Secret Superstar 2nd Week Box Office Collection

Secret Superstar 2nd Week Box Office Collection: Secret Superstar has grossed 14.60 crores in the second week. The numbers are low but steady.

This has taken the two weeks total to 56 crores. The film is likely to finish in the range of 60 crores which will be an average number. The early expectations were around 70-80 crores but it has not really found the appreciation even among its target audience.

Day 14.80
Day 29.30
Day 38.71
Day 48.50
Day 53.05
Day 62.75
Day 72.50
Day 82.29
Day 92.10
Day 103.50
Day 114.0
Day 121.25
Day 131.25
Day 141.25
Day 150.90
Day 160.70
Day 171.30
Day 181.50
Day 190.50
Day 200.40
Day 210.35
Day 220.35
4th Weekend1.0
Total61.94 cr

22 comments on “Secret Superstar 2nd Week Box Office Collection”

  1. Bollywood arena tumne India ka SB cheez or worldwide SB cheez ka bata Dia Lekin overseas records bhi daalo site me

    Overseas blockbuster overseas 100cr overseas $10M overseas HGOTY ..


    1. I dont think it will get a release in China but still I am waiting for your excuse that SS didn't get China release because it was not a full fledged Aamir Khan movie.

  2. flop movie without diwali 30cr hota only due to screen and china calculator it declare avrg but anyway flop hai

  3. Really Bollyarena Team,
    This film has not found appreciation!!!!! What??????

    Areee...The collection approx 60 crs are only due to appreciation among its target audience......Otherwise this film would have collected 35-40 crs max.....and on that criterion Aamir would have told that total cost of film is 5 crs.....???????

    1. Pagal insaan agar appreciation milti toh 100 cr easily cross krti as aamir thaa movie mein but you r ryt to some extent as 60 cr bhi aamir ki wajah se hi kamaaye [email protected]

      1. You Idiot......The movie itself got in trouble when released with Biggie Golmaal Again....

        Sometimes overconfidence can cause problems ....when you are at top in your game!!!!

  4. More then 115%PROFIT MOOVI n u said avrege wrong verdit n wait for other countrt realese. 100 cr G4 At collecyed 143 bollyteam that day u caclulat blockbuster n after almost double collection of SS u write Avrege Moovi. i am not with u. u gave wrong stamente. for us v are very happy is hit moovi. Dont write stupide joke.

  5. If these numbers was steady that mean its height of pleasing big stars. The movies is totally crap and flop. Just due to diwali holidays and more than extra screens by blackmailing got to such figures. If u deduct first four days collection movie is disaster. Another big flop of the 2017. What ever BA says to please him movie is miserable.

  6. The movie is already above average grosser. If it holds on nicely on third week, then it’s semi hit and if it holds on excellent it’s most likely to join hit. This is the numbers talking not me. Anyone has a question, let me know.

  7. Secret Superstar is clear Hit. Some sites already declared that. I do not know by what statistics Bollyarena declare a film hit, semi Hit or average. Does bollyarena knows distributor's price of Secret Superstar? According to bollyarena, SRK's Dilwale is Semi Hit in India where as news came SRK gave money to distributors for sharing their losses.

  8. Movie is strictly below average. 55-60 cr is very less considering bauna and diwali factor. Trade was expecting 150-200 cr. Even bauna also said it will beat dangal at box office. So it should be declare flop.

  9. 60cr+ to jaroor HIT hai.. Content-oriented low budget film ke liye yeh bahur accha collection hai

  10. dear bollyarena
    the budget of secret superstar is 50 crores and the lifetime collection should be around 60 crores so it means that SS will get semi hit verdict . chek ur statement pls,
    dont give wrong verdict,
    secret superstar-SEMI HIT

  11. secret super will get semi hit verdict.
    bollyarena team pls correct ur statement.the budget is 50 crores &lifetime colections should cross under 60crores.
    verdict-SEMI HIT

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