Secret Superstar 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Secret Superstar 3rd Day Box Office Collection: Secret Superstar maintained a good hold on its first Saturday as the film grossed 8.65 crores. It is a good number coming after a big holiday.

Secret Superstar is mainly collecting in metros which was its target audience. The film has not justified its festival release as probably it would have done similar business in the normal released period. It continues to lose its shows to Golmaal Again which is faring much better.

The fate of the film will depend on where it lands on first Monday. Such kind of films can have a long run if accepted.

  • Day 1: 4.80
  • Day 2: 9.30
  • Day 3: 8.65
  • Total: 22.75 cr

54 comments on “Secret Superstar 3rd Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Lifetime will be around 55cr+ for sure....agar clash nhi hua hota GA se to aram se 100cr+ tha lekin ab tough h lekin film bhaut achi hai dosto....

    1. If I compare this movie to taare zameen par then I will say tzp was masterpiece as compare to it.
      Let see who like more
      Like for tzp and dislike for ss

      1. Makkhi hota SS me to life time 10 cr se bhi kum hota. Aukaat aukaat ki baat hoti hai.

  2. It's useless to compare it with GA, you just can't compare a mainstream masala flick with an off-beat movie that will always have a limited audience. SS is still faring well and that's the most important thing ! How much does it need to be a success ?

          1. Right bhai....

            Ye india h...yha brain less masaala movie chalti h....

            Yha k log vimal kha kha k apne daat sda dete h...

            Tzp or secrete superstar , toilet , baby jesi movie enki samaj se baahar h...

            I support only good movie...

          2. Akshay ki movies to badi logical hoti h......itni jali h iski mai kya batao....ise bardast na ho RHA GA
            Abhi akshay hota to ye SS ko buri movie kahata

    1. Ab aamir fans girgir ki tarah rang badal rhe aamir ki tarah hahaha ..bol rhe the ki ss Golmaal ko crush kar dega or ab bol rhe aamir Cameo hai ..Abe aamir ke 25 min se zyada ka role hai .. overseas me bhi Golmaal zyada kama rha ss se jab ki ss 1100 screens or Golmaal 700 screens hahahahah

      1. Abe Chinkara jinda h.....

        Aamir apne co-star ko kitna support krta h...vh dekh...

        Uske liye movie me cameo ka roll b kiya....prachar b kiya......pesa b lgaya...

        Apne bhai ko movie me lane k liye MELA jesi movie b bna di.......

        Bas apne dosto or karibiyo k liye...

        Vese Aamir ka cameo roll....fusslite k buddhe roll se better h....jo disaster hui...

        Or 400 crore kmane vali thi??

      1. Lallu @Mink you better watch tees maar khan, joker and other flops of akki because that's what you deserve. SS is not for backward class illiterate people like you. It's out of rich for your pea size brain.

  3. Watt lag gayi Aamir ke stardom ki.....OOPS sorry does he have any stardom? Christmas and Content made star......Even in Dangal all the hardwork was done by those 4 girls and here also all the work done by Zaira Wasim and Meher Vij but Aamir will take all the credit......LOL

    Before this clash Aamir fans were bashing Ajay, they claim that it will cross 100cr mark and even challenge lifetime collection of GA, but now they have to hide their faces.....HaHaha

    1. Akshay flop actor doob Maro deshbhakt ka sahara le ke drama kar ke hit mil rha ..nahi t aukaat kya hai

      1. Akshay ki to sab me baja di. Aamir ne akshay ki baja dali hai bahoot baat. Aur ajay ne bhi akshay ki baja daali hai many times.

  4. Makki fans Roric abhijeet utsav kaha gye dekho Ajay ki power aaj bhi 28+ krega akki NE tou kabhi dekha nhi hoga it na lol

    1. Haha kalwa Diwali aur rohit sheety ko baap bana ke 100 cr karta hai nahi to uska aukat disaster pe disaster aur 60 cr dene ka hai kalwa last film badshahoo 2nd Eid pe bhi 60 cr kia aukat of kalwa ???

  5. Ab samajh Aaya standing ovation film kya hai issue pehle I din know what was it now clearly understood kitna chads diye prerelease main 1000 Cr ki baat ki where are those chest beaters SRK stopped Bhaji rao to be the biggest block buster and he lost his stardom now it's Tingu he snatched 50% screens for such a film he ll pay for this dearly ....

  6. Let's see does it beat Dear zindagi collection of 66 crore which released on just 1150 screens.

  7. Holidays face saving for this Aamirs Movie. Hype over confidence and 1800 approx screens by Stardom pressure, Still underperformer. This show public is real Star. Golmaal Again and public is real winner. Dangal star is failed in very first round.

  8. How strange it is that our @Parshya Bhaibhi who comes in every article and bash Salman without any reason, is now missing in Aamir related article....aayega bhi to keise Ajay ne Aamir ke stardom ki Dhajjiya jo uda di hai.....

    Before release Aamir fans: Aamir will break all records with SS, will easily defeat GA
    After release Aamir fans: Aamir has cameo in movie, its not Aamir movie.....LOL

    If 40 min role is cameo then 3 Idiot and TZP is also not Aamir......Height of Excuse....

    Aamir Stardom 4.5cr on day one.....
    SS weekend < 1st Day of GA......Aamir Stardom...LOL

    1. You gawaar first understand the difference between cameo and full fledged role. Aamir's stardom is light years ahead of your Salman who doesn't have guts to produce and act in a risky movie like SS. Main aur Mrs khanna aur marigold yaad hai na? Ajay ki all the best ne jaise Salman ki band baja di thi? Bhool gaya? Have some shame. Aamir stardom is much bigger than poor local star salman.

      1. @abe Harin hit hoti to credit kisko deta Aamir ko na ...agar super flop hai to who is responsible---aamir....bahane mat bana china ka saman ka liya....ha ha ha

        1. cameo is cameo, no one can change this fact so shut your mouth. SS is still going to be a huge hit despite megastar aamir khan having a cameo. tere star me dum nahi hai ki SS jaisi movie kare aur clash kare. because remove aamir from the film and put any other star it will not even cross 1 crore.

  9. such a shocker for aamir.. i dont think he expected such a rejection from public :(
    There is a limit by aamir fans in thrashing other stars which has resulted in people like me not even bothered to watch SS although i used to like aamir before, courtesy his arrogant fans.
    We should know aamir is liked by all but nobody loves him the way people love salman or used to love Amitabh.
    Hope his fans understand and start appreciate other stars.

    1. People love aamir more than Salman and amitabh. Shut your mouth. Salman ke fans sabse zyada arrogant hai. Salman ne saber zyada flops di hai Bollywood ke history me. Aak thu...

    2. good joke. that's why salman has given more flops than any other khan or Big B or rajesh khanna. right? there are only 4 true superstars in history of inidian cinema who are icons for billions of people and people love them blindly and respect them fully. 1. Rajesh Khanna, 2. Amitabh Bachchan , 3. Aamir Khan and 4. Shahrukh khan. salman south remakes aur eid dependant star hai. he doesn't come in to the league of the stardom of these 4 superstars.

      1. hahh... good joke.. aamir dumb fans will never understand.. pitty a star like aamir to have such lame fanbase :(
        A mega star is born when people sing and dance not only in single screens.. but in multiplexes too.. along with their fav actor.. that happens only for a salman khan starer!!!!!!!!That is y he is Mr. Bollywood..
        No doubt aamir has given some jubilees.. no argument there.. but that is because of his amazing sense of content..
        If a Wednesday OR queen becomes hit due to content.. Doesn't mean kangana or anupam are the big stars.. aamir was lucky with dhoom3... lets wait for TOH..

    3. Salman local star is very small compared to aamir and srk. AK and SRK are global megastars and sallu is a local star.

  10. Secret superstar is an excellent film. It will collect 30 crore by this weekend, 50 crore by this week, and much more than 75 crore in its life time.

  11. Bhai first of all SS is a film not meant for fools. Second Aamir fans never said it will thrash G4. Lastly Aamir still has more number of ATBB than other top 4 combined. Hence get a life, this comparisn is like comparing Raincoat, Dear Zindegi with D3 you will get the answer.

  12. Let's face it Aamir is not a crowd puller. While in this film he plays a cameo however in most of his films content plays an important role.

    1. Then neither Salman, srk are crowd puller. Aamir is baap of everyone in crowd pull and stardom. Aukaat me reh.

    2. If Global megastar aamir who has given highest number of ATBB, ATHG and HGOTY as a solo is not crowd puller than who is crowd puller? Local star salman whom nobody knows outside india and given maximum flops and disasters and most number of multistarrer movies? keep guessing moron.

  13. Amir ne ek interview mein kaha tha . ki mujha collection se koi fark nhi padta .chahe WO 2 rupay kamay ya crore rupey bus meri movie pasand aani chaiya logo ko. secret super star ki rating golmall se bohot zada hain . golmaal ke liya only logo mein craze tha . movie ki rating khi khi negative bhi hain.

  14. @ mahaveer , i am comparing DZ with SS because both SRK and Aamir have extended guest role in it.And Alia have 10 hits and blockbusters , What nonsense ?
    SS screen count is higher than DZ .so there is no meaning of clash or solo release.DZ wa s non holiday release in demonetization time.SS is released in better Diwali period.

    1. @Prashant abhishek;
      Yes there is no doubt that Srk has more stardom than Aamir.....Without content Aamir is nothing, even 60-70cr is out of reach for him without content, in a simple word he is not a crowd puller.....Yaar this year even Salman has crossed 100cr mark with an offbeat/Niche movie that too with negative review......

      Its obvious that in term of Fan following and Crowd Pulling Salman and Srk are much ahead of Aamir.......Aamir movie collects more because of content and so many Holidays during Christmas, without these thing Aamir has Flops like Dhobhi Ghat, Talash and many more.....

      1. Aamir is baap of srk in stardom. who is srk in front of global megastar aamir khan? srk is nothing without top acresses and content. aamir is light years ahead of srk and salman in crowd pull. salman ki main aur mrs khanna life time 10 cr se bhi cum diwali 2009 clash me. srk secret superstar me hota to 1 crore bhi nahi hota. stay within your limit. dangal's record is out of reach for puny small star srk. aamir has billions of fans in the world and who is srk in front of aamir? in fan following and crowd pull aamir is baap of salman and srk. they can never achieve even half of the starodm and fan following aamir has achieved. get lost @shole. salman has lon list of flops and disasters such as marigold, jai ho, main aur mrs khanna, GTGH, and many more. srk's jab dadaji met sejal was super flop and couldnt cross even 60 cr. SS is not aamir's movie u jerk, it's just a cameo. stay within your limit.

        1. harin joshi...diwali ke period me jyada screens pe konsa CROWDPULLER 4.5 cr ki opening deta hai..???

  15. Aamir fans are unable to digest rhe failure who were happily criticizing tubelights failure :D..
    Now they say SS was for different audiences???.. tubelight was in the same bracket.. although i havent seen SS.. but sure it wil b better thn tubelight.. but hello.. tubelight collected 120crs..that is salman khan power..
    Lets see Aamir khan power.. where SS will land..

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