Secret Superstar 7th Day Box Office Collection

Secret Superstar continues its steady run but at lower levels. The film grossed 2.50 crore on its first Wednesday which has taken the seven days week total to 39 crores.

In comparison, Dear Zindagi collected 47.0 crores in its first week. It was a solo release but had less number of screens. Shahrukh Khan played a cameo role in this Alia Bhatt's film. On the other hand, Secret Superstar had a clash but it was a festival release.

The competition is going to be weak in the next week so it can get some reasonable collections which might help it to go over 50 crores.

Day 14.80
Day 29.30
Day 38.71
Day 48.50
Day 53.05
Day 62.75
Day 72.50
Day 82.29
Day 92.10
Day 103.50
Day 114.0
Day 121.25
Day 131.25
Day 141.25
Day 150.90
Day 160.70
Day 171.30
Day 181.50
Day 190.50
Day 200.40
Day 210.35
Day 220.35
4th Weekend1.0
Total61.94 cr

53 comments on “Secret Superstar 7th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Kisi ky baap mien taqat nhn ky woh secret superstar ko Hit hony se roky.....
    Only fools will compare it with dear zindgi....

    1. And that fool is you because you just compared them hahaha

      Have not watched SS yet but DZ was a great movie and both the actors were really good in the movie!

      The collections have dropped but don't worry the movie is still a hit! I expected more!!!!

    2. Release se pehle Aamir fans bol the the Golmaal Ko crush ke degi 100cr aaram se kamaegi India me or release ke Baad Aamir fans bol the ki Aamir ka chote as cameo tha niche movie tha ..abe Aamir 30min tak hai movie me or agar niche movie hota to 2500 screens ka maang kyu Kia ? Diwali release kyu Kia ? Niche movie rehta to normal days me 1500 screens tak release krta flop secret superstar

  2. Superb Collection ?

    Aamir sir ka comeo ni hota to ye movie 10cr ni kar sakty thi ?

    Ye movie ma na koi actress na koi love story thi fiir b 40cr wahhh only aamir magic ??

  3. Dear zindagi 1100 screens in India and 600screens in overseas ..note Bandi ke vaqt aaya tha
    India collection 66cr
    Overseas $6.4M
    Worldwide 138cr

    Secret superstar 1800 screens in India and 1100 screens in overseas and diwali release
    India collection 50-55cr
    Overseas $4.5M (expected )
    Worldwide 100cr

    1. Bhai @samir

      Clash ko dekh...7-8 big acter ki movie h....

      Budget dekh...

      SS solo release hoti....to 40-50 crore jyada milte...

      Lallu -haklu hote....to ye movie 25 crore b cross nhi kr pati...

      Or kitni bakwas bnti?????....

      DJ ki baat chodo....JHMS ki baat kro....

      Solo role ....romantic ddlj type story....beautyful music...biggest 2017 promotion...

      Or only 62 crore?????????????????????????????????

  4. China me Dangal is liye itna kamata kyuki China me vaisi movie bhut chalti hai jisne tournament ke liye training ho fighting ka ..or Aamir China me Thora popular 3 idiots se hua age SRK 3 idiots reject Mai krta to aaj kya hota hahahahaha

  5. Super flop of the year. Major disaster of the 2017.
    Hype and stardom power only ensure extra screens but public and content is the main winner. Dont give excuses like cameo, dark film, budget control, no fees etc if tubelight and JHMS, is flop than it is also major flop.

    1. @Nj

      Bhai solo roll me "super Disaster of the decade" award k liye

      JHMS or TUBELITE k bich kadi takkar h...

      Par muje vishwas h...srk ye award b kharid lega....kyoki Raees jo h

    1. only Amir knows budget and he was confident this is sure shot disaster so he hide..after life time run he will declare Super hit budget was 5cr....now i doubt about PK and Dangal collections of China......

      waise bhi chine ke maal ko jada bhaw mat do....

  6. Now Aamir fans trying their best to prove it that its not his movie, he is just playing cameo, so 40 min role is cameo for them but Salman's 5-10 min role in Heroes, Main Aur Mrs Khanna, Saawariya, Hello, Salaam-E-Ishq, Baabul and few more where he played cameo (not more than 10 min role) is his own film......Waah Bhai what a logic......

    And ok chalo I believe that its not Aamir's movie and its a cameo of him in a movie, but then you have to admit that TZP is also not his movie because before release of SS you (Aamir fans) were shouting that its another TZP by Aamir, but now since it underperform suddenly it become his cameo movie.....Such a loser fan base is this, they don't have guts to even accept the truth........

    1. Hahaha mtlb kuch bhi bolega ..mai or mra khanna me lead rolw babul heroes me bhi lead role tha or salame ishq 6 aadmu ka story tha is liye sb actor ka chota role tha

  7. if this niche movie than why he fight with screens 2500? why not he opt for normal release? see FAN they opt April normal day even exams were there....but they know this is Niche....

    so with no heroine no songs niche movie FAN 94 cr with normal release whereas DANGL PANDEY
    MR. RETAKETIONIST khan best phase of his career with zaira waim danagal fame girl lifetime 45 cr ab samajah baap koun hai?

    AMir timgu ko bolo tu wos SS ki tarah hi secret hi rahe....yeda sala...Egoistic FILMFARE boycott karega hahahahah

  8. Haters ke actors to buri tarah flop rahe
    Hai wo bhi full fledged role mein

    Aur haters Aamir.ke cameo wali small off beat movie ko disasters bol rahe hai jabki SS hit hone ja rahi hai.

    Aur inka comparison bhi dekho G4 brand ke sath.

    Arey tumhare actor mein dum kaha jo PK aur Dangal ka record tod sake.
    Namard kahi ke ek choti ladki ke movie ko Aamir ki movie bol rahe hai.

    Agar mard ho to Pk ww todke dikhado
    Dangal ww toh tum jaise bandar ko sat janam mein bhi nahi tutegi

    Hai dum toh Aamir fans ko challenge karo ke tumhara actor wo koi bhi ho Dangal WW todega.

    Inki aukat 650cr ke andar hi hai
    Sirf bahubabalu2 ne 650cr cross kiya hai baki ke toh 650cr ke ander hi latke hai aur wohi latkte rahenge.

    Aamir ke pass above 750cr ki 2 movies hai.bahubabalu2 ek hi hota hai 10-20 sal mein.aur uska bhi band bajaya Aamir ne.

    Aamir akelene South industry ka band bajaya aur wo bhi china jaise non nri country ke madad se.

    Bahubabalu 2 ne jo india mein kar dikhaya wo anjan country mein Aamir ne kar dikhaya.

    Ghar me toh koi bhi sher hota hai Ghar ke bhar sher bano kaise Aamir bana hai.

    Chalo dislike karo kyunki tim logoko bheja hi nahi hai.

    Wait for TOH.....
    Aamir firse 1000cr cross karega aur tum log khelte rahna 650cr ke sath.

    1. lekin, Golmaal Again ko crush karne ki baat toh tumhare hi muh se nikli Parshya Rani. Baat yeh nahi hai ki 'Secret Superstar' hit hai ya flop, baat toh yeh hai ki jo release se pehle tumne jo thooka tha ab tum usey chaat raho illogical excuses dekar.

    2. @parsahya...wos din hi mai ne bola he is double face person....ghar me kuch or bhar kuch or..

      am following him since DIL...but i hate after he surrender to SRK.....in 1996..DDLJ v.s RANGEELI....i was liking him but since he surrender i said my hero will not be someone who surrender and coward.....he should fight back but all knows this idiots startied hating SRK and his movies he commented bad to SRK.

      he is content made hero..he doesnt have guts to make avg movie superhit....think him in HNY bad movie still 200cr grosser or Kick avg moive Salman made with his stardum 250cr groseser now tell me Amir one movie in this kind...answer none...content nahi tu kuch nahi...if talaash me sallu ya SRK hote tu avg content bhi super hit hota...talaash not that bad movie but absence is stardom power..lacking heroism...Amir act like puppet....he act perfect but no feelings....he ruin that movie...Rani and kareena was there...for glamour songs were good...but result flop....why lack of Amir stardom

    3. Tum hi ne kaha tha Secret Superstar will be a tough competition for Golmaal Again because of cameo role of Aamir. Release se pehle Aamir ka cameo plus point tha tumhare tumhari nazar mein. Ab wahi cameo excuse ban gaya tumhare liye.

    4. @Parshya
      haters ko jhalne do.. ye masala balo se bat karne se kuch nehi hoga...masala khane do unhe.. masala khake pe v flop horaha hai.. humlog acha movie dekhna pasand karte hai or aamir ne hum logo ko entertain kar raha hai.....like irfan khan , nwaz bhai , rajkumar rao jesi logo ka movie un stardom wale logo se bohot uper hai. or ye log stardom ki bat karte rhte hai.....kya karoge stardom se?????

      our rahi bat Stardom ki Aamir jeisa stardom un logo ke pass nehi hai.. Aamir to Aamir hota hai sabse alag.. pk ka record torne do pehle uske baad SS ka bat karenge..TOH aane do stardom kya dikhayenge......salla media made superstar ko hosh ur jayenge.

      1. Bhai thoda kam nasha kiya karo, itna kitna Phukte ho.....atleast jab nasha utar jaye tab comment karo.....Aamir have Stardom is the Biggest Joke of Century.....Abe Kutta bhi nahi jata uske Birthday pe uske ghar ke bahar....OOH haan uska Bhanja jaroor jata hai.....LOL

  9. Nj everyone that’s seen ss has said it’s a good movie and are surprised by its collections from my work place to public reactions on YouTube ss has been 100% positive even IMDb rating is over 8 just goes to show sometimes a film also needs appeal aswell as content

    1. Not sometimes its always about the appeal , why do you think he had to do the cameo. Making your film more appealing is same as reading the pulse of the audience. Aamir khan made a very difficult subject appealing which he deserves to given a lot of credit people who didn't see the film won't understand this

    2. bhai, imdb pe rating kitne logon ne di yeh bhi matter karta hai. 4000 log 8+ rating de bhi de toh us se kuch nahi hota. wahi 80,000 log agar 7+ rating bhi de toh movie jyada better maani jayegi kyunki logon ki involvement jyada hai.

  10. Very good collection SS & now new update for Amir Khan fans Rakesh Sharma biopic confm lead role Amir Khan with ranveer Singh so happy ho jao sub after TOH unother blockbuster movie ke liye

  11. Ha ha cannot stop laughing ???

    Garadhya predicted minimum 100-110 Cr for ss

    Too much fun

  12. ye koun superstar hai apni script abhi v choose karne se v galti kar rahe hai..( halaki ye fan kehte he un logo ke) ????

  13. Look at these Losers (Aamir fans) everytime they come up with new excuses, 1st they said that its an Off Beat movie, then they call it Aamir's Cameo and now they are saying that it release against Big Brand like G4.....So now suddenly they think that G4 is a Big Brand, but before release they are calling it Crap and illogical movie and they were confident that SS they trash GA in a long run......

    Bhai if it's an Off Beat movie then why it release in so many screen, and if its Aamir's cameo then why it release in Festival Period.....In a simple word, Aamir knows that its not an Off Beat movie neither he consider it as his cameo movie that's why he released it in Diwali period and in such a huge number of screen.....So stop giving excuses.....

  14. These aamir fans are so funny,
    Before release (when SS and GA got equal no. of screen): SS will beat GA easily.....
    But after 1st day collection: SS will beat GA in long run
    After 1st weekend: SS will beat GA in WW collection
    After few more days: SS will beat GA after China release.....LOL

    Hume apne Chinese Bhai Behno pe pura bharosa hai.....After all our Aamir also Look like one of Small Chinese......HaHaHa

  15. Aamir Jaisa B Hai Top Movie Uske Naam Hai..Dangal ko Paar Karo Phr baat Karo

    Just like

    Brazil 5 time Worldcup Winner
    7 Goal Kaaye Ya 10
    Top Pe Wahi Hai Germany Aaj B 2nd Pe Hai

    Baaki Samajdaar Ho

  16. Jisdin Bollywood Me Kissi B Actor Ne Dangal Cross Kia Uske Baad Unke Fans Ko License Mil Gaya Aamir K Khilaaf Jaane Ka Tab Tak Eshhhhhh...Khamosh

  17. Dangal Bada Targer Hai PK paar Kar Lo kaafi hai....tumhare actor itne ache hai toh number 2nd pe b unki film q nai hai ?? 1 2nd both aamir k kyun hai..itefaq hai toh dono bar aamir k saath hi q ? Tumhare star kia unlucky hai ??

  18. just wait ,,ab to dangal China mi shroo honga phir joules fans of sallu,srk,akshay and many others will die from the collection

  19. Dangal ka india me kitna collection tha? Aur sultan ka india me kitna collection hai? HNY ka india me kitna collection hai?

    Hai koi wise person is question ka analysis de saake?

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