Shahid Kapoor - A Star who never learnt to shine

Shahid Kapoor - A Star who never learnt to shine

Guest Article by Prashant Kumar:

Where he is today: A star whose career is spanning over 15 years can’t guarantee an opening of what a 4 or 5 years old star like Varun or Tiger gets. Actually, he is not in the race anywhere now or should we say never have been either.

What he is capable of: He is capable of what some top stars today can’t even give it a try. Yes, on acting front one can see what a gem of an actor he is films like Haider and Kaminey. He emotes well and can play a character as complex as Haider to a tee. He can do action as well example like R. Rajkumar. He is a born dancer with good looks which everyone knows.

Why he is facing downfall: There are only two persons responsible for his drowning career – one of course, is himself and other none other than his favourite Vishal Bhardwaj.     Spending so much time with a filmmaker like Vishal Bhardwaj is always injurious to a star. Both of them lives in a world where he thinks people will move out of their houses leaving the medium of 24/7 free entertainment on TV to buy tickets of worth Rs 200 to watch movies like Haider or Rangoon in theatres.

Actually the problem lies in the Vishal Bhardwaj brand of cinema itself. In a country like India, people watch cinema for entertainment, not for learning acting or filmmaking. At least they should seek examples of biggest Hits of recent times like 3 idiots, PK, BB, Sultan or Dangal. These are not bad films, actually, I can watch some of them on loop as they are so entertaining movies made in the same budget as Rangoon. People in small centres know Shahid from movies like Vivah and R.Rajkumar and he disappointed them so many times that they have stopped coming for his films.

Now what? - I know it is difficult to make a masterpiece as it comes once a year but he can work on his strength and could make any sort of light, breezy romcom or dance films, even movies like 2 States, Half Girlfriend, Kapoor and Sons should work for him and he could give a better work accomplished in a film like Badlapur which he should squeeze in between multiple films I mentioned, just to show his acting prowess but no Vishal film any more.

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27 comments on “Shahid Kapoor - A Star who never learnt to shine”

  1. He should choose good movies where his roles will be appreciated like haider, kaminey and r...rajkumar and not choose romance movies like disasters shaandar and mausam

    1. Is mausam a romcom

      Say something in range not out of the box means fenko mat

      I had seen mausam and I didn't actually laughed on a single scene but movie was good watchable

  2. he is the only star who is keep doing different roles, unless the same masala type movie, Harder, udta punjab, now Rangoon, tell your favourite star to act like what he did, I am happy that he is keep doing different roles, wait for Padmavati. You will get your all the answers. Biased page

    1. Yes we Have That is Aamir Khan Have Done Niche/experimental/produced Critically Acclaimed documentaries he has done it All in his Career

  3. Wah yaar bilkul sahi kaha. Agar yeh article shahid tak pohoncha sako toh meherbani hogi yaar. He is a gud actor and we cant see his downfall.....

  4. People underage him a lot but I personally think he is more Versatile than overrated Ajay Devgn. If he was in era of Ajay and opportunities Ajay got Shahid would have been a top top Superster not overrated Superstar.

  5. Shahid your acting, your films, very nice but maybe peoples are want to see you in the role of college boy. Dancing, and your stage shows, tum ko yadh hai IIFA Awards what a performance yaar aaj bhi Mai woh Awards dekhti Hun uss ke bath aisa lagtha hai we miss that "Shahid Kpoor." Please Shahid we want like that Shahid Kpoor can you come back once again we all of us waiting your success and Brite future please please come back like ek jhalak.

  6. Who is this AkkiAjayddvgn kids front of RK.

    Idiot go and check the track record of Ajay Sir movies. 1st movie was a Blockbuster against Mighty Banner Yashraj with established superstars in Sridevi and Anil Sir which was the 2nd highest grosser of the year. Go to Boi and check his Hit counts only Salman Akshay and Srk are ahead. Nobody has done the genres Ajay did in 90s and mid 2000s. In his own terms he is a Legend and various Award wimners. Shahid Kapoor is a very talented guy and does not deserve to be bashed but please be more matured when comparing him with some well established Superstars.
    Finally that your name Akki Ajay kids front of RAnbir should be banned for life! Idiot do you think Akshay is your mate? What Khiladi and Sultan has achieved in their career Rk will take centuries to achieve Half!! Idiot

  7. @AkkiAygan of you have personal hatred For a jay devgn just say it loud but never you make such kind of children comment here.
    Shahid is Talented and Hardworking no doubt but Do you even know Ajay Devgn bio career graphy?

  8. Abhe Gochu first tell RK to be an adult front of Varun and Tiger before comparing him with Akki Ajay. Dumb ass

  9. Guys stop answering that fool. At least Rangoon is not having that record of All time Disaster like RK has.

  10. Thank you guys for liking it,keep the love coming and i hope to write more like this in future.

  11. Overrated as a lead actor. No gravitas. Annoying nasal voice. You look at him, you don't see a hero. You see a side actor like Tusshar Kappor, who is also a good actor. No matter how tasty a salad is, it will always be a side-dish, not the main course.

  12. Guys chill! Okay agreed Ajay whatever is a Superstar with hit counts awards bla bla but imagine Shahid doing roles like Ouatim Company or even Omkara you know very well Shahid will made those movie collect higher because his acting in those movies will be better than Ajay. Now imagine Ajay in Haider or Vivah you can see Ajay will never carry those movies. And pls I know Ajay is a Big Guy but give Shahid time he will be a better actor than Ajay. And please I can tolerate Ajay but Makki better actor than Shahid??

  13. nanga jassos kab aaega 4 sal me aa jayega Rk se bara disaster koi nahi diya hai Bombay velvet 100 cr ka loss

  14. Quite fun and sad same time seeing anti Ajay fans some liking that crayfish @akkiajkidfork? I expected them to be even cautioning that dummy but yes they are happy to see the most opposite comparison of recent time. They know the fact but who blames them? Nobody because despite knowing the huge variation surprising some especiall where that dummy said Shahid carries movie on shoulders better than Ajay is misfortune for their level of thinking. It was Ajay star power that carried media bashed paid critics Shivaay on his shoulders through only Single Screen reaching or slightly touching 100 cr. Why do Ajay means so scary for them? I am a Srk fan but find that comparism totally flopped!

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