Secret Superstar 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection

Secret Superstar has grossed approx 9.15 crore in the 2nd weekend. The collections were steady but at lower levels.

The film has now crossed 50 crores mark after 11 days. It will not add much after the second week and the lifetime gross might miss 60 crores. The film will fall short of Dear Zindagi where Shahrukh Khan played a cameo. It will also fall below Taare Zameen Par which was a similar film.

Day 14.80
Day 29.30
Day 38.71
Day 48.50
Day 53.05
Day 62.75
Day 72.50
Day 82.29
Day 92.10
Day 103.50
Day 114.0
Day 121.25
Day 131.25
Day 141.25
Day 150.90
Day 160.70
Day 171.30
Day 181.50
Day 190.50
Day 200.40
Day 210.35
Day 220.35
4th Weekend1.0
Total61.94 cr

51 comments on “Secret Superstar 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection”

    1. woh to competetion nahi tha second week mein...diwali ki wajah se itne aa gaye verna diaster movie thi.....super flop

    2. Those guys telling ss is silmilar to tzp watch both the movies again...tzp had a more extended and much much more important role than ss..aur dz pe alia bhi the...aamir actually underestimated golmaal brand...
      And I am very disappointed with 2.0...13th april was not also a good date...aur kitna din lagta hai bhai post production ke liye??? Hollywood ki avatar to 100 saal lagti according to budget..and no slots left for 2.0 and it needs to release on holiday to recover its costs..and varuns film may also suffer due to dutt...because its a big and keenly awaited film and if hirani keeps everything alright like his previous ones this should be a very good film...2.0 was good forb25 January. ..padman could be released on may 4 or 10

  1. ek answer do sb ..agar tubelight jhms ki tarah 3100 screens me aata non holiday me aata or next week hi toilet prem katha rehta to tubelight ka collection kya rehta

    Tubelight 114cr kamaya 4400 screens me eid me 3 week tk koi movie nahi

      1. Rakhi sawant partial holiday hai jahil gawaar aadmi ...rakhi ke din holiday nahi rehta bas school me rehta hai ..jhms 3100 screens jaake check kr le boi me

    1. the result would be same irrespective of release period.....
      Jinko movie dekhni hoti hai woh movie jarur dekhenge......

      Pls stop this bullshit bollyarena......Stupid Fan wars!!!!!.........Jinke paas koi kaam nahi hota woh yahi sab karte hain......

    2. Arrey sabko pata hai tubelight average movie thi tabhi toh koi defend nai kr raha..ab tum accept kroge ki jhms,fan,raees,ra one sab ki sab bakwas movie thi tabhi flop huyi @[email protected]

      1. Raeea tere baap ke ghar me flop hua tha kya ra one teri ammi ke ghar me flop hua tha kya ..
        Ra one hit
        Raees semi hit or raees achaa movie tha solo aata to 200cr krta

    3. Ss underperformed big time..bt pls dont judge an actors performance by only one film and also an unnecessary cameo...I think aamir has gone wrong with his choice after a very long time. .and people start callong srk budha salman fuselight ajay kalwa or akki makkhi for just one or two failures. ..these guys entertain us and we should respect them...though directed by rohit opening credit of singham 2goes to ajay...srk has veen consistent since his debut..salman gave 8 bb out of last 10 films..aamir's ss was not even his movie. .akki has been doing good and profitable movies every year and releasing 3 movies every year which is superb...

    4. Tubelight 23 ko release hui july ko 30 july ko eak film release hui thi Mom 7 ko release hui aur 7 sep ko two film release hui thi tubelight ke 1 week bad film release hona start hui thi jhoot na bolo

  2. Srk ka kabhi bad phase aaya hi nahi hai ..2016 2017 bas so called bad phase hai lekin salman ka haal dekho 2010 de pehle 2010 born star hahaha

    1. Beta salman per kafi ilzam the is waja se kuch kam box office hit den news anchor ne apni book m kafi people ka jhoot dekhaya aish ka jhoot two 1 people jo mar gaya tha gun act sab ilzam the y waja thi srk amir good content ke bawaod kia kia h good avting bhi h phir bhi kia kia dalman se kam h aur srk ki aoqst dekho bagger ko 1 paise n detha h bollywood spy on youtube salman bare dilwala h megga star h

      1. @tr you think Shah Rukh doesn't pay a single penny to charity, do your research before you start barking here!

    2. Beta salman per kafi ilzam the is waja se kuch kam box office hit den news anchor ne apni book m kafi people ka jhoot dekhaya aish ka jhoot two 1 people jo mar gaya tha gun act sab ilzam the y waja thi srk amir good content ke bawaod kia kia h good acting bhi h phir bhi kia kia dalman se kam h aur srk ki aoqst dekho bagger ko 1 paise n detha h bollywood spy on youtube salman bare dilwala h megga star h

  3. TZP is similar to SS. Really?
    TZP was far different movie, even in second half Aamir is throughout in the movie as presence and movie was also promoted as a lead that time. SS is far different in that expect. SS underperformed i agree but comparison with tzp is inappropriate. Can compare with DZ from which it falls short in life time.

  4. SS is different from TZP because of following reasons:
    (1) Overall TZP didn't have any negativity like domestic violence etc. It was more about how to deal with kids in general and those with special needs.
    (2) It had more of Aamir in the second half and plus it was a more relevant role really.

    But yes, SS was a potential 75-80 cr grosser. Think the clash effected the film and maybe a film with shades of domestic violence wasn't the right release for Diwali. But again all this we can say in hindsight. When Aamir had announced for Diwali, everyone including fans and trade alike were gung ho about the decision.

    Just goes to show that box office can be unpredictable and even the best can go wrong somewhat!

    1. Oh......One more Stupid feet licking Aamirian........Taking like gentleman/Girl.....but having no brain......

      See If a movie works.....all negative points are ignored but not then people like you keep arguing that this was not a full fledged role or some stupid bullshit.....

      SS is an excellent film everyone knows....but the overconfidence of Aamir has sunk down his own ship.....

    2. @Lisa.. yes u r right.. I think as a solo release it would have done more.. Anyway, this type "ifs .. buts" is not for Aamir-fans.. Even without any excuse, SS is a hit (regret not for being superhit).. & quality-wise Aamir also haven't disappointed at all

  5. now Amir will say ....am happy with BO of SS and give good lectures in media...i know this guy double face...
    and he will declare the Budget 20/25 cr to show this is HIT....likh ke le lo.....

    am following him since 1995 he is big jelous of SRK......

    now Amir will declare ...HIt...likh ke le lo

  6. Secret Superstar is doing well ... It will remain steady in the coming week. Probably touch 65 crore net in India. Compare it with 'Hindi Medium' Budget (23 crore) and collections (world wide gross 103 crore), verdict of which was Super Hit.

  7. Watch out ss plus 63 cr.
    and more then domestic world wide more.
    so all who involve in ss in more profit.
    n now bollyarena team 100 cr budget @ 143 collection g4 u declear block buster now ss 35 budget n same % ration ss collected now plz tell me its satues averge semit hit hit ?
    lik all frnd who like my masseg to all...n bolly team.

  8. Tell me one thing people. The budget is 35 cores including costs of prints and advertisements. The movie set to look somewhere close to 60 cores. How is it even flop? People really need to get their facts before calling it flop. Producers made money, distributor made money, the cost was recover and all. It might not be the biggest hit, but it’s hit eventually at the end of the day.

  9. The cricket match yesterday affected it big time, anyways the audience who did not see it yesterday due to cricket match might catch it in the coming days thus boosting the collections. Fingers crossed.

  10. Secret Superstar already has come among top profitable Bollywood film of 2017. Bollyarena, change the verdict of Secret Superstar from average to Hit.

  11. Bollywood arena one request he ki tum AK compition kro subhi user ki bich har wekly Jo movie release hoti he usme har user Apna AK prediction DE or jo winner hoga use gift do Ya kuch or offer nikalo isse tumhare followers badege or subka intertentment bhi hoga ....if evrywone agry with me plzz like n cmt pass kro Bollywood arena ko ki Asa compition rakhe agar like jyada aye to arena kar bhi skta he or deslike jyada aye to koi bat nai close the chapter

  12. hamari desh main srk or salman star hai or aamir khan supersatr,woh bollywood nehi Hollywood level ka hy??? I am not against srk, sk

  13. I m happy now..
    Hats off..Aamir the global Megastar

    SS is Small offbeat film with cameo fighting against g4 brand and still get hit status.its a big achievement

    Congrats Aamir fans..
    Kuch star aise bhi hai jinki vajah se distributors ki lashe bich gayi.?
    ? ?

    1. Phir cameo agar 100 cr cross krti tb tumne bolna thaa ki aamir ki movie..ab jab 70cr v cross nahi kiye toh aamir cameo..kam se double standard toh naa rakho nd release hone se pehle tum logon ki wording kaa sab ko pata hai g4 nahi chalegi nd all but ab dekho SS ne rulaa diya...jao tears saaf kro next movie jo bhi release hone wali hai usko target kro nd main tumhare saath hoon PARSHYA..Apka iss page pe rehna main mushkil krunga now cheers @Parshya

      1. @Arjun
        Dekhte hai TZH ke time kitni lashe bichti hai ? ?

        Arjun mein Sallu fan ka dukh samaj sakta hoon.

        Tum log bahot bade sadme se gujar rahe ho.

        1. Yaar dukh toh hum tukhara samajh sakte hai kahan 100 cr soche the aur kahan 70 cr oops SS aamir ki movie nahi thi @Parshya ?

  14. India (batting first):
    Team total 350 in 50 overs
    Kohli 150 runs from 120 balls
    Kohli-haters: Kohli doesn’t have class or technique, actually the pitch was very good for batting. Luckily he won the toss.. Also Rohit-Dhawan made a good opening partnership & that’s why Kohli scored so many runs!

    India (chasing 150 in a bowling-friendly pitch)
    Kohli 50 runs from 70 balls in a challenging situation & India wins!
    Kohli-haters: Now Kohli’s “asli aukadh” has come out. What a poor strike rate! He has no technique or skill.. Just lucky that a small target to chase. Otherwise India would’ve lost only bcoz of Kohli!

    This is the state of Aamir-haters now.. Matlab kuch bhi bol dete hai ye log! Kuch to aakal honi chahiye!!

  15. @parshya..
    TZH -- 400 cr
    Race 3 -- 300 cr
    Barat -- 500 cr
    2.0 -- 450 cr Hindi
    Padman -- 150 cr
    Gold -- 200 cr
    Secret suvar -- 55 cr
    Thugs of Uganda -- 90 cr

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