Secret Superstar 6th Day Box Office Collection

Secret Superstar has grossed around 2.75 crores on its first Tuesday. The drop from Yesterday is 10% but the collections are now at low levels.

The trend on weekdays has suggested that the appreciation among its target audience is average. Thus it might not be able to collect much after the first week. The total collection of the film after 6 days stands at 37 crores. It can finish its lifetime run in the range of 50 crores.

The worldwide gross of the film is around 68 crores. Secret Superstar is an average grosser thanks to the controlled costs.

Day 14.80
Day 29.30
Day 38.71
Day 48.50
Day 53.05
Day 62.75
Day 72.50
Day 82.29
Day 92.10
Day 103.50
Day 114.0
Day 121.25
Day 131.25
Day 141.25
Day 150.90
Day 160.70
Day 171.30
Day 181.50
Day 190.50
Day 200.40
Day 210.35
Day 220.35
4th Weekend1.0
Total61.94 cr

43 comments on “Secret Superstar 6th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Bhai ek baat batao prabhas ek movie itna kama lia to vo kya khans se bara star ho gaya ? Ye baat aamir fans ko smjhao bina mtlb ka aamir ko overseas king bol rhe hahahaha

    Pk dangal extremely positive review or collection $26M pk in 1400 screens $30M dangal in 1500 screens ..or dilwale average reviews me 1000 screens me $26M jab ki bajirao se clash hua bajirao bhi $15M kamaya tha or star wars se bhi clash ...dangal ka china collection nahi diye kyuki dilwale china me release nahi hua tha chalo maane aamir only actor hai jo china ne famous hai sbse zyada

    1. Total HGOTY ( highest grossing of the year )
      Srk - 16 HGOTY
      Aamir - 4 HGOTY

      Overseas blockbuster
      Srk 23
      Aamir 5

      Overseas 100cr
      Srk 4
      Aamir 3

      Overseas $10Mabove
      Srk 13 movie
      Aamir 4 movie

  2. 3 idiots jo ek epic movie hai world me popular hai uska overseas collection $16M christmas release me v ..or my name is khan 3 idiots me 2 month baad aaya tha february jaise month me non holiday me uska overseas collection $23M ..ab bolo ?

  3. SS is very small off beat movie with Aamirs cameo.

    China mein Picture abhi baki hai mere dost!!

    1. Yaah right only 40 min Cameo....Aunty is there any other excuse you have because this is not going to work now.....LOL

    2. ab ki bar parsya ki sabhi logo na khub bajayi....next time TOH ka time bajayenga...parshya bhaag mat jana???

    3. @Parsya pagal tujhe pata nahi china mein flop indian movie release nahi hoti hain......no chance small and flop movie like SS release in china.....to beta nachooooooo

          1. Sink just get life you retarded jobless dumbass. What have you achieved in your lif3? Aamir is biggest star and jobless shits like you wont be able to understand that.

              1. prshya chinese agent bahut saare chienese account rkhta hai or aalag alag name se reply krta hai

    4. Lallu garashya

      I cannot stop laughing that he is making excuses small cameo and off Beat

      When tzp small cameo become hit than it's Aamir movie when ss got failed than it's cameo not Aamir

      Ha ha ????? cannot stop laughing

      And yes garashya predict 100-110 Cr for ss and look at it's going to do only 50 ha ha

      Too too much fun ?

    5. Parshay tujhe abhi tak samajh nahi aya k offbeat kise kehte hain... SS is never an offbeat film... BTW main to bhul hi gaya tha k film k flop hone k bad tum excuses pe excuse de rahe ho to ye kaunsi badi baat hai... BTW ye tum bhul jao k ye china mein release hoga

  4. 68cr WW......LOL

    Leave India it won't even cross 100cr in WW......Pata chal gayi Aamir ki Aukat, China Made Star.....HaHaHa

    1. Tera local flopstat ki aukaat itni bhi nahi hai. Aamir we jal mat. Woh Bollywood ka baap tha, hai aur rahega. None actor Salman and over actor srk are peasants in front of aamir.

    2. It's not abt whether the movie is gud or bad it's abt stars attitude he is so over confident that with any hesitation he says she is the best actress in Bollywood atleast if said one of the best actress it would be been ok and last time before Dangal he made a nasty statement regarding intolerance he got away due to proximity to Raj Thackeray else he would be got like SRK remember he literally lost his tag of badshaah Khan due to jumping in intolerance debate,Tingu shd get his due, this is the first step of rejection TOH will be a major disaster he too ll be gone case pretty soon

  5. Just 2 days back Aamir fans were bashing Indian audience for not watching SS, they call them crap audience who like crap movies like GA and Judwaa 2 (though the same audience make PK and Dangal big grosser) now what they want to say about overseas audience.....

    Actually SS is not a great or a classic movie its an average movie which is based on women empowerment subject that's why people get concern about it.....Also subject of movie is not new, we have seen it before too....Also these 5-6 critics are the biggest stupid who think that they know everything....Movie are meant for entertainment not for 2-3hrs of lecture......if you want to give massage then give it with entertainment just like BB, Dangal, Sultan and PK then public will accept it with open arms.....

    1. @sg ...totally agree with u...nobody want to waist there money in lecture they want entertainment too

  6. Secret SUPER star Cameo..

    Ranbir Kapoor ROY extended cameo 68cr > Secret Wadapav wala....

    first ask your megastar to compete with Ranbir...this logic is from Amirians...they are testing their own medicine

  7. Most over rated movie of the year. Where extra screens gone and five days full holidays weekend? It is super flop of the year. How it is average grossser? Where Aamir khan fees gone and dont make us fool that he is producer and not charge any fees? In other movies he want share in profit.
    If philauri.and naam shabana is flop in ur eyes and SS is biggest disaster.

  8. so max collection below 45cr.....aamir ki waat lag gayi diwali pa.....aamir dhobhi ghat ka sequel banayega ab????

  9. Bechare haters..

    Inko kabhi mauka nahi milega isliye SS jaisi small movie aur usme bhi Aamir ka sirf cameo G4 ke sath compare karke khush ho rahe hai.

    Arey bhai SS me Aamir ka full fledge role hota toh hum aamir fans sabke samne kehte Aamir ke pass stardom nahi.

    par gadhonko kaun samjaye.?

    1. @Prince of Persia(parshya)
      A movie is releasing after few years and name of the movie is END OF BOLLYWOOD
      That movie contains
      Robot 2 - budget 450 crores
      Odiyan(2018) - budget 600 crores
      Randamoozham - budget 1000 crores
      SS rajamouli's Ramayana and Mahabharata - budget 500 crores and 1000 crores
      These movies comprise a single movie "END OF BOLLYWOOD"
      Bahubali 1 to sirf is movie ka teaser tha aur bahubali 2 uska trailer picture abhi baaki hai
      Salman khan to mushqil se is movie ke teaser(bahubali 1) ka saamna kar paya(bahubali vs bajrangi bhaijaan)
      Aamir khan to mushqil se is movie ke trailer(bahubali2) ka saamna kar paya(bahubali 2 vs dangal)
      Agar is movie ke teaser aur trailer bollywood ka yeh haal kar rahe hain to socho movie kya karegi


  10. Dear amir fans 40mints ke role ko cameo nai kahete...ab haar maan lo yaar... movie is just a average grosser...agar diwali ke bajaye bad me release karta to film zaroor superhit ho jati but amir ke overconfidence ne film ki vaat laga di..amir ne overconfidence me GA ko underestimate kiya hai..amir ko lga uski movie cameo me hi super hit ho jayegi wo 40mint ke cameo me ..hahahahhha.. overconfidence .hahaha

  11. Zaira wasim ko harake bohot khush ho raha hai Ajay aur Ajay fans....

    Agar Aamir se compete karna hai to Aamir lead role karnewale film se clash karke dekho.... Next Deewali ko Thugs of Hindostan kr se sath clash karo....

    Hai himmat beta Ajay... Nahi to bache ki movie ko harake celebrate karo wohi tera aukat hai...

    1. Chal phir dum hai toh laga takkar Padmavathi se dekhenge kaun pitega..dono full fledged budget movies hai dum hai yere Tingu ko bol aakhir uske full fledhed movies all solo releases na chal agar dum hai tol bol TOH vs Padmavathi ...

  12. lmao the movie get good reviews and collected decent money to recover post productions and some profits. We would never hear about Faees no more. Secret Superstar is a good movie and those who watch them rated this movie high. SRK back to back flops in recent years. Salman khan is way ahead of him. in fact akshay kumar too. Rankings
    1. Aamir/salman
    2. Akskhay kumar

  13. All gatarchaap jobless haters of aamir will remain valueless garbage. Have some shame you assholes. What have you avhieved in your 2 rs life? Aamir is still the biggest superstar and his megastardom is out of reach for your 2 rs actors. Stay within your limit.

  14. Bhai a cameo is compared with Full fledged entertainer thats call Stardom. Abhi baki stars pehele PK cross kare Dangal abhi dur hain. Frankly speaking only Salman has chances with universally accepted movie like BB others tum se na ho payega beta.

  15. the movie had flop written all over it the moment aamir's overacting showcased in trailers.. lol

    1. Salman the biggest non actor as well as over actor in this world. Tingu Salman doesn't know anything about acting. His torturous over acting in tubelight proved it.

  16. Salman ky ilawa koi bhi actor abhi tak aamir ki 3rd highest grosser dhoom 3 ko beat nhn kar sakty woh stardom ki baat karty hien....pk and dangal to door ki baat hai .....pichly 4 saal se koi ek clean hit nhn de pa rahy ho to stardom ka kiya karogy....kiya stardom ka achaar banaogy.....content star content star.....to kiya aamir srk ki tarah ghatiya films shuroo kardy.....poor nonsense haters of aamir sir

  17. Bhai first of all SS is a class movie. And I do not beleive in collections in a country where Newton collects 20 Crore. Now coming to collections again Aamir movies tops Worldwide. Coming to recent actors only Akshay Hrithik and Ajay can match up Aamir in acting skill. Coming to box office only Salman has chance to come closer to Aamir. Now there are people who have logic and people who makes senseless comments and many of them commented on this post. Now coming to where if he made an mistake to release SS with G4 answer is no as Aamir never cared for Boxoffice.

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