raj kumar....bhai apni id bana
      Meri mt use kar...??????

      Ye fraud hai bhai.....
      Iski baato pe mt jaao....?????

      Mai kabi bhi salman...akshay ke bare mai kuch galat bol hi nahi sakta....????????

      Real mahaveer mai hu

      1. @utsav

        bhai , ye uper vala joke mera h....☺

        or Dosto jisko mera asli comment dekhna h , vo profie section me jaye.....

        vha mera naam , Pk.ak milega.........

        Real mhaveer = pk.ak?????

        1. Yar tu bhut bada fraud hai
          Apne aap ko real mahaveer bata raha hai.

          Jo tu apni id bata raha hai jaruri nahi hai...
          Tera id pe name pk.ak hai to iska matalb ye nahi ki tu

          Real mahaveer hai..

          Mera name badnam mt kar bhai..??????

      1. bhai china ,

        me na to english man h , na NRI indians.....

        china global market h......

        or jis star ki movie apne desh se forign me jyada kmaye....

        vh global star hota h?

  7. if dwarf and tiger zinda hain both gets solo release it will be interesting to see which film does more on opening day as the potential should be similar as both are releasing on working days just before xmas, but dwarf will have advantage of more screens and specially higher ticket prices. so i will go for dwarf.

    when salman and srk earlier had released films on similar kind of potential days salman has always emerged victorious in terms of opening.
    ett and ce both released on big national holidays( independence day and eid) and despite of ce having advantage of higher screens and ticket prices ett emerged victorious.
    prdp and happy new year both were released on the national holiday of diwali next day . prdp had advantage of higher screens and ticket prices and salman again emerged victoriuos with prdp.
    so with or without advantage salman has always won in terms of initial.
    let's see if this time srk changes it or not . i believe he will as salman's career is looking in serious danger after tubelight and people may not be that excited for tzh. so it's the best chance for srk.
    but for this competition to take place either both tzh and dwarf has to get a solo release or both has to clash.

  8. I hope film will be outstanding.Because of Salman-SRK song craze will increase.Due to promo,Audiences will be excited for the movie.More people will come to theatre but if at all content fail,than backlash will be high.So I hope movie is such a fantastic that it will win the hearts of people irrespective of boxoffice.

  9. Srk will give Salman another blockbuster.He has given Salman side roles in Karan Arjun and Kkhh and hum tumhare hai sanam
    The last one was flop though

  10. Guys tubelight is not flop status is below average.
    Tubelight...below Average.
    Raes...........semi hit
    Jolly llb......hit
    Hindi medium...hit
    Badri ki dulhania....super hit
    Bahubali 2............ATB.
    Congrats all fan of Salman and Amir khan from year 2010 not a single movie flop for both salman and Amir.

    1. common people dont know what is average or below average or semi-hit ,they only knows movie is good or no,prople's rejection is completly rejected they dnt need this below or semi hit status ,only stars n their fans need this status bt normally all r know what bad films got bad response from audiences

  11. Salman is walking like Bodyguard lovely Singh reporting sir
    Bodyguard always walks ahead. Ever noticed Shera??

  12. Bollyarena boxoffice India give the tubelight verdict is below average....It is clear that tubelight is not a flop....boi says the film which profitable​ for producer and loss for distributers is called below average..are you agreed from this... because boi says absolutely right....

    1. @zuber what is right? dusro ko loss karke hm khus hona kahan sahi baat h bhai ,aur ye sb bas fans aur stars k khusi k liye hi h public ko aisa movies yaad bhi nhi hoti h hmesa k liye ,aur baat ye hoga ki sallu k 50th flop rokne ko ye bahana bahana rhi h boi ab

  13. Chaatu BOI=Bhaitards Of India has declared TUBELIGHT as below average instead of disaster

  14. Akshay fans are just blind fans.. Every one knows he doesnt act..just time pass actor.
    Khan rules...
    Or ranbir and ranveer has potential to act.
    Akshay is taking BJPs help for his mvies ... Atleast srk and salman taking each others help not lik akshay who is on knees to modi and all

  15. Haters ki jalne lagi hai tubelight flop nahi hue bolke.
    Amir and Salman ki koe film flop nahi hue.
    Baki sob ki flop aur kuch actor ki disaster bhi hai from 2010 se means this decade flop less actor Amir and Salman.

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