Box Office Predictions for Secret Superstar

As soon as Aamir Khan associates himself with a film, the expectations of that film increase….actually, the expectations multiply!

Everyone is already aware of the amazing track record the man holds as an actor. Raja Hindustani, Ghajini, 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3, PK, Dangal….these are some of the biggest blockbusters in Hindi cinema. As a director, he made one film, Taare Zameen Par which won the hearts of everyone and was a Super Hit at the box office. As a producer, he has a near 100% box office success track record, with Dhobi Ghat being the only film that didn’t do well, but even that wasn’t an outright Flop.

Secret Superstar carries a very Taare Zameen Par type of vibe. Aamir had a supporting role in that film, and seems to have a supporting role in this film as well. The story of both films is based on a child trying to overcome challenges. Both films are/were involved in a box office clash with a bigger film during a festival: Welcome during Christmas 2007, and Golmaal Again during Diwali 2017. Interestingly, Secret Superstar releases exactly 10 years after Taare Zameen Par!

Box Office Predictions for Secret Superstar

There are a few more similarities between the two films: the appreciation of both films. The love of the viewers translating into box office rewards. Yes, Secret Superstar may not have released yet, but I am confident that the film will be hugely appreciated by moviegoers and the film will see a surprising, amazing trend at the box office. The first sign is already there with the excellent feedback from those who have already seen the film.

So, will Aamir hit the bull’s eye again? Better yet, does that even need to be asked? Of course, he will!

The biggest strength for Secret Superstar is the fact that the film is based on a female character. It has been seen in the past that films like Chak De India and Dangal were lapped up in a huge way by the Indian audience. Furthermore, Aamir has said that the main target of the film is to inspire teenagers to fulfil their dreams, and I feel that it's this target of the audience that would really connect with the film and bring their families as well to watch the film. When you have families on board in a big way, a big number is certain at the box office!

The only slight negative here is that the film does seem to have little for the single screen audience, as it appears to be more of a class, multiplex film, even though the main character (the child) in the film is from small town India and Aamir's character seems to have mass-appeal. The thing is, a name like “Secret Superstar” probably wouldn’t register with audiences in smaller circuits like Bihar, especially given that the audience in these smaller centres watches a film based more on face value and here, Aamir is only in a supporting role. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t be a problem, as business at multiplexes of A centres will be excellent for the long run.

The film releases on Diwali Puja day, where collections are capable of being excellent in the mornings but start to decrease over the day as festivities go on. Nonetheless, releasing the film on this day is an excellent decision by the makers because although the opening day collection itself will not be too strong (but okay for this kind of film), the word of mouth can easily translate into an increase of collections for the next day, which is probably the biggest holiday of the year. I am confident, that on the second day itself, Secret Superstar will be collecting a double-digit figure!

The film faces competition from Golmaal Again, but it appears that it will have enough screens to do a huge number as well at the box office. The film has two weeks to collect before the release of Ittefaq.

I had predicted 375 crore nett lifetime for Dangal before the film released, and I received a lot of criticism for that. People didn’t think it was a possibility…but it happened. I’m taking another risk with my lifetime prediction for Secret Superstar, but damn it, I’ll take it. It may appear a small film, but it’s evident that Aamir planned a Diwali release because he is confident of the film’s box office merits. In Aamir, I trust!

My Box Office Predictions for Secret Superstar:

  • Opening Day: 5 crore nett
  • Opening 4-Day Weekend (Thurs-Sun): 45 crore nett
  • Lifetime Collections: 101 crore nett
  • Overall Verdict: Super Hit

The article has been written by Bobby Sidhu who is a box office enthusiast and have an internship in a tax firm in Canada. You can follow him on Twitter Bobby Sidhu.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the writer do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of Bollywood Arena. If you also want to write for us, send your articles on [email protected] 

23 comments on “Box Office Predictions for Secret Superstar”

  1. Super-duper Hit written all over ...
    Secret Superstar rocks thi Diwali....?????
    This Diwali only Secret Superstar Magic....

    1. My prediction will be 150 and one can bet with me especially devgann blacksmith as his g4 will be super duper flop whose lifetime will be 95-99 atmax

      Ajay sud take retire respectfully from industry if he will be beaten by such a small girl
      Ajay career in bolly :- > 25 years
      Zara carer in bolly:- 2 years
      Then also Zara will beat old Buddha ajay by a huge margin

      1. My prediction 4 Secret Superstar -
        100 - 110 cr Bumper Hit...
        My prediction 4 Flopmaal Again -
        90 - 96cr Flop
        By Vimal Calculator (Fake collections)
        Crosses 100 cr ????
        Ajay Fake Star.

    2. Rankings According to Bollyarena

      Rank Actor Points
      1 Aamir Khan 1003
      2 Salman Khan 819
      3 Shahrukh Khan 368
      4 Akshay Kumar 353
      5 Varun Dhawan 334
      6 Ranveer Singh 323
      7 Hrithik Roshan 306
      8 Ajay Devgn 230
      9 Sushant Singh 206
      10 Ranbir Kapoor 202

      Akshay sir at 4th (will soon surpass srk)
      Where is Ajay Megastar n Great Actor?????
      Ajay at 8th (sushant n Ranbir will soon
      surpass Ajay n he will b out of 10)
      Aur ADians Compare karte hai Ajay ko Akki sir se???
      Kahan Raja Bhoj(Akshay Sir) aur kahan Gangu Teli (Ajay)

      1. According to Bollyarena ????
        Top Actors in 100 Crore Club

        Actor Movies
        Salman Khan 11
        Akshay Kumar 8
        Shahrukh Khan 7
        Aamir Khan 5
        Hirthik Roshan 4
        Varun Dhawan 4
        Ajay Devgn 4
        Ranbir Kapoor 3
        Prabhas 2
        Ranveer Singh 2
        John Abraham 1
        R. Madhavan 1
        Farhan Akhtar 1
        Sidharth Malhotra 1
        Arjun Kapoor 1
        Sushant Singh 1

        Akshay sir at 2nd spot with 8 100 cr Grossers beating Srk
        Youngster Varun ne bhi pachhad diya Ajay ko.....
        Varun (4) >>>>Ajay (4)

    3. Ye bobby sindhu ka prediction hamesha flop hota hai, phir bhi pata nhi kyu bollyarena isi mauka deti hai.....bobby Ji meri bhi prediction dekh lo dekhte h kiska sahi hota h...

      1st day 7.4cr
      1st weekend(4days extend) 37cr
      1st week 53cr
      Lifetime box office collection 80cr
      Verdict: HIT

    4. Secret superstar collection 95 cr above
      Golmaal again 150 cr
      Padmavati 178 cr
      Tiger zinda hai 250 cr

  2. @devgun asylum
    one big Question???????
    Aap ke Ajay Sir Solo Hit kab denge????????
    (Without Rohit n No multi cast)
    Bollywood me debut karke 25 saal ho gaye..
    20 saal ek bhi solo hit nahi yeh to Actor ke naam par dhabba hai aise actor ko Nanga karke maarna chahiye
    Last solo hit in 1998
    20th year running??????
    Ajay fans r Ashamed of it..

  3. Akshay Canada ka nationality le lia kisi Ko problem nahi or ab deshbhakti ka drama karta hai movie aane vaqt taki Canada vale baat pe koi Sawaal na puche ..shame

    Isne ek video me khud kaha hai ki retire hone ke Baad ye Canada shift ho jaega ..yakeen na ho to YouTube me dekh lo ...kamaya India me or shift kar jega canada me ..he is so selfish

  4. Salman ne 2000-2009 me 31 movies me bas 5 Hits Dia or vo bhi Hits multistarrer movie ki vajah se hit Dia....2000-2009 me Jo 5 Hits hai salman ka vo ye hai : wanted (remake movie ) , partner (Govinda bhi tha ) no entry (Anil Kapoor bhi tha ) mujhse shaadi karogi (akshay tha ) baghban(Amitabh tha) mtlb salman ka khud ke dum pe hit Dene ka bhi aukaat nahi tha ????? ye tha aukaat salman ka 2010 se pehle?????

  5. Ajay has only 3 100 cr Grossers Acc to boi
    Aur Manipulation karke 6 bana li hadd hoti manipulation ki
    Solo 1 100 cr Grossers (with Rohit Shetty)
    Solo 100 cr Grosser – 0 (without Rohit Shetty)
    Ajay kab solo 100 cr Grosser dega??????
    Ajay yet to cross solo 100 cr Grosser ??? Shame on Kalwa
    ADians ko mooh dikhane ke laayak nahi chhoda kalwa?
    Ajay fake star hahahaha

  6. Agar box office me consistency dekha jae to srk aamir hritik hi hai ...baki salman 2010 se pehle kuch nahi tha

  7. Sbse achaa clash 2009 diwali me hua tha ..Ajay vs akshay vs salman
    Ajay ne 42cr kamaya (all the best )
    Akshay ne 38cr (blue )
    Salman flop star ne 8cr kamaya (Mai or mes Khanna ) Kareen Jaisi top actress ke Baad v hahahahahaha ye tha salman ka position 2010 se pehle???

  8. Secret superstar day 1 4.5-5.5 cr
    Weekend (4 days) 36-38 cr
    Week 1 57-60 cr
    Lifetime 85-95 cr

    This is a huge for this type of movies,verdict can be superhit to blockbuster.

  9. Funny to see that Akshay fans are excited about Secret Superster even more than Aamir fans. One good review and they start dancing

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