Shahrukh is a wonderful storyteller, I love listening to him: Aamir Khan

Superstar Aamir Khan said in an interview that his friend Shah Rukh Khan is an entertaining person and a wonderful storyteller.

"I have sat with Shah Rukh many times. He is a very entertaining person to sit with. He is wonderful in telling stories. I love listening to him. I think between him and me, I am more curious because I like to hear him talk.

"I like the way he narrates his stories. He really brings the moment alive. He is a wonderful storyteller and there is great fun in listening to him," Aamir said in an interview here.

Aamir is currently busy promoting his upcoming production Secret Superstar in which he plays a music composer. The actor said there are "real people who exist" like his character, but he is nowhere close to him.

"Why it is a tough role for me is because I have to feel like that character. When he is full of himself, I must feel 'I am the best.' It should come from within, which doesn't normally come to me. I am always questioning my work. My natural instinct is to be critical of myself whereas this guy is not at all. He is sure that he is the best, no question about it," he said.


Written and directed by Advait Chandan, Secret Superstar is scheduled to release on October 19.

54 comments on “Shahrukh is a wonderful storyteller, I love listening to him: Aamir Khan”

  1. he want sympahty from SRK Fans.....this shamelon guy is 100% neta....jab zaroorat padi aagye media me....jab zaroorat nahi tu fir...am shy guuy...i dont want publicity...i dont give interview...blah blah...Alien Carton sala...har gaya the 1996 me award nahi loga...hahahaha

    1. If really you are a true Srk fan you wont be making such statements! Did he get sympathy votes from We Srkians when Dangal was breaking records all over asia?

    2. Dude...the khans fambase and stardom is unmatched in the industry...even after srk and sks last failure...srks underperformers are higher than many actors highest grossers...bt nobody can deny that aamir is a megastar now... His one film collection is more than srk akki and sks total collection of last five films

    3. Srk to aamir...

      Srk :-

      " heeeee...aaaaamir...bhai mera refrence dena apni movie me...

      Ab to me Salman se b dosti ka naatak kr rha hu....tum bas meri thodi tarrif kr dena....mera status bna rhega...

      Nhi to log muje bhul jayenge...?????.... "

      1. Status? Legends dont think about their Status in nearest future. What they care about is the existing bonds between them and their fans/Followers!

      2. Abe o mhaveer srk jhan aamir salman pahunch rha hai srk 15 yr pehle hi pahunch chuka hai srk first five film se hi superstar ban gaye isslie aamir aur salman ki film main srk ka reference diya jata hai

    4. @ Dr. Jahangir... And AAMIR's sympathy wasn't enough to save JHMS debacle!!!
      & "jab zaroorat padi aagye media me" yeh Aamir karta hai?? Narmada Dam project, Satyamev Jayate aur Paani foundation mein kon si business ki baat tha? Aur SRK toh India ki match mein bhi present rehta hai when he NEEDS his films to promote! SRK was present in a GROUP match of India only to release the teaser of "Ra. one".. & Remember Aamir was present in stadium for 2011 world FINAL aur Sachin's last test match in 2013 & of course he was there NOT to promote his film.. so stop commenting such rubbish things..

      @ALL SRK-FANS: Look I'm not against SRK at all.. But Jahangir's rubbish comment on Aamir made me commenting like this!

      1. you dont follow him from 90 am following him since he debut qsqt....i was Amir fan when srk still to debut...but when srk came with deewana i liked him so much...i becme fan of both...but later this egoistic Amir put rant in media about 1996 Rangeela v.s DDLJ award and stop boycotting award shows....thats why i hate him he is bhadoga....darr gaya tha competition se SRK stardom on peak since than..and he know that...so he started hide seek game....picture hit tu thik nahi tu nahi tu bhi thik...coward saala...he came in media saying SRK some DOG.....this the calibre of superstar...anpne gali ka hero bhi competitor se aisi bat nahi karta...what kind of person he is? Amir is bhagoda atleast for me...

        1. SRK mocked in the name of Aamir in many shows & Aamir replied in that way.. yes it was bad from Aamir to mock SRK in the name of a pet dog & remember Aamir openly APOLOGIZED for this mistake in Aap ka aadalat show.. & now they are friends, what's wrong in it?? Mein ek die-hard Aamir fan hone ki baojut SRK ko bahut respect karta hu.. SRK fans also should respect Aamir

          1. so give me one reason to like him...
            1996 he spread rant in media about Filmfare reason SRK..
            in2000 he back out from Josh and fight with his own unlce who gave him Break ...reason SRK ...why?
            he fight with Yash ji reason SRK....Darr
            he called srk with animal name ..
            .in every aspects i have rights to hate him...this DOG...PLUTO he called SRK dog and he played a charecter as PLUTO dog...jaise karni waisi bharni....

            in media he try to be clean....but in reality he is doble face..
            in his personla life....he divorced to his wife just bcz she is not looks good...and he run a show styemave ..waha re bhagode..

            he dont have guts to face competion and he give lectures in his show...coward...sala

            SRk never insult him even he said DOG he firmly replied him his kids like Amir khan...this is the difrrence between king of heart or king of art....he is totally artificial....double face guy..

            1. cry babu jahangir keep crying. nothing will make any difference. aamir is light years ahead of srk and srk is now unable to compete with young stars like varun so better STFU. kahan global megastar aur kahan tiny 60 cr club actor? LOL. get a life.

            2. @Jahangir whatever you call him double faced or triple faced, he is baap of your gangu teli srk in megastardom. deal with it. your so called humble and goody goody tiny star is unable to compete with the same double faced megastar. get lost now.

  2. All the best to her. May she also get the same appreciation as he got for her role for Dangal!

  3. Pahlaj Nihalani said competing with Aamir Khan is a foolish exercise.

    “I am scared of Aamir’s clout at the box office. We all are. No producer will dare to bring his film anywhere close to an Aamir Khan film. I am not stupid to kill my Julie 2 by releasing it anywhere close to Diwali. This Diwali belongs to Aamir.”

    Aamir the global megastar

    1. who is pehlaj nahlani...a lgegend?????this 29 likes all are idiots....but i salute 14 dislike bcz they know who is pehlaj nahalni...
      please read the interview of Dilip kumar...reality will shock you and even Saira banu ji words.....

    1. accha???.. just because ur secret flopstar is nearing release.. tu darr gaya be!
      Parshyaaa.. Be a Mann.. Mard ban!
      The fate is sealed of the film as there is zero vibes.. Golmaal will thrash and crush flopstar

      1. hahahaha... toooo goood @jeet.
        ek numbr ka pagal insaan hai @parshya . jab aamir ka film release ho raha hai.. sab bhai bhai banke rehna hai.. aur jab salman ka release hota hai.. usje **** main khujli hota hai.. lol

        1. Lallu ke fans ki fat rahi hai. Padmavati has already stolen all buzz and lime light from Gadha zinda hai and the cartoon of the millenium gadha zinda hai will chase flop ho on christmas and it hardly has any buzz now. LOL. after tubelight one more flop is waiting for it's king i.e. lallu khan. LOL. SS will easily become blockbuster because of the stardom of baap of bollywood whose offbeat movies also become blockbuster in clash with commercial movies such as lagaan, TZP. now SS will follow the same trend. but what will happen to out cartoon lallu who can't even do off beat movies forget clashing with anyone.

  4. That's why we love Aamir sir....Best of luck to aamir sir and his fans for secret superstar....iss Diwali Sirf secret superstar ki chalegi...Srk and Aamir sir best buddies and their fans also

      1. Tzp was the highest muptiplex earner of that year probably some kind highest muliplex record, after that gajini broke multiplex and single screen record, than 3 three idiots broke multiplex , single screen and overseas record

  5. Most important comment in Bollyarena
    Analysing acting talents of superstars:
    Ajay sir: Greatest ever.

    Aamir: Great actor but not exceptional.Because he works in such amazing films the greatness of the script overshadows the acting talent of Aamir.You will recommend any Aamir film for its direction rather than acting.And he needs to play a baddie with perfection because he was underwhelming in D:3 and because perfection is associated with him we tend to overlook his flaws.He claimed to have worked so hard for Tap dance in the film but disappointed big time.And his haryanvi accent wasn’t upto the mark in Dangal.Just see Ajay Sir’s accent in Drishyam it’s so natural.But nonetheless a great actor considering the low standards in Bollywood.

    Srk: Decent actor but overacts too much.He tries doing so many things but ends up screwing the entire script.Pathetic in Ra1.Weak in comedy especially in Rohit shetty films.But was brilliant in CDI and Swades.He has potential but he’s not serious about acting and just wants money.

    Ranbir:Tends to repeat himself playing the same role again.Lack of versatility clearly evident.Can’t come out of this image.But clearly the best romantic actor of today’s generation.

    Salman:An entertainer who connects with the masses but yet to do a career defining role.As long as he’s connecting with the audience there’s no issue but once the tide changes he needs to reinvent himself Which may be difficult for him.

    Hrithik:Good dancer.Great looks that’s it.Does deliver good performance once in a while but is highly inconsistent.

    Akki:Do I have to say something I ranked him higher in my ranking because I didn’t want to involve myself in another fight but honestly he’s the worst actor superstar in Bollywood(He has been a superstar too for 1.5 years). People think he’s good in comedy but he is a wooden faced actor.Making funny faces is not acting.The problem is he treats his work as a job not something he does passionately.Just name one movie where he has proved that he’s a competent actor.Saying dialogues with paper in hand but emoting is tough which is can’t do.He’s still surviving because he’s son in law of first superstar rajesh khanna that’s it.

    1. What of Baadshaho Ajay sir accent was poor!
      Just because you dont like a particular actor does not mean you can come here and blabber anything you want. Put Anybody in Dhoom3 apart from Aamir Salman and Srk it would have been a flop! Or atleast an average grosser. ! Fact!
      Aamir ShahRukh and Aj are all brilliant versatile actors.
      Salman expression and swag compensates for his acting which is not a suprise.
      Ranbir repeats role but he showed some potentials in Rajneeti and Barfi so he too is on track while Hrithik is not taking acting serious and by doing so it might be a disadvantage thats why he badly needs a Krishh 4.
      @Devgun you and @2.0 keep on interupting both of you cannot force anyone to accept your Favourite superstars claims from you people its just waste of energy to be frank with you.

    2. Devgan bhai...

      Aamir ki

      Dangal....great haryani acting...
      Dil chahta h

      En sab movies me Ajay sir ko rakh k dekh....pta lg jayega...

      Ajay 20 saalo se same expresion de rha h....look b same h...but acting to great h...

      Aamir me sab chijo ka BALANCE h....

      Baat rhi Dangal ki....to aamir ne jawaani se leke budhape tak k saare roll kiye...jo jo Roll ki demaand thi , perfectly puri ki....

      Or Ajay g4 jesi sekdo bakwas movie b bna chuka h...???

    3. Devgun, i also found that comment on Mohanlal very very ridiculous! Do you even know who Mohanlal is? His a Legend a Multiple National award recipent why not tell Ajay Sir to go to South movies and act since Mohanlal has proven it in different Industries in India. Mohanlal Drishyam for me was the best ,Ajay sir i prefered to Kamal Hassan Drishyam. You are not satisfied with our bollywood actors you are even bringing in other Regional Superstars and talking bad about them. Even Ajay Sir will be ashamed of that comment because if you dont know both of them are good friends and Mohanlal Sir, all 3 of Mohanlal Sir bollywood movies i know were all with Ajay Devgn! Still you have no respect for him. Pathetic!

  6. Srk and aamir both are worst actor akshay is far better than both in every character whether comedy romance action or anything

  7. Devgun one word toonpur ka superhero and aththi satyagrah were arjun rampal was more convincing than him and let’s not forget action Jackson ott aamir did a phenomenal job in d3 to this day when I watch d3 I get engrossed by sahir and Samar it’s like watching 2 seprate actors even tough your watching one aamir is the best and most versatile actor I’ve seen Hollywood or Bollywood since 1998(mela being the one only average performance) and another one karan singh only watched 6 Aamir Khan films and said he’s not a good actor I’m going to tell you about versatility ghulam, 1947earh,lagaan, rang de basanti, 3 idiots, ghajini, watch these 6 films and you will see what a true gem this actor is.

    1. Arreh bhai.. Rangeela, Fanna kaha gaya?? PK aur Dangal toh alag level ka baat! Personallly to me, yeh sab films mein Aamir acted better than RDB aur 3idiots

      1. Bhai main versatility ke example devgun ko de raha tha ke aamir ne bhi different roles kiye hai.

  8. My dream is if ever you both can work together in a movie. Very improbable at the moment but I am sure you both will do a movie someday together.

    I remember watching "Heat" movie and getting goosebumps seeing Al Pacino & Robert De Niro going at each other. Even a simple talk between them created unforgettable magic.

    2 combos in Bollywood can do the same (or even more) for me: SRK vs Ajay & SRK vs Aamir in a movie. Hoping some day you guys will work together preferably in an intense movie.

    1. Well said but dont forget Van Kilmer to was along side Robert and Al! 3 legends in 1 movie! Was excited when news or rumours of Amar Akbar Anthony remake was out but i think its rumours nevertheless me too i want Srk and Aamir , Srk and Ajay, Salman and Hrithik all in one movie each. Dream come true.

  9. Search properly.According to BOI Ghatak released on 8 November 1996.
    Raja hindustani released on 11 November 1996. So they were not head to head clash.

    1. @prashant bhai

      Pagal ho gye ho kya ?

      Sirf 3 day ka diffrence h....

      Non holiday par clash...vo b Ghatak jesi movie..sunni deol ki....

      Diwali+singal release hoti....to 100% DDLJ ka record tod deti....

      Vese music to AAAtBB tha....

  10. Van Kilmer was great too but being a bigger fan of Al Pacino & Robert De Niro probably it was their clash & face-off scene which attracted me the most in that movie.

    Past superstars (Big B, Vinod Khanna, Shatrughan, Shashi Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor etc) used to frequently work together in multi-starrers. We don’t see that happening with these guys (Khans/Ajay/Akshay). Guess it is too expensive for the producers plus the issue of having balanced roles for them. Right now these guys are too big stars to be casted together but chances are high for them working together after lets say 5 years when their star power is waning and youngsters are taking over. I am hopeful it will happen some day.

    1. Yes Raja,dont mind our time zone here makes as awake at this time when many of you are sleeping. Yes that face off was insane!! Robert vs Al pacino....in 90s they starred together our big heroes.
      Dunno if its rumours but heard Rohit shetty wants to do a Tridev 2 i think so far Akshay and Ajay names are rumoured not cos am SRK fan but i think only Srk will be happy to do role with the 5 other biggies. Rest definitely charging fees and egos. Lets hope they all come true

  11. AAMIR-SRK friendship is getting stronger day by day.. Hopefully the fans also become friends like!

  12. According to salmon
    When asked about his take on stardom, Salman complimented Akshay Kumar. He said to a leading daily, "Today, when they say (superstars) I think there is Aamir, Shah Rukh, me, and Akshay Kumar. We do fewer films — I do two films a year, Aamir does one film in three years, Akshay does four-five films a year. So you do the math. The man who works that hard and makes the maximum amount of money, and supports those many production companies, those many units, and those many directors every four months is a bigger star."

    So akshay is only superstar okkkk so please comment especially you PARSHYA

    1. @akshay rules
      I agree with u bro.
      I dont have problem with Akshay.

      But do d math Aamirs one movie ww collection is much more dan Akshays 3 films ww collection.

      But in d span of 12 months giving 3 hits really a huge achievement

  13. Bhai agar tin Khan ka fan ek.ho jaye. To baki sab actors ko milado tik nehi payega Khans ke fans ke samne. Aise bhi 3 Khans are ruling bollywood since 1990s and they will rule for coming 10 Years also.

  14. Wow Aamir SrK sath sath ab kya hoga #Ak66ay and #Slman ka ?? bichare k rone k din shuru

    Only aamir srk rules

  15. Amir bundle maar raha hai. Itni interesting stories pata hoti shahrukh ko to films banate waqt itni ghatya story kyun dhoond kar lata

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