Secret Superstar 2nd Friday Box Office Collection

Secret Superstar 2nd Friday Box Office Collection: Secret Superstar has collected 1.80 crores on its second Friday. The collections are steady but at lower levels.

There is a potential for big growth on second Saturday and the early trends have also suggested so. This means that film will cross 50 crores mark but 60 cr still seems out of reach which would have made this film a semi hit. As of now, Secret Superstar is an average grosser.

Day 14.80
Day 29.30
Day 38.71
Day 48.50
Day 53.05
Day 62.75
Day 72.50
Day 82.29
Day 92.10
Day 103.50
Day 114.0
Day 121.25
Day 131.25
Day 141.25
Day 150.90
Day 160.70
Day 171.30
Day 181.50
Day 190.50
Day 200.40
Day 210.35
Day 220.35
4th Weekend1.0
Total61.94 cr

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  1. Secret superstar is a great movie, it will pick up from today onwards. I urge everybody to exprience this awesome movie and not give in to the negative publicity done by ajay devgan fans.

    1. Yah today 30 crs tomm( Sunday )35 crs verdict phir bhi flop...kya soncha kya hua some said GA will do 80-90 crores and SS will do 200 crs where are they, secret hogaye kya yaar kuch toh izzat rakkho standing ovation film hai 50 ke liye tarasra, aakhir china ka maal main kya gyarentee hotha bathau...seems like Tingu khan is shifting his base to china cos sab chinese same height ke rehete tingu tingu so he ll get full confidence...

  2. Golmal till second weekend 162 cr
    After secnd week 18 cr
    Lifetime 202 cr
    Verdict blockbuster

  3. Chennai express 3600 screens 2013 eid me 227cr kia jab ki next week once upon a time in mumbai dobara tha or chennai expeess mixed to positive review me itna kia ...agar next week ouatim dobara nahi rehta to 250cr krta ..or ye log 300cr ke liye troll kr rhe ..ab dekho jahil gawaar ka pehchan dekho dislike krenge ye comment jaise ki hum kuch galat bol diye


    1. Aakhir chamcha aacchaa naam hai reportedly leave budget of film making Tingu khan has spent 15 crs only for promotions and giving money to paid presstitues ...thts why standing ovation everything was done to promote kisiki himmat nahi thi -ve report dene ki KRK did tht his account was suspended such was the money power used kya faida zabardast tappad mila he even went upto posting himself and Ajays pic as if nothing happened peeche peeche poore screens churaliya 50 % screens tht too last min cos all standing ovation diye tingu khan chane ki jhaad main chad gaye...lol lol

      1. Fully Flopstar gadhe .. in rotten Tomato critics rating - 86% and audience rating 89% . Made with 25 crore budget and will do Business in India net 60 crore. Overseas collection also good. It is a hit movie.

  4. Aamir also declares that SS is made with 22cr budget including all.

    It collects 45cr till now and at d end may be 55cr-60cr then it should be hit

    But this BOI always give d wrong verdict.

    See their adjusted collection for old movies in today's time. ? ?

    Whatever happens they always it with sallus crap films.

    Their language shows that how much they love sallu.

    1. The problem is not with their figures but problem is how BOI plays with aamirs khan and his movie status.

    2. Wow man.....You proved how dumb you are??? The same website declared 3 Idiots, PK, Dangal All Time Blockbuster......But when sultan earned 300 crs they gave only blockbuster status......

      Also if u say that only Aamir fans are making his movies cross 300 crs then you are wrong......In future other star fans will skip watching Aamir movies in Cinema hall if you and some other morons continuously troll other stars.....Tit for Tat......Newton's third Law applies everywhere......

    3. 100cr kredi ss bolte amir h bolte nam se movie chlti bolte hahahaha hogya... Ss 50cr banayi h to. Amir ka cameo h.. Agr yehe movie 100 krti toh ye parshaya he bolta amir h isly kri.. Or q wo to worldwide star hna q uska collection GA SE bh km h. Sidhi bat h lul hogyi uski.. Small budget movie bana rh h usme b usko holiday chhiye acchi screen chhiye. Isse he pata lagta h ek no. Ka fattu star h wo. Alle le Diwali se to movie bach b gyi wrna kh rhti abh tu he jnta h. Fattu star ka. Fattu fan

    4. According to Aamir Secret Superstar already earned double of it's cost. Also it is doing well internationally. Thus considering the budget of the film , it is superhit.

  5. According to wiki the budget of the movie is 15cr other sites are claiming 30cr . Bollyarena can you finally confirm what is the real budget

    1. abe 40 min ka aamir ka role hai.....movie budget is 30cr...diwali mein release hai....20 cr promotion mein hai.....heavily loose..aur ab china mein bhi release nahi hogi haa ha a ha

  6. HNY 1st day collection estimates according to BOI was 39 - 40 crore .but BOI gave 1st day collection just 36.3 crore.

  7. First of all this is already hit movie. Second for movies like SS, Newton, Swadesh box office does not matter always they will be remembered.

  8. When most tracking sites get prominence they are susceptible to fudge numbers the true verdict of films releases at the end of the year no doubt ss is a hit as no distributors have asked for they money back and even the single screens that played the film didn’t lose any money aamir always works in tandem with his distributors and exhibitors why else did he get such a huge screen count it’s about trust.

  9. SEMI HIT what a joke and average is more cruel joke. Extra screens by stardom and extended weekend with full holidays save this movie by total collapse. But still its disaster. Dont use such words to impress big stars. Agar ajay ya salman or srk movie hoti toh its big failure, distributor loss and disaster words has been used. But for aamir ot rithik decent average grosser etc. Double standards as i hv seen in kaabil or Mj etc or ur Dangal Hype. Release it in China and pleased Aamir by huge collections.

    1. aamir ka stardum to dekho diwali mein 4.5cr.....hai koi aisa only johny liver can do.....

  10. If we consider a film hit/super hit/blockbuster on their budget then SS is Blockbuster Because at the end it will collect around 60 CR which is 4X than its budget

  11. 40 minutes made in China fans new mantra ............ movie was made with 20Cr .

    Movie is FLOP already move on

  12. After some years,an Indian movie is releasing and name of the movie is END OF BOLLYWOOD
    As the name suggests,this movie will destroy bollywood.this movie contains
    Robot 2 - budget 450 crores
    Odiyan(2018) - budget 600 crores
    Randamoozham(2020) - budget 1000 crores
    Ss Rajamouli's ramayana and mahabharata - budget 500 crores and 1000 crores
    These movies comprise a single movie END OF BOLLYWOOD
    Bahubali 1 to sirf is movie ka teaser tha aur bahubali 2 uska trailer tha picture(robot 2,odiyan,randamoozham,ss rajamouli's ramayana and mahabharata) abhi baaki hai
    After bahubali 2,srk and salman's movies started flopping
    There is only one person is left in bollywood who is none other than aamir khan
    Is movie ke teaser(bahubali 1) aur trailer(bahubali 2) ne aamir khan ko chodkar pure bollywood ka sarvanaash kar diya
    Abhi to sirf teaser aur trailer hi aaye hain aur bollywood ka yeh haal ho gaya
    END OF BOLLYWOOD ke teaser aur trailer ne bollywood ka yeh haal kar diya to socho picture(robot 2,odiyan,randamoozham,ss rajamouli's ramayana and mahabharata) kya karegi
    Isliye to is movie ka naam hai


  13. @bollyarena - not asking this as Aamir fan but generally why is the film an average grosser when the makers have said that the cost including prints and advertising is 15 crores? Earlier at some places it had been reported that the cost was around 30 cr but ultimately producer figure has to be considered. Also figure of 15 crores seems to be genuine as there are hardly any production costs and the actors are also relatively new/unknown and ofcourse Aamir is the producer himself.

    Thus if the film ends up with close to 60 crores, it'd have done 4 times its cost. I am guessing the distributo share would be around 25 crore mark. Why is it not getting HIT status? Is it because it performed with lesser occupancy and couldnt justify the wide release? Strictly as per return on investment it should definitely get HIT status.

    Again, this is more of a query and not a fan outburst . Hoping to hear on this.....

    1. Lisa,
      Absolutely loved to read your comment/query. Most comments made on Bollywood cine cites are unproductive and focus on belittling actors.
      My opinion on the verdict of Bollywood movies is that verdict in Bollywood cine sites are influenced by the idea of feeding exactly what it’s visitors want. I believe it’s not even necessary to give a verdict to a movie. Just providing P&A costs and collection of movies in the sites instead of being judges seems more sensible to me. Having said so, in the lack of fan-wars traffic will dwindle which the sites don’t want.
      Also, what is very disheartening is calling cheap names to other countries. comments like “China ka maal” will only create bad feelings among foreign audiences. After all, whatever profit comes from abroad is extra.
      Having said all this i would keep GA against SS on the chart box of watchlist owing to its higher entertainment quotient. But I would still watch SS to appreciate the venturing of Aamir into diverse aspect of society through movies.
      And, since both the movies are still running best wishes to both of them.

      Finally Lisa , I will be waiting to read more comments from you, so keep writing. And hope the admin responds to your query.

      1. Thanks Bose...!!

        We ll you give another perspective to this entire business of traffic or judging a film's success.

        I genuinely would like to know the source of SS budget - mentioned as 35 cr by bollyarena. Again, I'm not suggesting that this figure is inaccurate but mostly film budgets are sourced from producers and in the case os SS , there seems to be a huge mismatch!

  14. abe logo ka paas koi option nahi hai...saturday ko 3 cr tak collection ho sakta hai...wo bhi kuch multiplex mein monday ko 30-50lakhs collection super flop movie

  15. how a movie with 35 crore budget and it will cross at least 55 crore with fantastic colliction in overese is just averge it must be clean hit .
    amer khan himself say it a superhit in the success party of the movie

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