Secret Superstar 2nd Day Box Office Collection

Secret Superstar 2nd Day Box Office Collection: Secret Superstar has shown very good growth of around 80% on its second day. The film has collected 9.30 crores on Friday.

The collections are pretty good for a film having limited appeal. However, there is Aamir Khan's presence in the film which has not helped much. Also, it has not justified its number of screens. Ideally, it should have been released in 1000-1200 screens.

Probably Aamir Khan underestimated Golmaal Again brand and Rohit Shetty-Ajay Devgn combo. As we reported earlier, Golmaal Again was always the best bet on Diwali as it was a total commercial entertainer. Secret Superstar has some dark angle and a festival releases was not needed.

  • Day 1: 4.80
  • Day 2: 9.30
  • Total: 14.10 cr

67 comments on “Secret Superstar 2nd Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Akshay cameo in NS 4.9 crore opeining
    SRK CAMEO 1100 SCREEN 8.75 (2 CRORE FOR ALIA = 6.75)
    AAMIR 4.50

    1. That's a good jump but he should not have clashed, it's not good! He should've just released the movie on a normal week, Monday will show the real test!

    2. Gud jump....
      Today will be around 12-13
      Tomorrow 15cr
      And hats off to Ajay he is one man army carrying a whole movie on his shoulder to march pass to 30cr+ opening twice...
      Ajay have golmaal franchise
      And akki have housfull franchise...
      But Bo record says all golmaal >>>>housfull...
      I am not against akshay ,but he is lacking in power of crowd pull even with +ve wom movie...
      Varun,ranbeer,ranveer also chase down akki highest grosser....
      Hoping other movie of him cross 200cr barrier (2.0 is rajni kanth movie and not more but easily do 100cr in Hindi belt even without akki)

      1. Let housefull release on a Diwali no one will dare clash with it #housefull dosen’t need holiday for opening

      1. @Mink
        Kabse sapne dekhne laga aur wo bhi din me.

        Tu kiska fan hai jara bata..
        I think tu crime master gogo ka fan hoga ??

        1. Sapne tu dekhne laga hai Parshya, SS koi Dangal ya PK nahi jo Chinese audience se connect ho jaye, SS hum muslimo se related hai aur china mein Muslim ki population hai bhi nahi... 100 crs ki predictions karta to hum sochte bhi par tune to hadd hi kardi sidhe 400-1000 crs LMAO... Matlab ab tubhi ye maanne laga ke aamir indian nahi Chinese star hai.. Hehe heh...

          Waise tu to SS k liye 200 crs india mein predict kar raha tha aur ab excuse kyun de raha hai k tune pehle sirf 90-100 crs predict kiya tha...

          Maza agay tere excuse dekh ke,

          1. Kyun religion ko la rahi ho?? SS jaisi movie is for every girls... Not for any particular religion or country

    3. Kitna promote kiya best actress in the industry,standing ovation wow wht not 50% screens....yeh bhi kejriwal ke tarah ghamandi aur lalchi hogaya Amir...

      1. All jobless dumb haters get a life. Your 2 rs star will always remain tiny compared to megastar aamir khan. Aukaat me raho.

  2. I have seen secret superstar,it was a good film.I will rate it 4 out of 5.After watching the movie I have realised that secret superstar could have come on any month/period still it would have collected as much as those type of film does if appreciated.Maybe 40-50 crs is good for that movie,Because of Aamir 20% more can be added or maximum 80 crs.More than that it cannot do if it would have released solo also.It is a case of commercial movie with limited appeal (Hindi medium,Dear zindagi).

    On the other hand Golmaal again,yet to see that movie but whatever I have heard about it,it is proper holiday movie,it deserve maximum screens.It could have done 300 crs lifetime if released solo.But still hoping 200 cr is achievable.
    If Golmaal again was pathetic movie than it could have not collected on day 1 that much & fall would be huge (same like Harry meet Sejal) & GA struggle to collect 80-90 crs also,so DIWALI is a period which can accommodate 2 movies.

    Hope both movies does whatever they would have done solo.Audiences are loving both the movies.

  3. Sharam se doob Maro farzi deshbhakt akshay ..Ajay ke pass v 2 30cr opening ho gaya or hamare lord akshay ke pass 20cr opening v naaai hai hahahaha

    1. When pre release reports were out every member of film fraternity gave a standing ovation now after watching this movie I got to know what is standing ovation film....ok film is not tht bad it's gud but standing ovation this shows how film fraternity dares to differentiate all phattus they gave 5 stars 6 stars and what not, just to show that they support with tht that even took max screens thinking of another block buster soo overconfident the same thing will happen to his next film Thugs will get only 50% screens and see how the he ll feel when big films are lost on the reason for less no. Of screens I thought Amir is a gud person with his industry persons look at his behaviour he simply deprived money to golmal distributors and his own distributors this will not go well in future for him he will be paid back dearly for this move...

  4. Golmaal 33cr kamaya kyuki ye biggest family movie hai or biggest series hai after Dhoom ...nahi to ajay ka koi dusra movie rehta Bina sequel ka to 1st day 20-22cr tak hi kamata diwali pe solo

    1. @2.0;
      Bhai jalne ki bhi koi limit hoti hai, and its Ajay who make this franchise so big......And if franchise is the guarantee for such huge success then why Housefull fail to get such huge numbers.....1st day collection of Housefull 3 was only 16cr.....So Bhai stop bashing other actors and focus on your own star.....

  5. Akshay to hai hi chota star uska baat choro deshbhakt ka naatak kar ke movie hit kr rha ..20cr opening vo 2030 me dega jisme lead role me hritik ka beta hoga or akshay is movie me uska baap hahaha

  6. A 9 cr day despite being a non commercial flick and despite huge competition is very good, I think you're under estimating Secret Superstar. Just because Golmaal overpassed expectations doesn't mean Secret Superstar is not faring very well !

  7. jo log pahle 1000cr bol rahe tha ab excuse de rahe hai aamir cameo role mein hai......koi star powe nahi opening 4.5cr...woh bhi 2000 screening pa.....ha haha

    1. @Mink
      Kaun excuses de raha hai
      Hum pahle bhi kahte thee ye movie 90-110 cr ke aaspas business karegi aur aaj bhi bolte hai.

      Hamne kabhi aisa nahi bola Aamir ki cameo wali movie g4 ko beat karegi.

      Ha mai ye bol raha hoon SS china ke baad 1000cr kar sakti hai aur nahi kiya toh Kam se kam 400cr toh karegi
      India me 70cr business karne par bhi.

      Wait n watch
      Waiting for china release ?
      India ki janta ko masala bahot pasand hai toh khao.

        1. @Mink
          400cr bhi bahot hai bhai

          Aaj tak 4-5 movies ne hi utna collect kiya hai aur usme Aamir ki 3 movies hai ?? aur ye bhi shamil hogi.

          Tu kisika bhi fan ho.. par tere actor me dum nahi.. Aamir ka record todke dikhade.

        2. Mai bola kar sakti hai..
          Acche se comments padh

          Maine ye nahi bola jarur karegi par chance hai. Magar dusra koi nahi chalega china me Aamir ke sisa.

          Cameo wali movie bhi waha dhamaka kar sakti hai.

          Indians ko khali gana vana rona dhona action jackson chahiye.
          Aur faltu ke jokes ?

          Isiko hi wo acchi movie smjte hai.

          BTW Ajay ne sabki bolti band ki jo uske stardom pe shak kar rahe the ?

          1. Baubali is biggest blockbuster in India and main overseas circuit with big margin in India

            And rahi bat China ki to tera Pas China Ka alwava bat Karna no kuch hai hi Nahi

            Coz you are also Chinese
            Too much fun

            1. China hi nahi

              Taiwan.Canada,Hong Kong,Turkey mein ab tak ATG hai Dangal aur bade margin se.


        4. @mink oorf @Roric

          Bhai , es movie me aamir sirf cameo h , jese DJ me srk or Nam shabana me Akshay....

          Or Roll b gamandi Music directer ka.......

          Or diwali busy day tha....tbhi GA diwali day pr release nhi hui...???

          Or ydi esme aamir nhi hota....to Life time "simran" se b km hota...

          Vese 2nd day 9 crore h

  8. Ajay ne watt laga di Aamir ki.....its a Best example of Overconfidence.....

    One side Salman sets an example of Friendship by leaving big project movie and on the other side Aamir back-stab Ajay......Seriously SS is not a big movie, 1000-1200 screen is sufficient for this movie but Aamir use his stardom and his next release to book maximum screen for small movie, which is wrong....But GA change the game, now after the huge 1st day collection of GA theater owners now reducing the shows from SS......

    1. Ha haha ha ha, Ajay ne watt laga di woh bhi world's biggest movie star ki. wait a minute, What is ajay without rohit shetty and franchise? Aamir is baap of srk and salman in stardom then who is poor ajay? LOL. If SS would star ajay then opening would have been in thousands forget even 1 cr. Let your coalmine devgn release his movie with aamir's commercial movie and then we will see kaun kiski watt lagata hai. SS had aamir's cameo only for half an hour you fool. think 100 times before you talk anything.

  9. TEPK released on more screen than GOLMAAL AGAIN could collect only 20 crores on holiday where as GA collected humongous This is real stardom not like makki. Now it’s clear Ajay sir >>>>>>>> makki kaha gye sab makkians Utsav rajput abhijeet Roric dekho apne gangu tell ki aukat

  10. Now we will see comment like "Indian audience are stupid, they don't know what is good movie, they only like crap and illogical movies"........Means every successful movies of other actors becomes crap for them.....LOL

  11. Seen Both movies....

    Secret star --- is waste ......Amir makes people fool...
    what nonsense and boring movie...zaira acted also pakaoo...common reviewers all r approaching blaa vblaa...but movie is crab...Amir ne itna faltu role kaise kiyaa...valueless role,.wasted money... 2 stars or 1.5 will be fine.

    Golmal --- movie also not as expected from golmal team....movie makes to laugh but again not a single room....and end is so boring....common rohit we don't expect this from u...though made laughs in few scenes...my rating 2.5 stars...it was like golmal 2 almost.

    Diwali me aisee pictures expected nahi thee...Amir was big big disappointment and felt like amir is fooling people by inviting some celebrities and marketing movie indirectly....it was crab...

    Golman at list entertained but still not upt to rohit shettys mark...who is probably best commercial film director we have today...who gave golaml 1 and golmal 3, singham , chennaiu , singham return...
    and also to mention devgan acted very well....also supporting but pariniti and tabbu so boring should reire soon.

    honest review

    1. Rupa tereko kaisi movie chahiye ye toh bata ?
      Tu bahot hi badiya critic lag raha hai ?
      Hame bhi toh samje teri choice ?

        1. Ya phir Akki fan hai aur Joker fav movie hogi. Nahin to phir SRK bachta hai phir to JHMS hi pasand hogi

    2. Rupa ji.. Nam se toh Bengali lag raha hai.. Kyun Bengal ka insult kar rahi hai?? Zaroor koi SRK fan lag raha hai! SS or GA dono films bhi bekar lag rahi hai ye toh kuch jyada hi ho gaya!!!

    3. Isne torrents se dono pictures dekhi hai tabhi aisa bol raha hai, Go n watch on theatre you will love both the movies.
      SS: Goosebumps on some scenes, Flawless acting.
      GA: Great time pass movie
      Johny lever: Bhoothaniyat honi chahiye jaise insaniyat hoti hai?

  12. @devgun TEPK released on 2900 screens, whereas GA released on 3500 screens. A big difference between both

  13. Good collection
    It will get hit status at d end.

    LT=70-75cr.. Hit ?

    Aur kya chahiye haters. kya tum log Aamir ki jaan loge.

    non masala movie aur wo bhi cameo wali golmal4 brand ko beat karne ko bol rahe hai.

    Kuch toh sharam karo ?sharam nahi toh dub maro.

    SS - 500cr after china release

      1. tera joker kumar hota to 1 cr opening bhi nhi hota SS ka. Accept it you moron. your makki doesn't have any star power. He relies on low budget quality movies with patriotism. Aukaat Aukaat ki baat hai.

    1. Parshya... Tune to hadd kardi yaar.... Matlab kuchh bhi, pehle to tu SS ko 200 crs ki movie bata raha tha aur ab 70-80 crs tak hi samet diya... Phirr china collection 1000 crs se 500 crs pe agaya aur jab china mein release ho jayega to 100 crs pe hi atak jayega... LMAO... Hahaha

  14. Secret Superstar is a good movie. I guess it will collect 35+ crore by this weekend. 50+ crore by this week And lifetime collection will be 100+ crore . On the other hand I guess Rohit Shetty's movie will collect nearly 100 crore by this week, and 200+ crore in lifetime.

  15. Rupa- pahle crab aur crap ka difference jaan lo phir review likhna. Anpadh ganwaron ke liye board lagna chaiye (not allowed waali). Thoda padh likh lo tab movie bhi Samajh aane lagegi

  16. 9 Crore for a small film is good collection. It will collect in the range of 90-100 Crore. It has immense repeat value and it is one of the best film of 2017. Happy for Golmaal Again, it is definitely the best franchise after Dhoom.

      1. Kia stupid baat hai. Issi India kai logon nai PK, 3i, dangal ko ATBB karwayi. Bolo kai woh bhi Indians nai ghalat samjhi aur un ko disaster hona chahye tha. Hadd hoti hai stupidity ki. Stop making excuses.

      2. Movie nahin chali to India kai logon ka level nahin hai


        Golmal again buht funny thi lekin yeh comment us sai bhi jyada funny hai

  17. @bollyarena Aamir presence not worked much.lol. If aamir wasn't in this movie than it won't even collected 2-3cr against golmaal 4. Expectation was around 12cr but GA exceeded expectation so SS bound to come less. Anyways i hope in next two days it will collect closed to 18-20cr. In the verge of collecting of 70-80cr. But next two days can give the idea where it heading too.
    Anyways What i have said even Aamir cameo movies is compared with his contemporaries solo lead.

    1. Aamir fans should stop crying, making excuses and accept defeat. Aamir is not a God that he cannot go wrong. He is a human who can make mistake just like all. He was over-confident and made blunder of clashing with golmal 4. Paying price of his blunder.

      1. There is nothing crying here. It was a fact. Aamir overestimated SS by releasing it more screens and where he failed. Its not like that movie is bad or gonna bomb at boxoffice. Just a fact that Aamir haters consider this is his lead movie. And we have to reply them, that's it. It's a clear fact that GA exceeded expectations which eventually resulted to reduce SS chances.

  18. Have seen Secret Superstar, its a must watch to say the least!! 4 stars!

    It seems that wom for both films is positive and respective audiences are happy.

    One more open week after this and not many big films coming (except Itefaq), both films should emerge as Hits/Super Hits! SS would probably be running in cinemas through the month of November!

  19. Day after diwali is the best day for collection........Amir ne promotion bhi khoob kiya.......but collection 10 cr bhi nhi......Amir na kabhi superstar tha ....na hai .....Na kabhi hoga.......Amir collection is only based on Content and Festival......Warna Talash se jyada kuch nahi hai.....

    1. Aamir is megastar. your lallu is a local star. tera baap to main hoo. salman na kabbhi superstar tha.. na hai .. aur na kabhi hoga. aamri ke saamne salman ki kya aukaat? salman chota mota local star hai. uski movies content aur eid pe depend karti hai. warna jai ho, tubelight, veer aur marigold aur kuch nahhi.

    2. Aamir is megastar. your lallu is a local star. salman na kabbhi superstar tha.. na hai .. aur na kabhi hoga. who is salman compared to megastar aamir khan? salman chota local star hai. uski movies content aur eid par depend karti hai. warna jai ho, tubelight, veer aur marigold aur kuch nahi.

  20. This is a good jump considering against the uphill competition against the GA storm! Go SS.. It deserves more jump in collection in the coming days

  21. Secret super star -- 2
    Golmal - 3

    problems in secret super star :
    1) Bad music specially when main character is singer..
    2) slow pace
    3) Non practical - many such seems in movie where it's seems director Dont have practical ideas...like going in plane and singing 1st song in Mumbai and coming back to school to gujrat in just 8 hours...last award function scene was completely baseless . and many sch places director has left big wholes...which is accepted for such zo called classic movies...masala movie me sab maaf hai..
    in one scene --girls mother sees her with a boy seating and chatting ....instead of scolding her she says u can go and enjoy this evening , roam around the city...is it possible a middle class women or even high class mother will allow her daughter who is in 9th standard to have affair....common...not acceptable...ek baar college is baat hoti phir bhi chaloo maan letein...but not for this age girl who is just 14 or 15.
    4) amir khans poorest role till date....
    5) story was just unpractical.
    6) zaira's acting ...---zaira acted in 1 style in whole film then it be imotional , or other scenes ....
    7) showing male dominance ...in film father was shown harsj but again daadi say all women's suffer ...which was non practical...
    8) singer vocie -- since it was film on singer so female singer voice was expected to be special but here atten was not paid on it ....and in film it was portrait say best singer in India...from perfectionist can't expect so many looo pools.

    kutch bhi chipkaya hai amir ne...

  22. Only salman can give blockbuster without content.....Kick Bodygaurd Tiger....even Tubelight earns 120cr ....
    But Amir .....tingu is nothing without content.....Talash dhobighat .......

    1. Abe lallu salman is masala dependent star. Tingu to salman hai heighe me aur stardom me b. agar SS me salman hota to 1 crore bhi nahi hota. aamir is light years ahead of salman in stardom. chuha, bodyguard and kick are south remakes. that's what has been saving lallu since 2009. LOL. poor local star is no competition to megastar aamir khan.

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