Zaira Wasim as Insiya is spot on. She is the star of the film and takes to the role with hunger. Secret Superstar is an important film that needs to be watched not just for the  message, but also because it is entertaining and has one of the best performances of the year by Zaira Wasim.

Hindustan Times

Rating: 3/5

Secret Superstar’s biggest asset is Aamir Khan. His comedy despite being slapstick in nature, is worth noticing. Secret Superstar will still make you laugh and cry with ease. Show some appetite for drama and you have an entertainer at your service.

Indian Express

Rating: 2.5/5

Fortunately for the film, and us, we are left with young Insiya and her shining face, a beacon of hope for herself and girls in her situation. I liked her enormously, and Wasim plays her with great brio, a mix of sparkle and tentativeness. I wish I liked the film as much.