Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma shoot Imtiaz Ali’s film in Punjab

ShahRrukh, Anushka Sharma, Imtiaz Ali and the team are currently shooting in Punjab for the next and final schedule of the film.

Fresh pictures and a video of the couple shooting in Ludhiana and Amritsar have been shared on social media. We see Anushka dressed in Punjabi attires during the shoot while Shah Rukh looks cool dressed in casual wear.

The team had previously shot for an extended schedule in various cities of Europe like Amsterdam, Budapest, Lisbon, Prague and others during the month of October.

The untitled film is slated to release on August 11 and will clash with Akshay Kumar’s Toilet- Ek Prem Katha.

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21 comments on “Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma shoot Imtiaz Ali’s film in Punjab”

    1. akshay have done a very cheap think --
      SRK take 3200 screens in India under any conditions --- Rest ur Fan will do---
      Every Fan should watch Rehnuma atleat 2 times - to make it above 165 crores .
      Overseas 150+ is sure on cards .
      it time to flush Akshay ...

      1. my dear 2 times se kya hoga....i will watch at least 6 times or may be endless time...am still watching his dvd of Devdas when am lonely or kabhi haan kabhi na when am small party mood. DDLJ is my all time favorite....anytime even if wake me up middle of the night.

      2. Akshay ne cheap thing ki wah.

        To SRK ne kya kiya tha.
        1.Announcing Raees after kaabil.
        2.Announcing CE after OUTIMD.


  1. shahrukh khan need a big hit movie but in clash it is not possible.........and the struggle continues..

    1. it should release on 10 Aug ---
      take 1 day lead --- and do- 25 crores on 1st day--
      then 180 to 200 is possible ---
      collect near 130 till 15th august ---
      Rest collections will definatley effect due to clash ---
      Srk need to plan something like that --
      So that he should reach near 180 crores even in clashes ----
      Beacuse Akshay--- Ajay-- hritik will keen there clashes on with SRK ---
      to stop giving him blockbusters ---

      1. yes certainly they all have their own hiccups with each other but when film comes of King khan they club together to pull him down. other wise they know he can reach even 400/500 he is unstoppable like Sachin when in forms.....

  2. Akshay will win clash
    My prediction realistic one according to trend

  3. @ akki fan , abe illiterate u are telling Akshay will win the class.that means 155 crore is less than 120 crore as u predicted above ? Kis school me padha hai aisa maths

    1. Abe illiterate hoga tu
      I said akki will win clash not by box office collection but by tag
      Tepk will be superhit as its budget.is 40
      While rahnuma will be only hit as his budget is 110 I think

  4. Whatever TEPK will emerge winner in this clash and Rehnuma will crash.
    TEPK will destroy Rehnuma and SRK will retire

  5. behind every successfull man there is a woman

    we have heard this line many times in our life . some of us believe it some of us don't. but if we look at a special incident in bollywood we have to believe this line. in bollywood that man is none other than gangu teli srk and the wpman is none other than his godmother deepika. if you don't beleive me read the facts written below
    1. without deepika srk's last highest grosser of the year came 13 years ago in 2004.
    2. without deepika srk's last blockbuster came 9 years ago in 2008.
    3. without deepika srk is yet to give an all time grosser in his 25 years glorious career.
    4. without deepika srk's last record breaking opening day came 13 years ago in 2004.
    5. without deepika srk's last record breaking weekend came 13 years ago in 2004.
    6. without deepika srk last 2 crore plus footfall( which is crossed by salman today in 1 week) film in lifetime came 15 years ago in 2002.
    7. without deepika srk's last film to get a verdict above superhit came 9 years ago in 2008.
    8. without deepika he is struggling to give a hit for almost 5 years.
    9. without deepika he is yet to cross kangana's twmr.
    10. without deepika forget about breaking opening day record tha last time he gave a bumper opening ( somewhere close to record breaking) was 11 years ago in 2006.

    so now you will definetly agree with me that behind every successfull man( successfull by gangu teli's standard) there is a woman.

    1. We saw that in 90s too where Madhuri saved sallu Kumar
      Btw behind every successful man or woman whatever there is a bodyguard Shera
      Btw deepika was launched by Srk
      Madhuri made Raja a bb with q washout hero
      Deepika?? Now dont tell me Ranbir is not a star
      And since u dont consider srk a star Madhuri gave koyla a record day 1 without good music
      Others bbs of Madhuri
      tejaab and beta_ Minus that anil kapoor is washout post 1988
      Khalnayak saajan thanedaar_Minus that Sanju was washout
      Salman??minus madhuri he will have 1 mpk but even aaditya roy had aashiqi2 lol
      And madhuri was paid double of salman

  6. @sayar deepika has beaten srk in a clash despite of the fact that srk had superhit music, grand trailer , kajol , promising emerging star varun, rohit shetty the most successfull masala genre director in his side and deepika had flop ranveer singh and boxoffice flop art film director director sanjay leela bhansali and a niche historical drama in her side. will srk ever beat deepika again in a clash, let's see.
    deepika has given big hits with saif ali khan, ranveer singh and ranbir kapoor. yjhd, bajirao mastani, love aaj kal, cocktail , raam leela, piku worked at the boxoffice only due to her. ranbir kapoor was a star but not that big to give a 175 crore plus grosser.
    madhuri's all big blockbusters are with big stars except raja the only exception. sanjay dutt had sadak without madhuri. madhuri had countless flops also which are much bigger than deepika.
    and heroines alone can not give a record opening on her own. she can give a push to the initial and then she adds to the content with her acting. she did the same to ce. ce's opening credit mostly goes to srk and ce's failing to beat ett's opening despite of hiked prices was due to srk's lower stardom than salman. then whatever the film did was due to deepika's performance and rohit shetty's direction. put a poor actress like katrina, kareena or sonakshi in place of deepika in ce , it would have not crossed even dabangg 2 forget about becoming atg.
    and last point none of madhuri's bbs were bigger grosser or hit than salman's mpk before hahk.

    1. hahaha nice joke...
      at the time of Hum aapke hein lallu

    2. So what?? She had bigger no of bbs than Salman. Salmans stardom post mpk was aaditya roy kapoors post Aasiqi2
      And she won clash due to content See the openings of both film
      Madhuris 2nd highest grosser was dtph which was bigger than Hssh. Salman didnt touch 40cr without Madhuri till 2005 or 07

  7. @ honest man, abe idiot who is stopping tiny stars from working with deepika ? Why u post stupid comparison in every SRK articles ? Salman is a megastar so why he needs Anushka and kareena to cross 30 crore ? Tum bikiniwalo ko kya problem hai SRK ka deepika ke sath kaam karne se.

  8. @sayar then why srk filed to cross hahk despite of getting help from madhuri. he did 5 films with madhuri anjaam, koyla, dtph, devdas and hum tumhare hain sanam but none of them were close to hahk. salman did 3 films with madhuri and out of them 2 were blockbusters while srk had only 1 blockbuster in those 5 films , 1 was a hit and other 3 were utter flops.so salman utilised the help of madhuri big way which srk failed to do.
    boi.com is yet to update but as far i remember anil kapoor had huge hits like mashaal, meri jung and karma even before madhuri started giving hits. his first blockbuster with madhuri was tezaab ( madhuri's first boxoffice success)and he was definetly a bigger name than madhuri before tezaab. karma was the biggest hit of 1986 and mr india the biggest hit of 1987( according to wiki). he also had big hit like jaanbaaz. where was madhuri at that time. madhuri was nothing but the photo copy of katrina kaif . she starred in many films like tridev, raam lakhan, khalnayak where she did not have any prominent role but gained because of the huge successes of the films.
    if winning clashes is decided according to opening then srk lost the clashes of bmcm vs k2h2 and mk vs mb.

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