Satyameva Jayate and Gold 2nd Week Box Office Collection

Akshay Kumar's Gold has faced considerable drops in the second week as it grossed 13.70 crore. The drop was expected as the trend was weak over the weekdays.

The total collection of the film now stands at 103 crores. Overall it is a decent total however when the film has an opening day of 25 crores, one expects a higher lifetime total. Gold has managed to recover costs and has also generated some profits. Thus the film is in the safe zone economically.

Day 125.25
Day 28.10
Day 310.10
Day 412.30
Day 515.55
Day 64.0
Day 74.60
Day 86.10
Day 93.30
Day 101.85
Day 113.10
Day 124.75
Day 131.45
Day 141.0
Day 150.85
Day 160.70
Total103.0 cr

Satyameva Jayate collected around 10.50 crores in the second week which has taken the total collection to 80 crores. It has also faced a noticeable drop however the job has already been done. The film has managed to emerge a clean hit and will be the highest grosser for John Abraham in the solo lead.

5 comments on “Satyameva Jayate and Gold 2nd Week Box Office Collection”

  1. Very disappointing. No one thought a medium budgeted film after taking an excellent opening of 25 crore will fail to attain clean hit status.niche film Rustom collected 125 crore 2 years back in just 2300 screens against big film Mohenjodaro. So very disappointing result.

  2. Winner and loser from the clash

    Winner :

    Ofcourse john, it has been over 16 or 17 years John has been struggling to get stardom in Bollywood and now finally he nailed it. Smj was very ordinary vendetta movie other than one blockbusters song smj had a very ordinary story, a ordinary direction , ordinary heroine , ordinary supporting cast , and this is were a star is really born , among all this ordinary elements a star is the person that put out something extra ordinary and that's what John finally did. Smj was a hit movie because of John .

    Second winner:

    Reema karti , let's face it talaash made big bucks but that was for the Megastar Aamir khan, it was his stardom that bought the crowd in the theatre the movie was a ofbeat for most and didn't connect with the audience and Bollywood knew this and offbeat karti went jobless for years. But by giving big opening day by putting the right flavor for the occasion show that she is not that offbeat anymore. She going get more work now if she is ready to compromise again


    Akki, everyone thinks akki does low budget movies, but that is far from the truth , budget doesn't only mean production set and filming budget but budget also means fees for everyone in the set that also includes akki's fees. It's is said that akki's takes around 40 to 45cr down payment for every of his movies. That's puts a large load on the budget bag, even it's a 15cr production set budget movie in the end total budget becomes 55 to 60cr. If akki keep taking this large fees and keep giving just 100 cr movies than only akki will make big money his producer and distributor will make poultry profits. That's means they will be less interested in making movies with him

    1. Akki got 25cr opening by gold with big clash. so he is also a winner not looser. Only looser is the patriotic genre too much patriotic movies don't work. Thankfully akki is not doing patriotics anymore.

  3. Good to see Johnney Abraham film Satmayeta Jayata doing well., 80 chore and aclean hit. He is better than his box office returns have demonstrated in the past. Perhaps we are seeing recognition and better box office returns. A beautiful and known actress will not do any harm.

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