Secret Superstar to release in China on 19 January 2018

Aamir Khan's family drama film Secret Superstar has finally got a clearance to release in China. The film will hit theatres in the country on January 19, 2018.

Normally this will not be a considered a big development considering that it is a small film about domestic violence. But there is Aamir Khan factor who is the biggest Indian movie star in China by a distance. His last release Dangal was a historic success in China as it grossed more than $190 million.

Thus it will be interesting to see how Secret Superstar will fare in China. Reportedly film has been sold to Chinese distributors at a very good price and the producers have already made a huge profit. The distributors seem confident that the film will be a box office success.

The Chinese box office is unpredictable so anything can happen. Don't be surprised if Secret Superstar ends up among top 3 highest worldwide grossers of the year.

65 comments on “Secret Superstar to release in China on 19 January 2018”

  1. Hahaha ek cheez accept kr lo china me ab dangal Jai's collection koi bhi Bollywood movie nahi krega kyuki china me dangal type ki movie ka bhut craze hai ..jisme tournament ke liye training Dia Jaa rha ho fight hi etc

    PK or dangal ka china collection dekho zammen aasman ka fark hai khud samjh aa jaega Mai kya bolna chah rha ...secret superstar kuch nahi kama paega

      1. Ppl who are telling aamir just gave back to back atbb becuase of mobie quality.shut up..his movies are high on content and which sometimes overshadows his acting talent. .he is a wonderful actor..he has proved himself time and again..and toh may work even bigger than dangal..cause its an act I on movie..and they work well on china..and even if dwarf is very good. .still srk will need time to make fanbase there..
        Actually aamir played a very smart move releasing his best movie 3 idiots first at china..actually its true. .along with being one of the best actors he is the most intelligent cinematic mind in the industry

      2. I am going on a sabbatical now .....
        Once AKKIAN always an AKKIAN.✌✌✌✌
        One person will be very happy for this n no prizes for guessing who......

    1. Dangal k time yh bola ja rha tha

      1) desi movie china me nhi chalti

      2) aamir ka look b chinease nhi h

      3) pk or 3idiots jesa content nhi h

      But...3 idiots aaj release hoti....to 3000crore kma jati

  2. Ok to mujhe koi ye batao china me Baad me release kyu Hoti hai movie ? Worldwide ek din Hoti hai Lekin china me Baad me .koi batao Iska reason

    1. Hollywood Legend meets Bollywood Legend

      Will Smith is in India for the Mumbai premiere of his film Bright. Due to his busy schedule, he could not find time to meet Akshay Kumar, with whom he partied last year
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      This is your third time to Mumbai, what makes you keep coming back?
      Yeah, this is my third time to Mumbai and my fourth time in India. I should just move in with Akshay [Kumar]. I was just talking about that. We had a dinner at his place last time I was here, and it was literally the best food I've ever had. It just didn't feel right to call him and ask him to send food because I'm not gonna be able to stop by. One thing I love about India is the food at Akshay’s, that’s the absolute best.

      Akki rocks......

    1. Rajamouli kicked out of his Mahabharata as Krishna role is not for D grade amir as he fixed Jr.ntr ....lolll what stardom when amir is at foot of prabhas at end of 5 days?

      1. Bhai tere jaisa ghocu nehi dekha. R u comparing Aamir with NTR lol. Tu uska movie hi dekh bhai.

  3. Agar dwarf achaa hua to china me release Hoga or achaa kamaega ..ek baat Maan lo china me achaa movie hi bas kamaega Bollywood movie se ..suppose Kro ki agar thugs of Hindustan kharab Nikal suppose Kro to china ne ek Zara nahi kamaega

    Srk ghatiya movie release Kia happy new year is liye nahi kamaya or stardom nahi hua china me or dusri tarah Aamir ne 1st movie 3 idiots release Kia china me is liye uska stardom ho Gaya

    But one thing is sure ki dangal jaisa collection ab nahi Hoga Bollywood movie se china me even Aamir bhi nahi kar paega

    PK $20M
    3 idiots $10M in china

    Agar dwarf achaa hua to $10M touch krega

    Agar thugs of Hindustan kitna bhi achaa hua $20-25M jaega ..not like dangal $200M ..

  4. Bechare sallu fans abhi bhi aass lagaye huye hai ki kam se kam bb toh china me release ho aur yaha Aamir apnir 5th film release karne ko ja raha hai

    Poor sallu fans..
    Isse kehte hai asli Megastar..
    Maza agaya..

  5. Ye toh aab pakja hai Dangal ka weekend SS break karegi shayad

    Sallu fans mere comments ache se padna mai keh raha hoon break karegi shayad verna aap log phirse. Chalu ho jayenge kyunki SS is very small offbeat film with Aamirs cameo waiting for its release

    1. An to toh tu 'shayd' hi bolenga kyunki SS vs GA ke time tere overconfidence ne Bahot beizzati krwa di thi Teri bhi Aur bhi Aur meri bhi.

    2. Tere woh 'Secret Superstar 110 crore' wale comment se aaj bhi dard hota hai Mujhe.
      Aur tere woh 'SS will thrash GA, SS will give a tough competition to GA' wale comments se meri ruh kaamp gayi thi.

    3. Pehle tu Apna comment dhyan se padh... Tune shuruat ki 'Ye to ab pakka hai' se Aur last mein likh diya 'shayd'
      Ab ye 'pakka' hai ya 'shayd' hai tu bta de. Agar 'pakka' hai to 'shayd' mat likh Aur agar 'shayd' hai to 'pakka' mat likh.

    1. Lolll amir was kicked out of rajamouli Mahabharata.... rajamouli won't give chance to D grade actors like amir but only to A grade actors like prabhas....no vacancy for amir in rajamouli Mahabharata .....lolll
      Buffoon like u said when amir will be Krishna prabhas will be Arjuna lollll amir is not even given role of sahadeva forget abt Krishna....when prabhas is there in movie who thinks amir will be in lead role???

      1. beta, tell me some all time grosser and classic of so called A class actor Prabhas except bahubali. Aamir D grade actor.
        Its been to great to se that Aamir success dig in hus haters head this much. They even don’t know what they are talking. lol

        1. Bro,just learn english and get back....however for your question answer is very simple ....amir 17,18th films gross is 16cr,4.8 cr prabhas 17,18 films gross is 650cr,1725cr....amir got industry hit after 40films and 20 years,prabhas just 17 films and 10 years

          1. @pranay 1 or 2 double centuries won't make rohit sharma even close to sachin who has maximum centuries among all cricketers and therefore he is called god of cricket. Forget sachin even Virat is out of reach for rohit sharma. Similarly your tiny star prabhas is only a baahubali wonder. He can't even come close to the toe of Aamir is stardom. Baahubali is epic movie And the credit goes to the director, all the star cast and visual effects. Not to prabhas. Get a life. Prabhas stardom is nothing in front of aamir. You better get some psychiatrist treatment and get well soon you moron.

          2. @@pranay Abe lallu you first learn English and learn how to write properly you gawaar. According to your logic sachin doesn't have any 264 runs in single ODI series like rohit sharma. So does it make rohit sharma bigger than sachin? Good joke. Similarly prabhas has 1 movie that crossed 1000 cr in all languages and nor because of him but becaus of the brand baahubali and content and direction. So does it make prabhas bigger than Aamir? Ha ha ha. LMAO on you. Tell prabhas to cross even 150 cr without baahubali franchise and then talk. His aukaat is nothing without rajamouli papa and baahubali the brand.

  6. Let me tell you guys, honestly the reason does dangal work very well in China. Because of feminine, see Chinese people never used consider worth enough having female girl as they do consider boy.

    So those kind of movies automatically work in China,

    Secret Superstar will work too

    But not because of Aamir, believe me!

    1. I dont understand Indian peoples logic
      tell me why Sultan and BB crossed 300cr?

      is it coz of sallus stardom or content?
      Whenever Aamir creates record you people said coz of content not coz starodm
      and whenever sallu creates record you people said coz of stardom

      is it possible to cross 300cr without content?

      I m only considering India collection.

      if Sallu have really bigger stardom then why he is not able to break Aamirs record
      his highest ww grosser is bb much less than Aamirs second highest grosser PK

    2. I agree with you, but movie opening will be due to Aamir and we can expect 2mn $ opening here.

    3. Screen count ka bare me suna ha? Vo screen count aamir ka nam pa milta ha smjha srk aur sallu ka nam pa bhek bhi ni china me ......... Bt krta ha aamir is now the no 1 star in world in terms of content and business ...... Forbes ka article pd ja ka

    4. Not bcoz of aamir? Buddy aamirkhan is the most followed indian person on weibo(chinese twitter). His followers r higher than even hollywood actors. Get a life man.

      There r lots of good indian movies from india how many earned more than 5cr?

      Pk theme is based on religion still that movie earne 120 cr in china. Its huge

    5. This is great excuse, So it means SrK had huge grosser in India and overseas with romantic films because that time romantic films works the most, his films had maximum shoots in foreign locations.
      Salman movies works only due to action/mass movies, just like many masala films scores great at indian box office.
      Matlab kaha kaha se laate h excuse. Dangal worked huge due to content, but if people don’t recognise a star there than how can you have a release at first place.
      Srk MNIk,Fan abd HNY failed to cross 1m$ there. Salman BB and Sultab failed to get release there as he is mostly unknown to their audience abd distributers aren’t confident to relase there. Aamir cameo movies get a release within 3 months.
      First release 3I – 2m$+ lifetime
      D3- 3.5m$ lifetime
      PK – 19.7m$
      Dangal – 193m$
      What is common here Aamir moviez, all were all time grosser there. And films worked due to Aamir. He made,acted and promoted dangal there to had a stage for those huge collection. Next time come with better excuse

  7. Good News .....Mr [email protected] khan.....

    Jitna main Aamir sir ki movie ko pasand karta hoon utna hi Salman, Shahrukh sir aur other actors ki movies ko....Bus Movie acchhi ho.....

    Par yeh bematlab ki fan fights dekh kar mann udas ho jaata hain....Sayad kisi din Love will win among hateness.....Waiting for it.....?????

  8. Parshya aunty bajrangi bhaijaan release hone wali hai china mein waise aap kyun ho rahi ho SS toh aamir ki movie nahi thi double standards uff nahi sudhrogi @parshya

  9. Now that's a good news.. Already SS achha chal raha hai Taiwan mein.. Signal to hai China mein bhi ye HIT hoga! So I actually won't be surprised if it becomes THE HIGHEST worldwide Bollywood grosser of 2017.. See just about 40-50% of Dangal's whole CHINA collection (which is 1200 cr+) can make this possible .. (Fingers crossed!)

  10. Chalo bhai is diwali aamir ka logic toh chala nhi I think 60 cr h jhms se bhi kam bcoz jhms 64 cr thi but ajay ki golmaal 205 cr with clash isko kahte h magic ab plz bura mat maan naa aamir fans bharat mai toh pata padh gyi hogi aamir fans ko ki with out xmus100 krna bhi kitna mushkil h mahaveer ji k liye talaash 95 without xmus now ss 60 on diwali realse

  11. Yaar koi China mein Golmaal Again release Karwa ke Secret Superstar se se clash krwa do taaki Parshya ka 'SS will thrash Golmaal Again' waala sapna poora ho jaaye.

  12. Releasing all films in china for business is such an insult to our soldiers.. disgrace to the nation mr. aamir khan.
    least expectd

    1. what a logic, every Indian movies try to get release in pakistan starred big actors. Pakistan supposed to be out biggest enemy. So isn’t this insult to indian soldiers. Improve your thinking, else you always remain junior. Come with better excuse.

    2. & for a certain superstar, not admitting the crime & then ‘vanishing’ all the proofs of that crime is such an insult to Indian law system & disgrace to the whole nation.. Least expected!

    3. Anyway, Happy New Year, Fan etc bhi release hui China mein; nahi chala wo alag baat hai! & Sultan, Tubelight bhi release hone ka bat hui thi; release nahi hua wo alag baat hai!

  13. Chinise movie india me flop ho gayi to china jao aur kitna giro ge paisa kamane ke liye

    1. Happy New Year, Fan etc bhi release hui China mein; nahi chala wo alag baat hai! & Sultan, Tubelight bhi release hone ka bat hui thi; release nahi hua wo alag baat hai!





    G8 NEWS.....

  15. Aamir has come a long way in bollywood since QSQT to Dangal.
    The guy is flag bearer in all the three big countires which are having huge audience.
    In india- 3 had given three all time grosser back to back. Absolute next to impossible record for any one.
    China – 4 all time grosser back to back, biggest indian actor there by leaps and bounds
    US- Again 3 back to back all time grossers there with D3,PK and Dangal.

    So in all these countries which are known for cinema. He is ruling everywhere. And still his haters remain in illusion, even a trade site like BOI too.
    I love this thing, this guys can burn even ass of trade analysts like joginder tuteja,girish johar and sites like BOI. Ab uske haters ki list hi itni khatarnak hoti jaa rahi h.
    Wo kehte h naa jitni badi success, utna jyada virodh.
    That’s the real rancho of Bollywood industry Aamir Khan.

  16. If SS scores 30m$ in overseas, which is my expected outcome from there, than I think with overall worldwide collection, it may be behind only Tiger zinda h from bollywood. That itself a big success.
    And a 30m$ from there means 60-70lacs footfalls. That’s huge.
    And if SS surprise us like Dangal than you never know it can be biggest worldwide grosser of 2017 from bollywood.BOI owner to lagta h tala hi laga dega site par. hahaha

    1. @Sky indicine ne already tala laga diya apne site par permanently. Unka megastar is tubelight jab se flop hua hai aur Dangal ka china colmections dekh ke. LOL. ???????

  17. Now, SS is Featuring in China. But i still dont understand why BaahuBalli 2 has not release yet in China?

    is Baahubali 2 is not releasing in china anymore?

    1. Bhahubali 2 bombed in taiwan . Taiwan is like a testing ground for china. Bhahubali 2 makers wanted large num of screen and big promo from the chinese team but after bombing in taiwan it looks impossible

    2. Bahubali 1 was big flop there, so distributers and audience are not interested in the movie anymore. The case is exactly reverses than India. Bahubali 2, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan are the three big movies who are trying to get a release but unfortunately none of them able to get yet. Let's see will they get in future.

      1. Hi cartoon...baahubali 1 made table profit for proce sold though it didnt match pk...however baahubali 1 was not promoted there ,not even single poster was released as team is busy in completing part 2...slowly chinese are getting more and more interest towards baahubali...
        Now they are just waiting for proper time as there are issues with china for india....however baahubali is releasing in japan where even dangal poster couldnt see light

        1. Hi you mr. Cartoon. Yes @pranay lallu I am talking to you. Just shut your mouth and get a life. Dangak is baap of baahubali 2 and currently it's dangal all the way on top. Get a life..

  18. No one will watch This film in china, coz they aren't illiterate like Parshya.... But the fun is that, Parshya predicted 1000 crs in China... ? wait n watch.... ? ? ? ? ? ? btw 200 crs were predicted by parshya in india but it flopped despite aamir's supporting act and a role of more than half of film... ? ? ? ? ?....

    1. :D so true..
      i watchd flopstar.. tbh.. not a bad film..
      but inspite of a good film and nearly aamir's film.. bloody he was there in amost 3/4 of the film... it flopped miserably :D.. mighty, tighty super bumber mega star :D

  19. @Sky
    With due respect to Aamir
    All his domestic ATGs were not BIG:
    Ghajini-Footfalls less than Ek tha Tiger/Bodyguard
    3 idiots-Were in the level of K3G, right?
    Dhoom-3: Less than Sultan
    PK-Less than BB
    I won't even talk about HAHK and MPK footfalls.

      1. 2008 ki movie 2012 ke sath compare kar raha hai
        2013 ki movie 2016 ke movie ke sath compare kar raha hai

        abey ullu Internet TV,Other media Mobile Laptop piracy ye sab hai isliye
        aab footfall chod de aur ha koi footfall ketne kiye ye nahi puchta khali buisness
        kitna kiya ye puchta hai

        Dangal footfall>BB footfall

        aur tu hahk ki baat kar raha hai toh tera bhai bhi abhi tak chase kar raha hai uske footfalls aur collection ki baat toh mat hi kar kyunki tera bhai 2010 se abhi tak Aamir ka record chase kar raha hai jo ki sabse badi phase hai bhai ki

    1. Not agree, before comparing with ett or any other movie, you have to see the other factors too.
      When Ghajini released, that time bollywood didn't had only two 2cr+ ff film since Gadar and K3G.
      Ghajini crossed the barrier of 100cr and had ff of 2.4cr which is highest since K3G i.e.in 7 years.
      3I also had 3.17cr ff which is not huge as current scenerio but it as remarkable that time and if 3I released today, you can't imagine the footfalls now when the market is set to have 1cr ffs in first weekend for big movies.
      PK than crossed 3.5cr ffs first time since 2001 post Gadar.
      Aamir not only had all time grosser but he has maintained huge footfalls with those grossers too.
      Dangal is also achieved highest footfalls from bollywood after Gadar as well.
      I agree Bahubali 2 had bigger success and Salman too has BB and Sultan above 3cr ff this decade but as you said who breach first will always get more praise. Aamir did that consistently. Though it's unfair to talk about china ffs but Dangal has breach 4.25cr ffs in china which is more than India's 3.85cr ff all versions.
      With TOH i think he will go one step higher.

  20. 2018 aane wala hain aur Salman fans abhi bhi 90s me ghum rahe hain HAHK ko leke. Ridiculuos.

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