Shah Rukh says Make in India most important initiative by PM Modi

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan ailed the Centre's 'Make in India' programme, terming it as the most important initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that is generating jobs in the country.

"Make in India is perhaps the single most important initiative by our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which propels companies in India and abroad to make it in our own country and our own land, thereby creating job opportunities, skill enhancement," the actor told reporters.

Shah Rukh was speaking at the launch of BJP leader Shaina NC's coffee table book, 'Movers and Makers' which is a tribute to Make in India.

"For me, the biggest turn on is the introduction of new technology, which I believe is going to create a new era for our generation and generations to come," he said.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis termed the book as the best documentation of the seven-day event, 'Make in India Week', held in Mumbai in February this year and said he became nostalgic while reading the book.

"While going through the book I became a little nostalgic because those seven days for us were very challenging and encouraging as well. I feel this documentation of the events is very important because after the event is over new people come to us. This is the best thing we can present them. This coffee table book, if presented to a new investor, he understands the strength of Maharashtra and what it stands for," he said.

Shaina said several people worked hard for the event which was not just an initiative but a vision.

"We must realise the amount of people who have put together this mammoth project called the 'Make in India Week' and under that we had a 'Magnetic Maharashtra' stall which was visited by lakhs of people. This is not just about MOUs but about the vision," she said.

State Industries Minister Subhash Desai and MoS for Industries and Mining Pravin Pote Patil were also present at the event.

2 comments on “Shah Rukh says Make in India most important initiative by PM Modi”

  1. Maska --

    Poor SRK - Aaaj modi bakht ke deen hai ,,, but tomorrow will be good & all brothers & sisters will come together .

    Now all r together but divided in there SOCH...& unfortunately very aggressive towards small issues for which media & some culprits are taking best advantage.. Who was knowing Sakshi maharaj , yogi athityanaat , Owaisi , Azam khan....Since BJP came to power with aggressive & with dividing plans such above negative personality got opportunity to enter in market -- Did anybody thought where were this guys seating before 2014-15. Even media had max TRP's in last 2 years by utilizing , dividing -- directly / indirectly Indian nationals for sake of TRP or money...This is so called Nationalist journalist who questions any persons about there nationalism , purity ...so sad of current situation where the person who is dividing is asking question - Journalist ....

    Only positive with new Govt is Brastachar... not only BJP but Arvind has came up with clean image is we excuse few. but again change was require & new party is expected to be clean as now they have to built image ..so cant give them clean certificate ...abhi thoo samai baaki hai

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