Secret Superstar 2nd Monday Box Office Collection

Secret Superstar 2nd Monday Box Office Collection: Secret Superstar has collected 1.25 crores on its second Monday. The drop is around 37% from second Friday and the collections are steady but at low levels.

The total collection of the film stands at 52 crores after 11 days. The film will finish at 60 crores in its lifetime run and will be an above average grosser at the box office.

Day 14.80
Day 29.30
Day 38.71
Day 48.50
Day 53.05
Day 62.75
Day 72.50
Day 82.29
Day 92.10
Day 103.50
Day 114.0
Day 121.25
Day 131.25
Day 141.25
Day 150.90
Day 160.70
Day 171.30
Day 181.50
Day 190.50
Day 200.40
Day 210.35
Day 220.35
4th Weekend1.0
Total61.94 cr

54 comments on “Secret Superstar 2nd Monday Box Office Collection”

  1. Haters SS ko disaster karane ja rahe the ? ? lekin unko ye pata nahi SS mein Aamir ka cameo hai means hit hai boss.

    Congrats Aamir fans and haters.

    1. Yes but could've been more than just above average if it was released solo

      1. Secret Suvvar Biggest Disaster
        Ab pata chal gaya Aamir ka stardom
        Movie kaise chalegi jab movie me content nahi aur Aamir ke paas stardom nahi

    2. ha bhai ....ab chillar hi jama karo...yahi din rah gaye Amir ke good very godd...pluto dog..jaise karni waisi bharni

    3. Ha ha lol garashya said min for ss is 100-110 Cr now look it's 60 Cr and still talking that tingu is there so hit

      Ha ha

      Cannot stop laughing minimum 100-110 Cr


  2. Srk came in dear zindagi ..overseas collection -$6.8M (600 screens only )

    Aamir secret superstar overseas collection - $5M expected in 1100 screens + diwali

    Salman main lead role in tubelight overseas collection - $7M in 1200 screens eid me v hahahahaha

    Jhms Ko bhi negative review Mila tha Lekin uska overseas collection $10.6M
    Tubelight overseas collection $7M eid me v hahaha

      1. For how long you post this stupidity again and again. Not considering Alia bhatt for DZ. Here Aamir only was the salable face.
        And what about Aamir leading role in overseas Dangal-230m$, D3-31m$,Pk-47m$. Where Srk only has one movie above 25m$, none in 30m$. Grow up and stop childish comparison. And DZ was a solo release, SS had clash and diwali effect sidelined due to clash factor.

    1. Eid 1 holiday aur tubelight ko nagetive review mila tha some muslim place h eid hoti h jhms tow actor good the but daister h

      1. Abe oo jahil gawaar china ka collection hata kyuki srk ka movie china me nahi release hua ..barabri ka mukbala kar
        Dilwale $26M in 1000 screens clash with bajirao and star wars or average reviws tha
        Pk $26 M 1200 screns extemely positive review me bhi .dangal $30M in 1400 screens exremely positive review me
        Mtlb dilwale solo aata to $32Mabove rehta average review me bhi or extemely positive review rehta to $50M

        1. Agreed Samir sir. And had dilwale released in China , $500 Million was sure shot. Foolish dudes know nothing about BO prediction - Q sirji, thik kaha na maine? lol

    2. Diwali is biggest festival in overseas. kuch bhi matlab. Oveseas main diwali ka kya matlab bhai And dear jindagi was movie of alia bhatt (one of the top heroine today) with succesfull director gauri shinde

  3. Release se pehle Aamir fans bhok the the ki Golmaal Ko crush ke degi or 100cr kregi or overseas me top pe rehgi 2017 me ..Lekin ab Aamir fans excuse de the ki ye Aamir ka cameo hai Aamir ka movie nahi hai niche movie hai
    Abe agar niche movie rehta to Aamir itna promotion kyu Kia 2500 screens ka maang kyu Kia ? Diwali me release kyu Kia ? Aamir 35 min + hai movie me ...ye aamir ka hi movie hai

    India collection 55cr
    India gross 70cr
    Overseas $5M tak krega
    Worldwide 100-105cr hahahahaha

    Overseas me bhut bara flop hua .. overseas me 1100 screens tha to distributor ka bhu loss hua ..or ek baat agar ye Aamir ka movie nahi hota to overseas me 1100 screens me kyu release Kia ? Dangal ka 1200screens tha

    1. Halannkeh film good thi but jab average h to amir ke fan amir ki film mante h n worldwide promotion kyon kia 2500 ke lag bhag screen kyon len h everything good hone ke ba wajod average

    2. aamir ka overseas khatam kaha hua hai abhi to overseas shuru hui hai bhul gaye kya dangal ki overseas collection abhi bhi chal rahi hai so please wait and watch

  4. Aamir fans bol the ye Aamir ka movie nahi or niche genre ki movie hai .Aamir 35-40 min tak hai movie me jo ki lead role kehlaya

    Agar Aamir ka movie nahi hai ye or ye niche movie hai to 2500 screens ka maang kyu Kia itna promotion kyu Kia diwali me release kyu Kia ..or sbse main point overseas me 1100 screens me kyu release Kia agar ye Aamir ka movie nahi hai to ? Dangal 1200 screens tha overseas me. ..ye Aamir ka movie hai or ye flop ho Gaya

    1. So what, still ots a success. Unlike tubelight, where Salman fans expected 2000cr ww due to chinese angle with Salman stardom. It barely crossed 200cr ww. Distributors ki laashe bicha di thi.

        1. Talaash ww is still better than Salman's ready. Hahahah.
          And why to compare only talaash.
          Aamir's Dhobhi ghat is still miles better than Salman's Hollywood Marigold. Happy Arjun pandit.

    1. Wo isliye kyuki isme aamir ki fees bhi add ki gayi hai aur real estimated budget aamir ki fees mila kar 60 crore banta hai. Jaise kaabil ke budget mein hrithik, raees mein shahrukh ka aur tubelight mein Salman ki fees add karke estimated budget 40se 50 crore bada diya gaya tha.

  5. gayi bhes pani me....according to some eka duka Amir fans....SS will be classic record breaker....100cr will be cake walk and it crush Crap Golmaal Rohit...in first weekend itself..golmal 60 cr SS 110/115 cr.....ab AMir fans please 50cr+ kaha se aayege?
    distributor ki tu lasshe bich gayi...Bombay circuit me....even in north...

  6. @ceiling ulte pankhe…..Amir boycotted award in 1996 DDLJ v.s Rangeela…ab koi fool hi comapre kare….Amir to SRK…he was nothing infront of SRK in 90’s even sallu bhai way poplar than Amir in concern to openings…so who will be jealous SRK or Amir..in 90’s?off course Amir…

    ok if you say he is not jealous….than who wrote in his Blog DOG….this bloody jealous filthy divorccee….Amir….got the salp….he is jealous

  7. Budget 15 crore
    Lifetime 60 crore
    China sey 450 crore aayega
    Worldwide :600 crore
    Bss do teen mahino ki khushi mna lo haters

    1. Kaun si duniya mein jee raha hai re tu..dangal sports movie thi isliye chal gyi china mein..pk ne kya ukhaad liya tha china mein?3 idiots ne kya ukhaada tha china mein?500 chhodo 20 cr cross kr jaaye wahi badi baat hogi

  8. @BollyArena : Didn't you say a few days back that with 60+cr it was going to be a hit ? Can you please explain in details the economy of the film ?

  9. Bollyarena is using verdict based on BOI. Dear Zindagi budget as per BOI is 46cr and SS 45cr how?. No expensive location,debut director,no lead heroine. While DZ shoot on expensive locations in foreigns, Alia as lead actress,Gauri shinde is known director due to EV. Moreover SS hasn't been sold by distributer through zee studio and aamir himself.
    @Tiger zinda h When Aamir fans told that SS will crush GA. Only expectation was that SS will score more in overseas but it lags behind a little but with China release it eventually cross GA in overseas.

    1. lol boi , the admin gave the most hyper inflated budget figure of 45c lol. still cant claim it is a unsuccessful film, bechara boi admin so many years he tried still cant beat mr dangal khan and always fail. he rights his article as if aamir khan made disaster chef not successful ss.

  10. It's not a secret superstar
    It's a D Grade suparstar
    Sorry amir bhaiyya dub gayi tumhari naiyya
    but fikar not its not your fault
    Kyokii movie m content nhi tha or apke pass stardom nhi h
    Sprite:-seedhi baat no bakwass
    Clear hai

    1. Hahaha! Maza aya ye padne ke baad! Vai.. 3 back to back ATHG dene wala, founder of 100cr, 200cr, 250cr, 300cr, 350cr & worldwide 2000cr (when 200cr was done, no other so called "crowd puller star" didn't even manage to get 100cr).. use some common sense before abusing Bollywood's Numéro uno Perfectionist..
      aur Aamir k pas stardom nahi hai to kisi ke pas nahi hai.. only polestar has stardom then, Okk??!

  11. agar budget 35 crore hai to bhi hit hai

    dear zindegi - budget 45crore - collection 64 crore- distribution price 32 crore - status hit

    secretsuperstar- budget 35crore - collection will be 60 crore - no distribution price - above average ( how )

    please explain bollyarena

  12. I love how you change your verdit. Couple days ago you were saying it’s average, today your are saying above average. The reality is movie is hit. Almost double the investments. Where are haters who saying secret superstar is a disaster ? The disaster is jab Harry meet segel.

  13. Abhi ke liye ye Kah sakte he movie mast he but bat yadi hit/supehit ki he to Iske liye ise solo release krna tha Diwali pe

  14. India (batting first):
    Team total 350 in 50 overs
    Kohli 150 runs from 120 balls
    Kohli-haters: Kohli doesn’t have class or technique, actually the pitch was very good for batting. Luckily he won the toss.. Also Rohit-Dhawan made a good opening partnership & that’s why Kohli scored so many runs!

    India (chasing 150 in a bowling-friendly pitch)
    Kohli 50 runs from 70 balls in a challenging situation & India wins!
    Kohli-haters: Now Kohli’s “asli aukadh” has come out. What a poor strike rate! He has no technique or skill.. Just lucky that a small target to chase. Otherwise India would’ve lost only bcoz of Kohli!

    This is the state of Aamir-haters now.. Matlab kuch bhi bol dete hai ye log! Kuch to aakal honi chahiye!!

  15. 20 minutes of silence (bcoz that's the real length of Aamir's role in SS) for those who were trying to claim SS as Aamir's movie & also a flop tag.. a female-oriented film (that too a child actress with just 1 film experience) with message on disturbing domestic violence in a festive time clashing with a big brand accepted comedy franchise & still then it is collecting 60cr+... So what to say?? Hit to zaroor hai (Man raha hu superhit expected tha with 75cr+ collection lekin wo nahi hua)

  16. It shows that the female actors are not considerd leads in India. FYI Dear Zindegi was Alia Bhatt movie with SRK cameo and SS is Zaira Wasim movie with Aamir cameo. Now you can be that fool to compare Alia with Child actor Zaira logic RIP. Anyway Aamir ka ek.movie ka overseas collection baki heros ke 10 movie ka barabar hain.

  17. Thanks bolly team n i stil talked 63 + ss. amir is king... thns lot. now waiting fot TOH.
    new record... counting unlimited

  18. The thug comming soon. jo AK ko gali dete hai. vo bhi wait kar rahe hai.. ToH
    india 600 cr. abhi se likh lo..
    ww total 2800 cr.
    sab yaad karna. pyar se ya gali se.

    1. Aamir ko koi gaali nai deta bhai sab tere jaise thodi hai nd jab aayegi tb dekh lenge ab bore mat kr plz

  19. Aamir apne cameo se hi film hit Kara deta hai Aur Lallu, srk full fledged role k baad bhi fail ho gya bechare.... Lol.. Thugs of hindustan will definitely take a humongous opening.. Double to dwarf film

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