Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Trailer

Deepak Mukut & Soham Rockstar Entertainment presents, the Official Trailer of Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana starring Rajkummar Rao and Kriti Kharbanda.

Directed by Ratnaa Sinha and Produced by Vinod Bachchan, Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana is slated to release on 10th November 2017.

15 comments on “Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Trailer”

    1. Top 3 stars currently ruling/running the Bollywood
      1. Aamir Khan
      2. Salman Khan
      3. Akshay Kumar

      Top 3 Manipulation Stars currently
      1. Ajay Devgan
      2. Hrithik Roshan
      3. SRK

      Now An Srkian Hameed always supports Ajay why????
      Coz Ajay is the Guru of Srk what????
      Coz Ajay started and Taught Manipulation to Srk????

    1. Unlike manoj and nawaz rao has good screen presence beside acting...if he had choosen commercial films it could take him to higher position..neverthless he is a fine actor..and dude cant bt say it again devguns comment...mohanlal have to take ten births to become like ajay..you beat sarcasm keep ut up @ devgun

  1. @Amir fans ....give me one reason to like THE LAASH actor…
    1996 he spread rant in media about Filmfare reason SRK..
    in2000 he back out from Josh and fight with his own unlce who gave him Break …reason SRK …why?
    he fight with Yash ji reason SRK….Darr
    he called srk with animal name ..
    .in every aspects i have rights to hate him…this DOG…PLUTO he called SRK dog and he played a charecter as PLUTO dog…jaise karni waisi bharni….

    in media he try to be clean….but in reality he is doble face..
    in his personal life….he divorced his wife just bcz she is not beautiful…and he run a show styemave ..waha re bhagode..

    he dont have guts to face competion and he give lectures in his show…coward…sala

    SRk never insult him even he said DOG he firmly replied him his kids like Amir khan…this is the difference between king of heart or king of art….he is totally artificial….double face guy..

    1. @dr
      Everyone even Aamir uses srk name that shows d stardom of srk

      Plz forget past and support SS ??

      Happy now ?

      1. ok boss....if you say i will respect him i will not bash....but if someone idiot try to bash SRK he will get same thrash of garbage.

  2. Ajay fans are the most stupid, Idiot n Lunatic fans I have ever come across in Bollyarena
    Such a shame that they r insulting n degrading Legendary Actors of Indian cinema to make false claims to make Ajay Great Actor stooping so low!!!! okay I did wrong in commenting on dead mans article n I appologised for it....
    They say Ajay a great Actor in serious n intense roles n he can't he even make a single success ending up all flops. is that a great actor u claim such a shame...pathetic...You morons
    Some claim Ajay a versatile Actor...
    Do u even understand what versatile means?????
    One who can perform every role n become successful in it whether Action, comedy, serious, Romance ,drama etc
    Has Ajay done all become successful???? When he does n become successful then claim him
    Only Superstar Akshay Kumar is versatile in Bollywood who did every genre n succeeded in it.
    I say this not as a fan but as a viewer...

    1. Most Lunatic n Insane fan I have ever come across is Srkian Hameed such a jealous, Idiot person he is always trying to bring down Akki by making ridiculous comparisons, stupid Analysis n false statistics why so much hatred towards Akki in every article??????
      He feels bad for Akkians bashing Ajay then why won't he stop ADians for bashing Akki?
      I will tell u why
      Coz Akki has dethroned Srk from 3rd spot
      N currently The 3rd Biggest Superstar in Bollywood, this is not my opinion go n check there r many articles which claim Akki to be 3rd Biggest Superstar, Akki the hit machine , Akki the box office king many more
      He vents his frustration on Akki for Srk downfall n dropping out of top 3
      Akki with Tepk niche movie beaten Srk universal appeal Raees n become Highest Grosser n now he brings out another stupid Analysis about past n make false allegations
      Why can't Ajay fans n Hameed live in present n always talk about past ridiculous...
      Accept the truth of your Heroes n become real fans..

  3. Not my opinion, No hatred , No bashing
    Only Box office speaks the fact
    Top 3 Superstars currently (strictly present)
    (Box office pull + Superb Acting)
    1. Aamir Khan
    2. Akshay Kumar
    3. SRK ( Rough phase n Stardom fading)

    Top 3 Superstars currently (Box office Pull)
    1. Salman Khan
    2. Varun Dhawan
    3. Ranveer Singh

    Top 3 Stars (Fine Acting)
    1. Ajay Devgun ( Remove all Shetty Movies)
    2. Nawazuddin Siddiqui
    3. Irfan Khan

  4. Instead talking about this trailer all fools are discussing about the seniority or superiority of various stars superstars and actors. Har khabar har article par same discussion aur behes chhodo Yaar yeh sab.

    Bhai logon Rao is a different kind of actor and has own style of stardom and fan following.

    So just chill and talk about this movie and trailer. Both rajkumar Rao and kirti kharbanda looking good and story seems different too. Hope whole movie will be much much better than trailer.

  5. Same like badrinath ki dulhaniya concept.. First ready to marraige then run then again happy ending with marraige.

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