Secret Superstar Teaser

Aamir Khan's surprise is Secret Superstar teaser. Zaira Wasim who plays Aamir Khan's daughter in Dangal, is in the lead role in Secret Superstar. The film is produced by Aamir Khan and the actor will also play a cameo in the film. It will release on 4 August 2017.

Secret Superstar traces the journey of Insia, a 14 year old girl from Vadodara, whose dream of becoming a singer changes her life and of everyone around her.

Watch Secret Superstar teaser and tell us if you like it.

15 comments on “Secret Superstar Teaser”

  1. "Pasand aaya toh like karo, pasand nahi aaya toh taste change karo" Epic Aamir

  2. Loved it. Another classic from AAMIR KHAN PRODUCTIONS. Most trustworthy Production House in terms of good films. Not a single flop or a bad film. Bhoomi will postpone.

  3. Youth(RDB),Parents(TZP),Students
    (3Idiots),Blind Followers(Pk),
    Conservative Society & Wrestlers(DANGAL)
    And Now WOMEN,GIRLS & Singers(SS)
    I think Aamir has taken Responsibilty to Inspire & Motivate Everyone.
    Biggest Surprise of 2017 #SecretSuperstar

    1. All are good except PK. It questions some beliefs in Hinduism that are not harmful to anyone for example that scene outside college where Amir paints a stone with his paan and whatever follows you know.
      What the hell is problem if we see our God in a stone? Why should anyone have any problem with one's religious beliefs if nobody is harmed?
      Only problem with religion is that some people use it to divide humans and create fights between us. Blind faith is not as big problem as it is shown in the film.

      1. U r absolutely correct bro...and about this movie i can for sure say that women behind the burkha has to raise there voice and fight for their rights..

      2. Ek asli batata hoon...mein jis jaga rahta hoon vanha ke road pe sab log kuda kachra dalte the..kitna samjaya,likh diya par log nahi mante the..ek bande ke dimag mein pk ke jaisa idea aya..lekin ye bat pk movie ke pahle ki hein..us bande ne vaha ek pathhar rakh diya usko kukum laga diya bat khatam.agle din se ek bhi admine udhar kachra nahi dala...sab dar ka buisness hein..
        Ham hindu jaha bhi kumkum laga pathar dikha to samjo dar gaye...us bande ne sabko ullu banaya...hahaha

        1. Then woh banda bohot bada bewakoof hai. India me rehke Hindu faiths ki insult karne wala bewakoof hi ho sakta hai. Chaar kitabe padhke aaj ke log khud ko bohot shana samajhne lagte hai. Religion par question raise karte hai. Puchte hai mantro se kya hota hai. Ganesh wisarjan ko appose karte hai. Kehte hai Tirupati jaa ke baal katne se kya hoga. Yaha tak ki God hone ka tak proof maangte hai.
          Ab agar Super Mario ne kabhi decide kiya ke woh apne banane wale ko dhoondega toh kya woh kabhi succesfull ho payega?

        2. Parshya+ hello my friend ham toh pathar kya har chiz me upar vale ko dhundte he because if god is the creator then he should exit in every single thing from stone to fire to water....but kya kre some people do criticize Hinduism does it matters to me no because we hindus tolerates because we don't believe in intolerance...

  4. South Industries are making 200-400Cr movies but bollywood is milking audience through same old stupid broing formula of 20cr movies. Cheap very very cheap…..

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