Secret Superstar Screening - Celebrity Reviews

When the stars couldn't stop praising our Secret Superstar. Check out the celebrity reviews from the special screening.

Secret Superstar releases in cinemas this Diwali - 19th Oct

43 comments on “Secret Superstar Screening - Celebrity Reviews”

  1. thank you sachin sir and everyone

    aamir khan shahab acchiye film bana sakte hai ay onki ki magbury hai

    thank you all

    1. Reports r terrific 4 secret Superstar n will b a Blockbuster Hit at the box office
      This Diwali Only secret Superstar Rocksss….?????
      This Diwali No Shetty only Aamir Magic??

  2. I have a deep feeling that Aamir Khan magic will strike gold once again... This man is a marketing genius and knows how to select the best projects of the industry. Living legend !

  3. Can anyone tell me one incident in which a celebrity after watching a movie in a special screening came out and said movie is poor and waste of time? These special screenings are just a marketing tactic. Celebrities come out and praise resulting in a positive image about the movie.

    Aamir is great and a legend definitely. He very rarely disappoints. Hoping he will deliver again with SS. But these special screening praises are not to be taken very seriously.

      1. @ Parshya

        Yup and it is also a fact that audience has immense & un-shakeable trust on Aamir as he keeps delivering quality movies again and again.

        I m extremely excited about TOH. Not so much for SS since it is a cameo and not a full fledged Aamir role. But still it should do very well at BO. Best wishes :)

    1. Wrong. It takes lot of guts and sense to have press release 2 days before of your movies. I agree that celebrity reviews doesn't matter much but when you have Aamir, than you had to believe them. Aamir knows the pulse of audience and the impact critics has on multiplex friendly audience. SS will rock.

          1. @Ceiling...When for 2days @Devgun did not comment and @2.0 was abusung Ajay sir ,you never went to 1st page new article ,tagging only @2.0 and warning him? But you keep on going to different blogs Mocking mocking Ajay sir,calling him Rohit shetty made(never expected such comments from you). You know @Devgun is a fool and fake Ajay fan so why keep empahasing "stop comoaring Ajay with Akki? You ask for peace after some hours you go and talk about "Look at what @Devgun said.,Akki is more bigger..blabla .. Thats not diplomacy as you potray to be. Expected you to stick with your words but No,you must bring down Ajay for comments people dont take serious,orher words you ignite the fire always lemme by honest. Did you see me giving a damn to respond to foolish 2.0 comments despite still commenting under my name?

            @Ceiling stick to one philosophy dont be acting as an intermediator next call him small multicast actor? Its not a hidden fact you dont like Ajay thats very eminent if not you wont be going every article, page 1, starting with "listen @Devgun Ajay is a multicast hero etc)" @Devgun said this today etc etc...
            Hate Ajay but have guts to one on one go to a new article only tag @2.0 and then challenge him ? Never he is an Akkian thats why? Must say first thought you changed and more matured but you are the one irritating same same comments!

            1. Hence forth support Akki sir but anyone that abuses Ajay just like that,i bring back mu old self. Whuch i stopoed for some day!!

            2. Yes you are right I would also say that to 2.0...and I dont hate ajay that was just a lame thing to argue with ajay...and I also said it hebis one of my favourites

            3. You r saying me unnecessarily abusing Ajay with fake ID what about @devgun who is commenting with multiple fake IDs even he used mine... You r abusing me 4 your jealousy...
              @devgun is bashing Akki sir on every article calling him Canadian n Deshdrohi
              That's fine 4 you......
              You can't stand Akkians bashing Ajay even though u r not an Ajay Fan n you expect Akkians to tolerate @devgun bashing Akki sir on every article..
              How Idiotic ur thoughts r?????

          2. @hameed You r a blot in the name of Fan as @devgun bashes SRK say srk is a blot in khan Trinity n srk is not even comparable to Irfan Khan
            You should be ashamed of yourself that u can't defend srk n instead take @devgun side all the time

            Coz you Srkians n ADians r jealous of Super success of Akshay sir n they r unable to deliver that's why u r retaliating Akki sir...
            @devgun n u forced us Akkians to expose Ajay sir n speak hard facts about him that any ADian does ever want to hear
            You srkians always side with Ajay as u both have respective Calculators
            Vimal n Red Chillies.....

            1. KING KHAN aur Ajay to zyada bol mat warna ulta lita kar spanking karunga. I have joined bollyarena now. Sab to theek kardoona. Those who follow Indicine know I am a legendary Indicine user. Itnay lambay essays likhunga kai tera dimag puk jayega aur khud sorry bolega.

        1. If you want Akkians to stop bashing Ajay sir n then stop @devgun on bashing Akki sir....

  4. Best reviews
    Javed akhtar,"aamir khan ki film h mtlb achhi to honi hi h...ab to aamir ki mzburi ho gyi h ki WO achhi filme hi bna skta h."
    Anil kapoor,"muje harr baar lgta h ki is baar aamir ki movie achhi nhi hogi lekin iss baar for aamir ne muje glt saabit or diya..muje movie both psand aayi."

  5. You're a legend of Indian cinema Aamir sir and you're clashing with the biggest legend of world cinema.
    Both movies will do wonders at BO.
    Best of luck to both of them

    1. @devgun asylum bhai aap sab cheez bata rahe hain…
      Lekin one big Question???????
      Aap ke Ajay Sir Solo Hit kab denge????????
      (Without Rohit n No multi cast)
      Last solo hit in 1998
      20th year running??????
      Ye bhavishya vaani bhi kar di jiye……

      OUTIM was a multicast as Emraan being other lead????
      ADians r Ashamed of it..

    2. GROSSER

      Jolly LLB 2
      8. Jolly LLB 2
      Release Date: 10 Feb 2017
      Gross $: $4,930,000
      Gross: 33,15,42,500

      Golmaal 3
      1. Golmaal 3
      Release Date: 5 Nov 2010
      Gross $: $4,620,000
      Gross: 20,44,35,000

      Akshay sir 8th Top Overseas Grosser >>>>>>>>>>>>>
      Ajay Highest overseas Grosser
      Ajay Biggest Star ?????

  6. I love Ajay Sir's dance.
    He was brilliant in AJ.His dance is so underrated.Naino se dance was so innovative.And his signature steps are so addictive.I had requested him shall I perform to his signature steps in Singham and Golmaal in my concert but he denied me the permission since he doesn't believe in showing off.His dance steps are so easy to perform and he performs them with such nonchalance.He can dance like Hrithik but he doesn't because he wants to keep it simple.

    I am jealous of every single heroine who has got to dance with him and his wife Kajol who's the luckiest wife in the world to get such a charming husband as Ajay.
    If there's something called destiny I wish I could be his choreographer and shake a leg with him in future and learn those amazing dance steps from him

      1. You Idiot Psycho person why r using my ID get lost......
        We ADians very well know that how bad is Ajay sir at dance n u r only degrading him by exposing Ajay sir weakness..
        As true ADian I accept that Ajay sir is very bad at Dance, Romance n Comedy...

        1. Whose ID are talking about? Who used @2.0 out of all those comments? When did you start calling Shetty star as Ajay Sir? When did you become an Adian?
          "we Adians" thought you were an Akshay fan?

          @2.0 Karma always strike back,most of those comments you have been posting on Ajay Sir using other names or "Devgun franchises names" never for once made me think its someone else rather you were the one!

          In return what do get? Start allowing Akkians to be Abusing him,using harsh words that i cant even wish my enemy with.

          See how your stupidity caught you!
          "we Adians,Ajay sir, other comments like, "We Adians know Akki is way bigger than Ajay sir" shame because of you ,many Akkians are just talking rubbish bout him and his skin. Ajay sir does not even know all whats happening but you still cant do without always mocking him. Some even posting wats up numbers for what????? Hatred?

          I think you took my patience and maturity for granted. Not any more not because of you but other Akki fans who know very well @Devgun is a fake Irritating user here but still go on using the oppurtunity to abuse Ajay sir?! But when @2.0 kept abusing Ajay sir (the day @Devgun did not comment )nobody told him to stop ,you think many of us here could not reply you? Wrong we could have equally replied back but took you as a physco .
          Never you use fake accounts to spread hatred okay? @"We Adians" ! You Ajay fan? When? Trully disgusting bro,very disgusting and childish of you!

          1. @hameed You pyscho Jealous fan
            I will tell u about yourself in simple
            Your sympathy 4 Ajay>>>>>your hatred 4 Akshay sir>>>>>your Admiration 4 SRK????

    1. @ shakira you should do an item song with Akshay in his next film. You and Akshay dancing on a song such as Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita will be a blockbuster song

      1. Ajay has only 4 100 cr Grossers
        Solo 2 100 cr Grossers (with Rohit Shetty)
        Solo 100 cr Grosser – 0 (without Rohit Shetty)
        Ajay kab solo 100 cr Grosser dega??????
        Ajay yet to cross solo 100 cr Grosser ??? Shame on Kalwa
        ADians ko mooh dikhane ke laayak nahi chhoda kalwa?

    2. ??????
      Tomorrow from Late Micheal Jackson graveyard, Micheal Sir will praise his own too!!!??✌✌

  7. India Today, Times Of India all rated 4. It will be in top 3 this year with respect to ratings.

  8. Tune in to Star Gold/HD to watch one of the biggest hits of all time SINGHAM RETURNS

    The movie that can is 10 times bigger hit than any Akki movie till date whose record Akki cannot break in next 10 years without Rajini sir.

    1. Ajay has only 4 100 cr Grossers
      Solo 2 100 cr Grossers (with Rohit Shetty)
      Solo 100 cr Grosser – 0 (without Rohit Shetty)
      Ajay kab solo 100 cr Grosser dega
      Ajay yet to give solo 100 cr Grosser whereas youngsters(Varun,Siddharth,Arjun,Ranvir)have scored atleast 1 100 cr Grosser???
      ADians ko mooh dikhane ke laayak nahi chhoda kalwa?

      1. Kalwa last hit without multi-starrer and Rohit sheety was in 1998 agar ye superstar to Tushar Kapoor megastar hai????? aur rona nahi ki you are using skin rakist jab devgn akshay Ko deshdrohi bol sakta hai to Mai Kalwa bol hi sakta hu
        Ajay kab solo hit dega
        20th year running......
        Is Janam ho payega kya????

  9. Abe dhakkan @2.0 multi star cast means you are cast with someone equal or someone who's capable of bringing in the crowds.
    And who is Rohit without Ajay director of duds like Dilwale

    1. Who was this unnamed source close to Akki ? @utsav tum khud to woh source nahin thai trying free PR for Akki. Let the museum rep confirm this. Who believe in what unnamed close sources say

  10. Akshay rejected the proposal of making his statue in original madam tussad in London
    Jisko fake lata hai Google pe check kar ke world's most trusted newspaper times of India ka article hai akki 2009 me hi reject kar diya tha ????

  11. Goosebumps to see Sachin sir..
    Anyway this movie gonna rock.. Reviews are superb

  12. Ajay has only 3 100 cr Grossers Acc to boi
    Solo 1 100 cr Grosser (with Rohit Shetty)
    Solo 100 cr Grosser – 0 (without Rohit Shetty)
    Ajay kab solo 100 cr Grosser dega
    Ajay yet to give solo 100 cr Grosser
    ADians ko mooh dikhane ke laayak nahi chhoda kalwa?
    Shame shame

  13. Akshay rejected his wax statue in madam tussad London
    Ajay ko to borivali se bhi request nahi aata hai????

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