Secret Superstar crosses 400 Crores in China

Secret Superstar 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection: Secret Superstar has collected approx $18.92 million in its second weekend in China. The film has now crossed the 400 crores mark it the country in just 10 days of its release.

Aamir Khan starrer is on a historic run in China and it can go anywhere from here. His last release Dangal grossed over $190 million in its lifetime run. Though there is still a long way to go for Secret Superstar but it cannot be ruled out.

Day 1$6.79 m43.35 cr
Day 2$10.49 m66.95 cr
Day 3$9.80 m62.68 cr
Day 4$4.97 m31.74 cr
Day 5$4.84 m30.81 cr
Day 6$4.35 m27.62 cr
Day 7$4.21 m26.81 cr
Day 8$4.83 m27.34 cr
Day 9$7.56 m48.07 cr
Day 10$6.53 m41.52 cr
Day 11$3.12 m19.89 cr
Day 12$3.20 m20.39 cr
Day 13$3.17 m20.16 cr
Day 14$2.79 m17.88 cr
Day 15$2.80 m17.95 cr
Day 16$4.70 m30.14 cr
Day 17$11.63 m74.97 cr
Day 18$2.63 m14.80 cr
Day 19$2.26 m14.50 cr
Day 20$2.26 m14.50 cr
Day 21$2.38 m15.51 cr
Day 22$2.56 m16.42 cr
Day 23$3.42 m21.93 cr
Day 24$2.65 m16.99 cr
Day 25$2.47 m15.84 cr
Day 26$2.51 m16.10 cr
Day 27$3.22 m20.46 cr
Day 28$0.865.48 cr
Total$117.61 m750.76 cr

28 comments on “Secret Superstar crosses 400 Crores in China”

  1. I dont think it will catch upto dangal but whatever this small film has achieved already is huge. Aamir khan stardom can no longer be measured in a rationale way. Impact of his movies no matter how small is huge . It cannot be measured .

    Anyway raju hirani is going to japan and korea to promote the film pk , this is the first time hirani is going to take a pr tour. Than if pk is a success in japan and korea aamir khan stardom will even harder to measure

    1. India 60crs and china 400 then 800 then 1000 crs hahaha. Had ho gayi. Do producers think v r so immature. Hope they hv minimum knowledge of what China economy going thru. Also why bollyarena not showing my comments. What r they afraid of.

  2. Congratulation Aamir fans..

    Today,SS ww breaks TZH ww into pieces!

    India gross-90cr (Net-64cr)
    Overseas -65cr

    Total-573cr ww

    TZH-558cr ww

    Power of Aamir The Global Megastar!!

    1. Just accept it Salman fans. Your star is very tiny compared to global megastar aamir khan in overseas and worldwide. And as far as india is concerned then also Salman is parallel to aamir not big nor small because in india also aamir heads and shoulders on top consistently and has top 2 highest grossers of all time but salman luckily does much more movies and they become 2nd or 3rd highest grossers of all time he has managed to come parallel to aamir. But not ahead for sure. So in none of the territories aamir is behind salman. But Salman is behind aamir in overseas and worldwide. #Fact.

      1. Aamir sir movies are releasing in 2nd and 3rd phases in different regions of world mainly Asia.....Where there is no release for Salman sir films for this list.......How to compare them and on which basis?.....

        Also.....Content,Looks and height always matter for Aamir sir in China/Taiwan/Japan........

        Jab release hokar nahi kamayagi then you can give some excuses....But till then just stop.....Also Aamir Sir movies are continuously excellent in proper story and acting......Salman Sir recent movies are excellent but there is no continuity.......But still he is way ahead all ....atleast in India.....

        1. Excuses excuses and excuses. I can only laugh at you both. Truth is hard to digest because truth is bitter. What nonesense only story and height bla bla bla???? Jab aur koi logical excuse nahi milta to yahi shabd milta hai????

    2. Power of story is waja se to india m n chali china m low class ki film banti h is waja se yad n vinod chopra

    1. Being a complete action movie and no controversy it crosses PK (a content drama movie with controversy)....Aur kya chahiye......Stop your bullshit....kyon future Aamir sir movies ke liye gaddah khod rahe ho ......Most of Salman sir fans always support Aamir Sir movies......But now you will get the answer after TOH releases in India.....Tum log sabse bade wale dhokebaad ho.....

      Dangal Dangal karke ....Sale lage pado.....Your stupidity not mine......

  3. ? ?
    Sallu fans ko dho dala..

    Sallu aab life time SS(Aamir cameo)ww ka picha karega...

    ? ?

    Maza agaya..

  4. Great Run. But is the money coming back to India and is the point.

    If these huge collections cannot come back to India then to what extend these matters is also a point of comparison.

    In India the collections also come back in 100% to India but what I heard that around 30% of collections only come back to India.

    Think on this aspect also.

    1. Kahase ayega, actual collections hoga to hi na ayega. 1000 crores 2000 crores. Daily ka 40 crores. Chinese logo ko khane ke lale hai, economy dama dol hai, currency ki charo taraf se lagi padi hai, currency devalue Karke jaise taise economy bacha rahe hai aur inko amir ki film dekhne ke ilava kuch kam hi nahi hai. Khud amir Khan production NE dangal collections wrong hai bataya tha air idhar uske fans pata nahi kya pk comments kar rahe hai. There is no substantive material to back this collections.

      1. Were u folish from ur childhood or acquired later. Check boxoffice sites , reputed magazines everywhere. And regarding chinese economy dig the matter properly before making utter noise. They are devaluating currency because that give them compititive advantage to sell their goods across the world making their good cheap. And who told u chinese economy is ruining they are near about to become economic powerhouse in near future.

  5. U got this film causing havoc overseas but u get articles like PAdmavat record breaking in Australia like come on serious????

    Aamir Khan is bloody untouchable

  6. Kab tak chase karoge sallu fans?
    Kabhi toh Aamir fans ko bhi mauka do chase karne ka..

    Note:HAHK ww footfall(BOI ka fake footfall) already Dangal ww ne break kiya hai

    Aab sallu fans ke pass kuch nahi bacha..

    ? ?

    Only chasing chasing...
    Karte raho tumse na ho payega...

  7. I don't think you understood dangal's box office trend. If you had you'd never say secret superstar can catch up dangal even in your dreams. Dangal had out of the world trending. Collections went upwards only till it's 2nd weekend. But here collection are on decline. Will end up just around $100m

  8. Amir Khan has more stardom in India. India collections r 80 cr and china 400 cr. RIP rationals and logics.

    1. arvind because aamir khan is a real global star, this the first time bollywood have one and it will take some time for bollywood to really understand this

  9. Ambani jio plan to get success he invested 1000cr i think he is fool Amir khan movie in china in 1week 500cr....Lol
    Amir>Ambani jio mere Lal

  10. Ambani ji pls make 50cr movie with limbu khan and release in china 2000cr business is guaranteed
    band karo sab indian business ??

  11. This is a revenge taken cos china ka maal ke baare main sab ko patha hai raste ka maal saste main..Dangal is a good movie it deserves wht it got but SS god cant beleive chinese are just like indians we just buy anything and everything of 3rd grade products from china similarly chinese brains are like tht sasta products sell karke unka dimag bhi aisi hogaya ,they ve stamped tht Aamir is there so the film is good like the products in china so we are taking a revenge from china for selling 3rd grade products to us similarly a film which hardly does 75 crs does 400 crs in china so in a way we are giving a fitting reply by cinema to china ..lol

    1. Feel pity on your psychology..... SS was a great movie......But we Indians lack sensibility..... That is the reason why Salman and SRK became superstars in India with their shitty movies and acting..... Chinese like sensible and interesting movies and and the movies which has content in it. That is why China is a developed country and India is still developing thanks to people like you..... SRK and Salman would have been a junior artist if they were in China.

      1. Ohhh so u think that ur sensible guy but still ur living in a under developed nation . ..wht thoughts man ur gr8 ,we should plan sending u to China a developed country which suits ur thinking a lot . and brand u as made in China...

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